Today’s Assignment (Chapter 13-15)

Chapter 13-

Steve’s POV

School was very different without Tony there. We had another assignment. I had promised Tony that I would be his partner again, but he isn’t at school. Bruce and I are going to see him tonight though, according to his mother, he has was awake. They day went by very very slowly. All those girls were following me, and without Tony it was unbareable. I also walked past several people who made jokes about Tony giving blowjobs. They didn’t know about his heart attack- they all just thought he was off doing it to more people.

Bruce grabbed me as I left my final lesson.

“Lets go” He said. I nodded and followed Bruce. Honestly, I felt unsafe with Bruce driving. Even when Tony was having an anxiety attack, he was better at driving than Bruce. I clung onto my seat belt the full way to the hospital and quickly got out when he parked up.

We rushed in to see Tony sat up in his bed, stuffing his face with some food. I felt a smile tug at my lips as I saw this. He seemed so content and that made me happy. We sat down on the horrible plastic chairs that you have to put away at the end of visitin hours, because Tony’s mother was snoring in the comfortable one.

Tony’s eyes caught mine breifly and then he looked away, his cheeks slightly pink. I took that as him being sick rather than anything else.

“Has anything improved?” He asked. Bruce shook his head.

“I’d avoid social media if I were you.” I said. Tony nodded and then told us to come closer to him. He pulled out his phone and put it into selfie mode.

“How do you do that with your phone?” Tony laughed and pressed a button, it switched back and then he pressed it again and he was back in selfie mode. I felt dumb.

“Hospital selfie boys!” He said and stuck his tongue out. I did the peace sign and Bruce just smiled. The photo got uploaded to Facebook, and i got a buzz as Tony had tagged me in it. Instantly people wanted to know what had happened. His comments blew up. But Tony ignored them. He wasn’t interested in a load of fake friends. He said ‘ I have you two’ meaning he sees me and Banner as his true friends.

Bruce left earlier than me but something happened between Tony and I. When Bruce left, I felt myself staring into his eyes and our faces were drawing closer and closer until our lips met. My eyes shut and I’m pretty sure that Tony’s did aswell. It felt different to every other kiss I had ever had. I hadnt actually had many, but that felt warm- like their was sparks forming because of it. I know Tony felt the same because afterwards, he grabbed behind my head and pulled me into another kiss. He must have enjoyed it to want more.

Chapter 14-

Tony’s POV

Within a few days I was able to go home, but had to have bed rest- doctors orders. However, my father wasnt having any of that so I was going back to school on Monday. Luckily, it was Friday when I got released, so I didn’t have to go back the day after I was discharged.

My mother was starting to get used to seeing Steve about. He was at the hospital a lot once I had woken up- more than Bruce. She had noticed him being their more than Bruce and was starting to question what Steve was to me. Neither of us had spoken about the kiss- and their hadn’t been another since- so even I didn’t know what mine and Steve’s relationship was.

Never the less, Steve was staying over for the full weekend. And as gay as that sounds… we were pretty gay so who cares?

Steve arrived at my house at 7 pm sharp. He was good like that. I feel like he just kind of lingers around outside until its exactly that time and then knocks. The first thing I did was drag him upstairs. My mother was not catching him today- I refuse to let that happen.

When I got him to the top of the stairs, I had to sit down to breathe. My chest starting to hurt again. I put my hand over it until the pain subsided. Steve worried over me, so lifted me up and carried me bridal style the rest of the way to my room. He was such a gentleman.

We laid next to each other, staring into each others eyes. But when I went into kiss him, he didn’t let me. And then I realised why. My father was stood at the door. His arms crossed tightly, his brows furrowed.

“Your mother and I are going on a business trip. Behave will you.” He said. I feel like that was a dig at me being gay. I nodded and he left. Steve looked back at me. The moment was ruined but he still went in for the kiss. Hungrily, our lips smashed against each other. His tongue gliding across my lip- asking for entrance, which I allowed. His tongue roaming around in my mouth. A soft moan escaped my throat and Steve pulled away. My lips suddenly felt cold without Steve’s up against them.

I cuddled up to him and closed my eyes- the next thing I knew, it was Saturday morning and Steve was snoring underneath me. Aparently, I had fallen asleep against his chest.

Chapter 15-

Tony’s POV

For what felt like all of the night, Steve and I shared soft little kisses. It was sweet, until he didn’t want just little kisses anymore. He, obviously, didn’t want me to have an anxiety attack so he didn’t attempt at doing anything more than kissing my neck. But them kisses were rough.  It felt like he was trying to mark me as his, but he wasn’t even sucking or nibbling-yet.

“Hey, Steve. Is it safe to assume that we are in a relationship?” I asked, trying so very hard not to let out a moan along side them words. Steve stopped at my neck and nodded- and then I ruined the moment.

I reached over to the bedside table, forcing Steve to stop kissing me, so I could grab my phone and update my relationship status on Facebook. Steve got a notification on his phone and suddenly we weren’t being all cute and couply any more.

“Can I shower? I smell like a foot.” He asks me. I nod and point him to the bathroom. With a single kiss on the lips, he gets up and leaves. I look through the comments forming on my status update and then put the phone away. They were talking about me in a rude way so I decided to get away from it.

The shower turned on, but I really just wanted love and attention so I stripped off and entered the bathroom silently. Steve had very fast reflexes as soon as I joined him in the shower. He turned around, moving quicker than I had ever seen anyone ever move before ever. He pinned me to the wall by my throat.

“Bit kinky, Steve.” I said through being choked. He released me and I peeled away from the wet tile wall.

“What are you doing here?” He said, covering his junk.

“I just wanted… Nevermind, Ill go.” I turned away and started to leave, but I was pulled back by strong arms and a bunch of kisses attacking my neck again. I close my eyes.

“I’m not going to have sex with you Tony. We have only just started to date.”

“I’m not after sex, i’m attention seeking. There’s a difference.” He started to laugh at me. I got out at that point and climbed into bed. I couldn’t be bothered to get dressed so I just laid there in the nude and fell asleep. I was very tired.

Steve’s POV

Tony left me in the shower alone, so I finished up washing and then went to join him in the bed. Expecting to see him in some cute pajamas, I was shocked to see him curled up in his birthday suit asleep. I wasn’t even expecting him to be asleep just yet. Then again, given his health condition- I don’t blame him for being tired. I climbed into the bed with him, also naked, and cuddled up to the cute, sleeping male.

Since I had met him his beard had started to grow some more. It looked like he was beginning to style it. It looked cute. Me, on the other hand, had no facial hair starting to grow at all. He was maturing quicker than me.

I laid my head on the bed and tightened my grip around his waist before drifting off to sleep aswell.