Today’s Assignment (Chapter 4-6)

Chapter 4-

Tony’s POV

After Bruce and Nat had finished teasing me about Steve Rogers annoying me, Nat had to leave, it was a shame because I was really starting to like he. Bruce was such a lucky man. He sat on the bed with me and pulled out his phone.

“You know that was all a joke right?” Bruce asked me. He was staying the night so it meant that if he was going to also start on the whole ‘You like him’ thing then I wouldn’t be able to get away from it.

“Haha. Very funny.” I said coldly. He shuddered at how cold I spoke. That was our thing. If I was annoyed and spoke cold to him, he’d pretend that he was cold from my voice and would start shivering. It made me laugh but also kind of annoyed me more. I flicked his forehead for doing this. He smiled and then we both just laughed. “Want to play cards?”

“Like I’d play cards against you. I am not interested in losing what little money I have on me.” Bruce laid next to me. We stared at each other in the eyes. This is one of those moments where people think that we are a gay couple, but in reality Bruce is straight and I’m…undecided.

“I’m hungry, wanna get tacos?” I ask, ruining the beautiful gay moment with my best friend. He laughed.

“Yeah, I would love a taco.”

And then we got up and headed downstairs. My mother was downstairs playing the piano and my father was out. Typical. I walked in and said hi to my mother and then I headed for the kitchen. Bruce followed me. I started to cook up a taco, because I know how to do that.

When we walked out with Tacos, my mother stopped me.

“You know, if you wanted Tacos you could have asked one of the maids.” She said. She licked her thumb and whiped my cheek. I hate it when my mother does that.

“You know I’m 17 years old right.” I said to her.

“Yes I do. But you’re never too old for me to mother you.”

And with that Bruce and I ran upstairs.

We sat down and started to eat and for a while everything was peaceful and quiet. We ate the tacos without a sound. But then Bruce just had to speak.

“I could get you a boyfriend. I know a guy who has a crush on you.” He said. “It’ll help you get over your anger for Steve.”

“I swear to God, Bruce, if you mention Steve or dating one more time, I will stab you with the remains of this Taco shell.”

“So you would rather do one night stands with Pepper than find someone to settle down.” Bruce said, finishing up eating his food. I wasn’t lying about stabbing him with my taco. I jumped up and came at him with the tiniest shard of taco shell. He held his hands up in defence and yelled “Mercy! I surrender!” I got off him and took the dishes. I left them on my desk. A maid will clean that up later.

“You know. I don’t want to go to school tomorrow.” I said. “Do you wanna skip?”

“No, I need to go to school. You know I do.”

“Fine.” I grumbled and turned on my tv to watch some Netflix with my best friend

Chapter 5-

Steve’s POV

My locker was somewhere down the hall. I had no idea where. I was looking at my number and scanning all the locker numbers carefully. Number 616. I finally found it. The locker next to it was open and someone was going through it. I opened my locker and dumped some stuff in it before closing it and starting to walk, only to walk straight into the person from the locker next to mine.

“Tony” I said in shock, helping him pick up his stuff. He was grumbling as he picked it up.

“Next time, look where you are going” he spat and walked past me. A female walked up to me. I didn’t know her name but I had a feeling she was about to introduce herself to me.

“Hi, I’m Peggy” She said. A group of girls behind her were giggling. They must be her friends. Peggy was staring at my arms and chest. I knew I should have warn my hoody today.

“I’m Steve.” I held my hand out. She never took it. Too busy staring. Unfortunately for her, I don’t swing that way. She finally stopped and looked up at my face.

“I uh, have Maths and Chemistry with you. Here is my number. Maybe we could work together on a project some time.” I took her number and sighed.

Then I went to lesson. Once again, I was sat next to Tony. And once again, he was working incredibly fast. I swear he was doing that so he didn’t have to sit so close to me. It was like he believed I was the plague or something and he had to avoid me at all costs.

At lunch I saw Tony sitting alone at a table eating. Did he always sit alone? I thought about walking over to make sure he was alright then I saw a male come and sit with him. It was the same male which got into the car with him yesterday. He wrapped his arms around him. They must be a couple. Someone shouts of me and I go to sit with them. It was Pietro from track. I barely ate anything. I spent my time staring at Tony and who I assumed was his boyfriend.

They looked over at me and Tony groaned. Then the other guy walked over to me.

“Hi, I’m Bruce.” He said. Pietro looked at him like he wasn’t welcome, but he spoke to him.

“How is your girlfriend?” He asked. Bruce shook his head. Girlfriend… So he wasn’t Tony’s boyfriend. My gaydar must be playing up.

“Thats none of your business. Anyway. I came to give Steve this.” He handed me a postic note with Tony’s number written on it. “Don’t let him know it is you. I just feel like you two should get to know each other.” And then Bruce left. I pulled out my phone quickly and saved the number.

When I looked back to Tony’s table, he wasn’t there. From what I have heard around school, Tony is one of the popular kids. He holds parties, gets drunk and gets laid. But if he is so popular, then why does he sit alone? That must be a choice thing.

Given that he is gone, I send Tony a text.

‘Hey.’ Was all I sent. I thought about telling him who I was but I never. A female with straight brown hair came and sat next to Pietro. She had brought a strawberry blonde girl with her.

“Pietro, Pepper and I are going to be having a sleep over tonight.” She said. She had a very strong Russian accent, much like Pietro’s.

“Has this been approved?” Pietro said back. I picked up quickly that this was Pietro’s sister- Wanda. The other woman must clearly be Pepper.

I got a text back from Tony and Pepper leaned over my shoulder.

“Why are you texting Tony?” She asked. “You know. If he talks about that stupid drunken mistake… Any of them, I will not be happy.” Did Pepper and Tony have a history?

Tony’s text read ‘Hey, who is this?’ It was short and simple but I had no idea how to respond. I turned over the piece of paper Bruce had given me with Tony’s number on it. It said ‘Call yourself his mr right.’ I had no idea what that meant but I guess I had to roll with it.

‘I’m your Mr Right.’ I was so tempted to put a winky face.

‘Are you the guy that Bruce said he was going to set me up with. Because if you are then you are one lucky man ? ‘ The winky kissy face was a bit much. I decided to keep texting him though.

‘I had no idea that what Bruce wanted. He just told me to tell you that I am your Mr Right. My name aparently doesn’t matter.’

The bell went off, meaning it was lesson time. But while I was in lesson, Tony seemed to be distracted. He was texting still. He had a big smile on his face. I kept getting texts from him. So if I wanted to be friends with Tony Stark, then I had to not tell him who I am and just text him. Well I guess it is a start.

After school I had track. The track team was small. It was Me, Pietro and this guy named Peter Quill. I was still getting texts. The teacher who ran the group sighed.

“I was hoping that more people would join this year. I really want Tony Stark to be in this club. His father’s funding would really help us train and get better but he doesn’t like track.” She said. I sat down. Today was just to get to know everyone in the group, their strengths and weaknesses. I decided to text Tony.

‘Miss Hill really wants you to be in the track team.’ Sent. I got a text back instantly. Isn’t he driving?

‘I mean, I am still in school. I’ll join the track team if you be my partner for the chemistry assignment that we will be given tomorrow.’

‘Deal’ I sent back.

‘Alright. So I know it’s you tomorrow. Come up to me and say “Keep your friends rich and your enemies rich and wait to find out which is which.” That is how I’ll know it’s you.’ Tony really is going to hate me. He came to the track a couple of minutes later, which shocked miss Hill. I saw him frown when he looked at me but it was okay… I guess.

Chapter 6-

Tony’s POV

“I can’t believe you did track.” Bruce said to me over the phone. I groaned.

“Yeah, well Mr Right told me that I was needed there but he wasn’t even there himself.” I told him. To be honest, even if he was there, I wouldn’t know. I don’t know who he is.

“This guy seems to be making you very happy, Tony.”

“He is. It’s nice to have someone other than you actually care for me. It makes me feel nice.” I said. “And tomorrow I am going to find out who he is because we have a plan. The deal was that if I did track then he worked with me on the chem assignment.”

“No, Tony it is too soon for you to know who he is.”

“I don’t care. I want to know who you think is my Mr Right. I tell you what. So far, you seem to have him right. The texts make me smile so much.” Bruce then started to laugh.

“So how was track?”

“Well, Pietro was obviously the fastest. Peter Quill… you know the kid who is trying so hard to not become fat. Yeah, he was the slowest. Trust mr Perfect to be there though. It wasn’t long till Peggy Carter’s group to show up to watch him. He played to them too. His shirt came off. I hate him so much. I just want to punch him in his perfect teeth.”

“You know, calling him perfect all the time… You’re going to make people think that you’re into him Tony.”

“Why would I be into someone who has acts like he is amazing and has a body sculpted by the Gods which gets sweaty very quickly and…” I kind of trailed off.

“That right there. You were checking him out.”

“No. The girls were checking him out Banner. Rogers is not someone I want to be near.” I told him. But Bruce is right. If I hate him so much, then why am I calling him perfect. It is because he is perfect that I hate him. If I could find one flaw maybe I would like him a bit more. But what classes as a flaw these days?

“Tony, I think you need to give me that number for mr Right because I dont have it.” Bruce said. I went through my phone and told him it. “I also think you should ask him who he is.”

“Alright I will.” I hung up the phone. If I called him, then I would know who he was exactly. But would he pick up? I thought it worth a try anyway.

He didn’t pick up and I sighed. I figured I would find out who he was tomorrow and just laid in my bed. I texted him till about 1 am and then I passed out.