Obey your king (chapter 1-2)

Chapter 1-

Tony laid in his bed next to Pepper, it was the first time they had slept in the same bed since New York and it kind of felt nice for Tony. She had been avoiding him since he nearly died BECAUSE he had nearly died. Like the whole New York invasion was somehow his fault. But as he laid their, all he could think about was one thing and it was pretty much the same thing which had been on his mind throughout the full New York fight.

Tony raised his hand up to his throat. He wrapped his fingers lightly around it and sort of choked himself. Loki had choked him when they were in Stark tower…or as its known now- Avengers Tower. I mean sure, he got thrown out of a window, but while it happened it was hot.

He shifted, waking Pepper up.

“Tony?” She asked. She looked concerned that Tony had his hand around his own throat.

“Pepper… Something is wrong…” He moved his hand and got out of bed.

“What do you mean? What’s wrong?”

“Everything. Us. The way I feel.” Now Pepper was both confused and worried.

“Okay? One step at a time, Tony. How do you feel?”She asked. But Tony didn’t asnwer. He was busy getting dressed and he left the mansion. Tony quickly got in the car and started to drive. He knew where he was going, but Pepper didn’t. As far as she knew, she had just woken up to see him hurting himself, he then broke up with her and ran away. She called Rhodey instantly.

Rhodey called Tony, who didn’t pick up. He was busy driving. The phone kept ringing and ringing and ringing. Tony groaned and answered.

“What?” He asked, sounding annoyed.

“Tony, what the hell is going on? Where are you?” Rhodey asked through the phone.

“I’m on my way to Avengers Tower, I need to speak with Thor.”

“Okay, and why did you break up Pepper?”

“It wasn’t right. It didn’t feel right.”

“I hope you’re joking”

“I’m not Jo-” Tony slammed on the breaks quickly just as he ran over a person. The car dented around them like they were a solid stone statue or something. Tony hit his head on the steering wheel and knocked himself out.

“Tony?” Rhodey called into the phone. He sounded very worried. Someone else answered. It was Loki.

“Don’t worry, he’s okay” he said, pulling Tony out of the car quickly before it exploded.

After the explosion the air bag came out of the steering wheel. Typical. It didn’t come out when Tony needed it. It was Loki which Tony ran into.

The Norse God took Tony to safety and tended to his head injury. Though all of this was probably to cause some mischief, Loki was seeming to be very tender and sweet.

Stark woke in a place he didn’t recognise with the man he hated patching up his head injury.

“Loki?” Tony said. He sat up quickly and looked around.

“shhh” the black haired male said and put his finger to Tony’s mouth. “Sleep” he said, using his abilities to help Tony relax enough in order for him to sleep.

Chapter 2-

The room was very blue and Tony was laying there very exposed. He couldn’t move. He was tied down. Loki was stood next to Thor staring at him. Thor was looking at Tony’s head. Loki, on the other hand, was trying very hard to not let his eyes wander to other areas.

“And this is a smart Midgardian?” A voice said. Tony turned his head to look at who had spoken. To him it was just an old guy with a gold eyepatch.

“Yes, Father. This is one of the smartest people from Earth” Thor said. Tony took note of the fact that Thor had said ‘Father’ and gathered that he was on Asgard.

“What is this thing on his chest?” The elderly male asked.

“It’s uh-” Loki had no clue and neither did Thor.

“It’s an arc-reactor. I developed it to be a power source.” Tony answered. The males all looked at Tony.

“Interesting. I would like our best men to study him.”

“Erm, Father. He is one of the members from The Avengers” Loki said. To be honest, Loki was staring very awkwardly at Tony’s bare chest and uncovered-

“That is right, Father. The Earth needs him.” Thor chirped in.

“Ah. The Avengers. ‘Earths Mightiest Heroes’ as you both have told me. Which one is he?” Odin asked.

“He is the man of Iron” Thor said smiling.

“Iron man” Tony corrected.

“Tell me, man of iron. Where is your iron?” Odin started to prod and poke him.

“Well, I would like to first point out that the suit isn’t made from Iron.  It is actually a nickle- titanium alloy and secondly.” Tony sat down, having getting out of the Asgardian restraints. “Someone kidnapped me when I wasn’t wearing it.”

“I didn’t ‘kidnap’ you. I saved your puny little life.” Loki rolled his eyes, now able to focus as Tony had crossed his legs and hidden his junk.

“Yeah and you took me to Asgard, tied me up naked and let people look at me. Don’t think I’m in anyway shape or form happy with you Loki.” Tony snarled.

“Loki, see to it that the man of iron gets some proper clothing. You’re in charge of him for the duration of his stay here.” Odin said. He left and so did Thor.

“Great. So now I have baby sitting duties. I hope you’re happy.” Loki had never seemed so normal in all the time Tony knew him.

“When I was tied up, were you staring at my…?”

“No,” Loki quickly said, “When you were asleep, were you dreaming about me?”

“What makes you say that? Why would I dream about you?”

Loki started to laugh and walked up close to Tony.

“Let’s run a little test then.” He smirked down at Tony, his plan coming together as he knew that this would work.

“A little test-” He got interupted by the Norse God grabbing him by the throat and choking him. Tony grabbed his arm and did nothing else. It wasn’t a choke which would kill him.

“You’re a small primitive life form with a simple mind. I’m going to have my fun with you” Loki said in a dark tone. He let go of the male’s throat and gave him some robes to cover up.