Today’s Assignment (Chapter 10-12)

Chapter 10-

Steve’s POV

I forgot to tell my parents that I was staying at Tony’s last night, so I left Tony a note early morning saying I had to get home and I’d see him at school. I got in and my mother was awake. Shed been up all night. I got into a lot  of trouble. Talk about the scolding of a life time. She wasn’t mad that I had stayed out- partly because I was doing it because Tony had an anxiety attackand I wanted to make sure he was okay- but because I never even dropped her a text saying that I was staying out. If I stay out again, I will definately have to text her.

Being hungry, I went to the kitchen to eat. Last night, Tony got a maid to make us food. I don’t have a maid, I have to make my own food. He’s kind of lucky to have rich parents. By 7:30, I dropped him a text to make sure he was okay- I never got a response.

Thinking nothing of it, I went to school. First lesson, Maths. Tony wasn’t there. I started to worry. What if he had another anxiety attack this morning and I wasn’t there to calm him down? He wasn’t in gym either. But he was sat at his table at lunch. I walked in with my tray.

“Hey, Steve. Over here!” Pietro called me over, wanting me to sit with the track team, but I headed over to Tony instead. I rubbed my hand over his back.

“Hey, are you alright?” He looked up at me. His brown eyes scanning over my face.

“I was going to skip today. Bruce was round. We were going to do it together. My father caught me though. Called me stupid for having an anxiety attack yesterday.” He said.

I sat next to him.

“Your father is an idiot.” I said. I saw Bruce come over and he smirked. He has a male with him.

“Why did you bring Clint?” Tony snapped. He didn’t seem happy. Maybe it was because I was there and this Clint guy was. I stood up.

“I’ll leave you be, I know you don’t like to be surrounded by a lot of people.” I said. Clint started to laugh.

“This guy? Do you even know him? He throws massive parties, and always ends up getting a shag from a bird.” Clint told me. I felt slightly hurt at hearing this. Tony closed his eyes, clearly not liking that he did that. I still decided to leave.

Tony’s POV

I watched Steve walk away and frowned. I loved having him around. He comforted me. He makes me fell welcome.

Clint sat down with Bruce. He was staring at me, looking at me like I am a piece of meat.

“So, Clint here has something to ask you.” Bruce said. I raised an eyebrow.

“Well, I was going to ask you out. But I see you have a boyfriend-” Clint started. Clint’s an alright guy, but he does annoy me at times. I interrupted him anyway.

“I don’t have a boyfriend.” I said.

“Alright then. Would you like to go out to a movie withme tonight?” He asked. I looked at my hands. Twiddled my thumbs. I am like 80% certain that Clint is not the guy I want to date, but I haven’t been on a date for a long while and so why the heck not?

“Sure…” I mumbled. I got up. This date will only be one date, and I don’t even know if I can call it a date. I don’t know. I’m just going to the cinema with him.

Third lesson was Chemistry, and I got to present mine and Steve’s work from last night. Just thinking about Steve makes me smile. We got an A and it was all thanks to Steve. Steve smiled and hugged me tightly. My face heated up, and I blushed. I couldn’t help it, his arms just fel amazing around me.

Chapter 11-

Tony’s POV

Clint picked me up after track practice. I never fell this time, so that was an achievement. He looked at me in the same way he did at lunch.

“Couldn’t you have picked me up from my home. Preferably after I showered.” I complained.

“Or I could take you home and we could shower together.” He said. That was supposed to be some kind of joke, but it started to make me feel highly uncomfortable. Clint is similar to me. When he comes to my parties, he always gets drunk and gets laid, except he actually likes it. And I don’t think that he has ever been told ‘no’ before.

“How about we just go to the movie?” I asked. He nodded and we got in the car. I wasn’t used to being in the passenger seat of the car. I’ve only done that once in all the time that I have been driving and that is when Steve was driving me. I didn’t know what to say to Clint, I just sat quietly and twiddled my thumbs. Is it rude to text someone during a date? Because I just wanted to talk to someone I knew what to say to right now.

They say that when you’re with the right person, that conversation just flows. Conversation really wasn’t flowing for me and Clint. He didn’t even know what to say to me. The next thing he said to me was:

“Do you want popcorn?”

To which, I answered with:

“Yes please.” Honestly, I was just trying to be polite, but when we were in the movie theatre- I wish I wasn’t.

We started off, just looking at the screen- watching the movie- and then Clint fake yawned and wrapped his arm around me. I accepted it as we were on a date, but then Clint laid his hand on my lap. He started to move it up towards my crotch and I just cringed out.

“Ahh~”I said making myself small before standing up. “I need to go to the bathroom.” I said. Not a lie.

“Why didn’t you go before the movie?”

“I didn’t need it then.” I said and rushed out. Clint must have suspected something because he followed me to the bathroom. I looked over at him from the sink and he put his hand on my face.

“Oh, I have been waiting for this for a long time.” And he kissed me. I felt sick when he kissed me. You shouldn’t feel sick when someone kisses you. He pushed me against the wall and I started to flail my arms before realising that I could push him off. I rushed out quickly.

Getting home was easy, I just called Bruce. He took my car anyway, since I had left with Clint, and so he was coming to collect me. Waiting for the car, however, was not easy.

“Was the date that bad?” He asked. I shook my head.

“You’re just a bit… full on for me.” I answered truthfully. Clint didn’t seem to understand as he was staring at my but from behind and actually slapped it. I was so thankful when Bruce arrived in my car. It meant that I could get home and avoid people.

Chapter 12-

Steve’s POV

I’m not very good with the technology thing, but I had just gotten a thing called facebook,and already had 25 friend requests. I went through them. Peggy, Pepper, Pietro, Clint, Bruce, Peter, Wanda, Tony- etc- I accepted them all because I knew everyone. And then I got added into a ‘boys only’ group chat. Clint was talking a load of rubbish, and I knew he was.

Cdog-‘Hey guys- my date with Tony has just finished’

His nickname was Cdog… That’s funny. I noticed that a bit earlier on in the chat it says ‘Tony Stark has been removed from the group.’ And Bruce wasn’t in it at all.

Fast boi- ‘How’d it go? Did he kiss you?’

Cdog-‘More than kissed me m8. He went down 😉 if U get my drift. Really good at giving a blowy’

Lord of the stars- ‘He went down on the 1st date. Wtf is up with that. Dump him Clint. U don’t need that.’

Cdog-‘Already did. He asked me not to tell anyone that he went down. So obviously I am telling everyone XD hes such a slut’

Fast boi- ‘So… He gave you a blowy and U instantly dumped him? U didn’t dump him before he went down?’

Cdog-‘Hey. Human nature. I love a good blowy.’

Fast boi- ‘Good point’

Thunder dude-‘I thought Stark was smart. I shall be definately telling his father about this.’

I didn’t know who ‘Thunder dude’ was, but telling Tony’s father was a bad idea. I don’t know how much his father knows about him and how much he will accept. I decided to text Tony. To be honest, I doubt he did go down on this Clint dude.

‘Hey Tony, it’s Steve. There is a rumour going around. Aparently you went ‘down’ on this Clint guy? Text me back, okay’

I instantly got a reply.

‘What the Hell. I did not! He tried feeling me up and was forcing himself on me. I left as soon as possible. Oh, I’m gonna kill him.’

‘Well this “Thunder God” is going to tell your father. I have a feeling that would proper destroy you. You’re welcome to my place if you need a place to run too.’

‘Can I come round now?’

I let him know he could, and he arrived at my door step quickly. That group chat was going crazy. They were all making sick jokes about Tony. Making fun of him. Honestly, I can see why he likes to be alone. And their grammar and spelling was terrible.

Tony latched onto me when he got to mine. Tears streaming down his face. Clearly people had been messaging him. His phone had like 40 ignored text messages and  60 missed calls. I felt bad for him.

I took him to the couch and sat him down, holding him close. I know that he wouldn’t really do what they were all saying he did. He’s a gentle man when sober.

My mother heard him crying and came in to check what was happening. Tony seemed to be growing pale.

“Steve. My chest hurts.” My mother, being the worry wart she was, called an ambulance. It was a good job she did because he blacked out only moments later and the paramedic said he was having a heart attack. One of them in someone so young is rare. I don’t know what he honestly goes through at home with his dad, but with this rumour adding to it… It must be bad.

I stayed by his side at hospital until his mother showed up. His father didn’t though. The woman sat  by his side and took his hand. She started to cry.

“Thank you Mr Rogers. My son has mentioned you a lot these last few days. You have had a big impact on his life.” I didn’t realise that Tony talked about me. I just smile. I couldn’t say anything. I was just in so much shock about what happened to Tony.