Today’s Assignment (Chapter 16-18)

Chapter 16-

Tony’s POV

I awoke to feel a pair of legs tangled around mine and arms wrapped tightly around my waist. I rolled over to see a nude, sleeping Steve Rogers. My mind decided to play tricks on me and i started to think that we had slept together.

I sat up and looked at the sleeping male. He was so handsome that I wouldn’t mind if I had slept with him. Honestly, even though I know we never, I wish we had. Steve’s eyes fluttered open and he sat up to look at me.

“Hey” He whispered and kissed my cheek. I blushed heavily and took it one further by kissing his lips. The kiss was short lived but it felt like it lasted forever.

“What do you want to do today?” I asked him. He shrugged. He still looked so tired. I was half expecting him to say ‘you’ to answer my question.

“Play some video games… Go out for a meal tonight?” He requested. I smiled. Such a gentleman. Once again, I had to ruin it.

“Do you believe that I give out free blowjobs?” He stared at me blankly, like he was very confused. I reached for my phone. “It’s just that … Well everyone else believes I do.” Steve took the phone out of my hand.

“The only person I expect you to give a blowjob to is your boyfriend, when you are ready too.” So basically he was asking for a blowjob too. “Not every random guy you see at school.” I chuckled.

“Well…I am ready…” I said. Steve watched me go under the covers.

Steve’s POV

I didn’t expect him to say he was ready, I expected him to wait a little bit. When he went under the covers my eyes widened. But I am not gonna pretend that it wasn’t pleasurable. It was actually kind of amazing. I will have to pay him back some time for it. My release came and Tony crawled back up from the depths of being under the duvet. He laid his head on my chest.

“How was that?” He asked, “it was the first one I’ve ever given.”

“It was great. Next time, I’ll give you one… Or more.” I don’t know why I added ‘or more’ onto the end. I was tired. It is like 8 am and i’ve woken up to that. Tony looked tired too. My hand found its way onto his head and started to stroke his hair. “You’re getting a beard.” I told him.

“I know. I want a goatee. I think they look cool.” He sounded to innocent. It makes me want to cry that so much bad stuff has happened to him.

“I think you’ll look amazing with a goatee.” I could sense a smile form on Tony’s face.

“I don’t want to go back to school on Monday. I am actually scared to” he said. I don’t blame him. I’ve seen some of the posts. Some of the photoshops. People had started to photoshop him with me. It’s not very fair.

“It’ll be fine. I won’t leave your side. Okay?” I kissed his head.

Chapter 17-

No ones POV

After the boys had finally decided to move, Tony slid off Steve’s body and started rummaging through his draws looking for clothes. He had the option of staying nude, but they had decided against that. Steve pulled out his crumpled up clothing from his rucksack and started to dress. The two got dressed in different rooms but when they both had clothes on- they were both wearing blue jeans and some sort of plaid shirt. It was like they planned it out. Tony’s mother came up the stairs with a maid. They were bringing his medication, and when she saw them she just smiled.

“Did you plan that?” She asked. They looked each other up and down and then spoke in sync.


Tony took his medication and sighed, really not wanting to just play video games all day.

“Do you want to do something fun?” He asked Steve. Steve raised a brow, indicating to Tony that he was interested. “There is a race going on. We could go see it.” Steve shrugged.

“Yes, we could do.” He said. And so they went.

Chapter 18-

As expected, the race track was packed full of people. Each one trying to get to the front of the crowd and get to the front to watch the cars speed past. Tony, being rich, managed to get him and Steve seats with a good view. The seats were red and plastic, but still better than the cold, hard ground that all of the other spectators had to sit on. Not that Tony even sat on his seat. As soon as Steve had sat down, he was straight onto his lap.

“Tony, I can’t see the race.” Steve said. Tony was sat facing him, blocking the blonde’s entire view.

“You don’t need to see it yet.” Tony whispered. That sounded like he had something planned. Steve looked up all innocent and Tony just couldn’t help but lay his lips on to the other males.

Thats when someone decided to should a very offensive word at them which begins with ‘F’ and will not be written in this story. Instead of this offensive word for a gay person, I will use the word ‘Fishstick’.

“Fishsticks!” Some guy yelled as he walked past them. Tony pulled off the kiss and looked at him.

“The correct term that you are looking for is ‘homosexual’.” Tony said. A snarky comment, just like he always does. The guy stopped walking and turned around.

“No, I meant Fishsticks. I would have said homosexuals if I had meant homosexuals.” He narrowed his eyes and started to walk towards them. “Now, have you got any more stupid comments?”

“You know. Fishsticks isn’t a nice term.” Tony said. And that’s when a hand wrapped around his throat. The man having the intent to both scare, and probably kill the young Stark.

“Don’t think that I don’t know who you are, Stark. You deserve no fair treatment from me and neither does your gay little boyfriend who is hyped up on steroids.” Steve shift. Tony’s face was turning red from the lack of oxygen.

“Sir. I think that it is best that you let go of him now and go find your seat.” Steve interjected, in an attempt to save Tony’s life. The man let go and stormed away. “Are you okay?” He asked as Tony coughed for air.

The male slid off Steve’s lap and sat in his own seat as he felt his eyes tear up. Steve wrapped his arm around Tony and pulled his head into his chest. He didn’t like the fact that he was crying. He hated what had just happened. After a while, Steve thought Tony had gone to sleep- but in reality, he had just calmed down.

Tony sat up and looked at Steve.

“I’m just going to get a drink.” He stood up and left.