Obey your king (Chapter 13-17)

Chapter 13-

The day went by very slowly for the God, who had other things on his mind than just watching Tony work. He wanted more. The irritation started to become more and more obvious as the hours ticked by.

“Um…” He didn’t know what to say. Tony didn’t seem to hear him anyway. Probably because he had ACDC blasting out. Loki let out a bit of a growl. He looked so angry. But then an idea came into his head. He picked up one of Tony’s tools and started to play with it. He lifted the back of Tony’s shirt and then let it drop. That got Tony’s attenyionm but only because it meant he had to readjust his shirt. Letting out another sight, and frowning, Loki lifted his shirt again. Tony dropped his tool from his hand. When Loki did it a third time he muted the music.

“Loki, stop it.” He said, trying to sound calm, but he was kind of annoyed. Loki threw the tool on the floor and it landed with a loud ‘clang!’. Tony looked at the tool and then Loki. “What’s the matter?”

“Three hours.”


“Three hours. I have watched you work in silence for three hours.” Tony’s face dropped.

“I’m so sorry!” He put his stuff away quickly and gave Loki a kiss on the cheek. He kept apologising. Over and over again. Loki took Tony’s hands and smirked.

“I hope you understand that I will have to punish you for this. For ignoring your king.” Loki spoke with authority. Tony nodded sheepishly. The God lifted him up. He threw him over his shoulder and smacked his ass. “Let’s go.”

And punish him, he did. Not that Tony didn’t highly enjoy it. Something about being tied up and forced to do stuff with and for the man he loved really excited him. It also exhausted him.

Stark passed out pretty much straight away adter ejaculating… for the fifth time in a row. Loki chuckled. He loved how easy it was to satisfy the male. In all honesty, he loved him a lot.

However, Loki cannot be just allowed to be happy with this Avenger. He isn’t allowed to love him. That’s not what the higher power wants of him. So, when Stark passed out, Loki went to have a look for his private computer inside Avenger tower.

He went to a computer and smiled softly, thinking that he was achieving his goal. As he did this, thoughts on how he had tied Tony up as he thrusted into him, filled his head.

“Get out!” He spoke to the thoughts. It took Loki a while to figure out how to use the midgardian technology, but he eventually did it. He stuck a device into the computer. It was basically just an intergalactic flash drive. It started instantly downloading information.

A sound.

Loki snapped his head to look at the door, pulling out the flash drive – which was only 48% finished downloading- just in time to see Steve Rogers walk through the door. He was sweaty and had a towel around his neck, clearly he had just finished a workout.

“Can’t sleep?” Loki asked. Steve looked very unsure right now. Like he wasn’t trusting Loki.

“I slept for 70 years.” He said. “You?”

“I sleep late. I was getting restless. I must return to Anthony though.” Loki walked past the soldier, and found his way back to Stark’s room. He climbed into bed.

Chapter 14-

Bruce rubbed his eyes. It felt too early to be up right now, but he had to be. Cap had warned him that Loki was acting suspiciously last night and had requested that he checked out what he was doing. Normally, Bruce wouldn’t have minded, but Cap asked him to doit before Tony woke. Concidering Bruce barely slept last night, this was a task.

Sometimes Tony does not wake until 2pm, other times he’s awake very early. Luckily, today seemed to be a later day. It was 8 am and Tony wasn’t awake yet, but that didn’t mean that he wouldn’t wake ant any minute and spoil Bruce’s job.

He logged into the computed and searched for a file labelled ‘security’.

Upon finding it, he started to watch through the footage from last night. Cap didn’t know exactly what time it was when he ran into the Asgardian, but he knew it was some time after 3 am. Bruce decided to only watch up to 5 am, given that Loki probably went to bed after being caught.

Before his eyes was the evidence. The proof that Loki had put something into the computer. This meant he couldn’t be trusted. Poor Tony.

Bruce groaned as he logged off the computer. It was now 10:30. He headed to the engineer’s room.

Tony had just woken up and was about to go grab some coffee when there wasa knock on his bedroom door.

He looked at the door, and then at the sleeping form (which had shifted and woke up from the knocking). Tony but his lip and placed a kiss on Loki’s cheek, before going to answer the door.

“Hey, what’s up? Why are you knocking so early?” Tony asked groggily.

“Hey, I am sorry if I woke you. I just need to have a word with Loki, if that is alright with you?” Bruce requested. He tried to look into the room, but he couldn’t see anything past Tony.

“Alright.” He said and went to get coffee.

Loki sat up on the bed.

“How can I be of assistance?”

“Cut the innocent bullcrap. What were you doing last night?” Bruce asked, he was trying to act tough to intimidate Loki. The God stood up, revealing that he wasn’t weaing any pants- or even underpants- just a shirt, which was riding up his body slightly. Bruce gulped.

“I don’t think that has anything to do with you.” The God pulled his shirt down, covering his junk, then walked up to the male.

Bruce squared out his body to makehimself look bigger and more intimidating.

“Don’t you dare hurt Tony. He is not just some human to manipulate for self gain. He is my friend, and I would choke the life out of you if you ever hurt him. Understood?”

“Understood; however, I do not see why you’re worried. I would never let any harm come to Anthony. My love for him is pure.” Loki muttered.

“Yeah, and he loves you too. That is why I’m worried.” Bruce walked away, leaving Loki feeling a little dumbfounded. He did love Tony, but he didn’t always get what he wanted in this world.

Chapter 15-

The day was tedious after that. Bruce had brought up a really pressing matter, and that was Tony’s safety. Of course the inventor had no idea that Loki had started to act suspiciously to the other Avengers, but that is only because it would crush him.

The human and the God were sat in the lab right now. Tony was necking a mug of coffee and Loki was watching him, amused as he complained about it being too hot for him.

“Maybe if you didn’t drink it so fast, then it wouldn’t have burned you.” Loki said, taking a seat and looking at Tony.

“I just needed it gone quickly.” Tony said and found his way onto Loki’s lap. The God instinctively started to trail kisses down the human’s neck, earing soft sighs of pleasure from the male.

“I love you.” A mistake. They both loved each other, but it was a mistake for it to be spoken outloud. A mistake which brought along guilt.

“Tony,” Loki began, though he didn’t really know what he was going to say. Tony hummed in response, but Loki had given up with his sentance. “Nevermind,” he said.

Tony looked confused for a second and then placed a gentle kiss on Loki’s lips. A kiss which would have normally led to heated passion, but Loki was too distracted by guilt. He had uttered the words to Tony. They could never be taken back now. Tony was the first person-other than his mother- which Loki had told the loved. That made the inventor special. He didn’t need to know this though. Tony had a big enough ego as it was. If Loki had told him that he had never said those words to someone before, then they wouldn’t even be able to fit Tony’s head into the room, let alone through the door.

Loki sighed softly and placed a gentle kiss on Tony’s neck. Clearly he was trying to be intimate, rather than just lustful. This was new. The genius hadn’t ever imagined that Loki would ever place kisses on him like this, it shocked him.

The kiss wasn’t done just to say ‘I love you’. Well it was but it also wasn’t. Loki needed Tony to know that he genuinely had feelings for him. But were these kisses enough considering what he had been doing?

“I don’t understand…” Tony got stopped midway through his sentance, but he was going to say ‘I don’t understand the sudden change of pace’. But it had become very clear- Loki was doing something which no Asgardian would do. This was his frost giant side coming out. He was claiming Tony as his own, much like an animal would do when it was due it’s season. He was trying to seduce him. Loki leaned into Tony’s ear and whispered:

“I want you to know that as kinky or rough as we may get… I mate for life.”

But then he vanished, and Tony fell onto his but. He put his hand up and felt where Loki had been kissing. It felt cold and hard. Loki really had claimed him.

The mark which Loki had left was like snake skin when Tony looked at it. Pale snake skin which didn’t look like it would fade and looked impossible to cover up with makeup. Tony didn’t particularly want to cover it up as it was a symbol that he belonged to Loki, however; he did have meetings which he had to attend.

Night time fell and Loki still hadn’t returned to him. Tony was starting to panic. He paced backwards and forwards around his room, waiting forĀ hisĀ God to return.

“He wouldn’t have marked me like this then abandoned me. He loves me. Come on Tony, pull it together. The two of you love each other, you’re a couple, he wouldn’t leave you.” Tony was clearly having the beginnings of an anxiety attack- which was something he was not a stranger to.

He gave up pacing in his room and went for a wander around the tower. That’s whe he saw him, standing at the computer.

Loki seemed to have not noticed Tony, or he was ignoring him. One of the two. But that meant that Tony could see what Loki was doing. The computer had secure files of all the Avengers- including Tony- open and was being downloaded onto the flash drive (which was now at 86%).

“Loki?” Tony asked. He felt tears brimming in his eyes.

Loki turned quickly. He looked at Tony and gulped.

“I’m sorry, my love.”

Chapter 16-

“You’re sorry?” Tony asked the God. “What are you even doing?”

“I’m doing my job.” He spoke back. He couldn’t even look at Tony in the eyes right now. The one person that he really did not wish to be caught by caught him.

“You’re job? What is your job?”

Loki could either lie or be completely truthful. Either way, something terrible had to be done.

“My job is to aquire all information on the Avengers and report back to my master.”

“Who is your master?”


Tony looked away briefly. He closed his eyes and felt like something was wrong. He had so many questions, like if he was actually lovedm but when he turned back to Loki-

Pain filed Tony’s chest. His eyes shut. He let out a gasp as he tried to comprehend what happened.

‘What is going on?’ He asked himself ‘there is pain, what is going on?’ Tony’s body started to go numb. He went very weak very quickly.

“Tony, keep your eyes open.” Loki said. He held onto him.

“What’s hppening?” His eyes opened. Loki was holding onto him. He looked up at Loki’s face. He reached up and put his hand on the God’s cheek.

A screwdriver was dug deep into Tony’s chest. He saw it and started to panic.

“Stay awake.”

“What? What’s happening?”

“I’ll be right back. Don’t die.”

Loki was about to cry, or he was crying. Tony couldn’t tell. He could barely keep his eyes open. He wanted to close them already. Time was running slowly, like it was running out for him. He felt incredibly weak. He chose to close them as to keep them open was too much of a struggle. It was too much pain. Loki looked over at this and rushed back to him.

Chapter 17-

The security camera. That was a thought which popped into Loki’s head, but it only did that because he saw it. He didn’t understand how they worked. His mind just went straight to ‘destroy it and it’ll destroy the evidence.’

With a flash of green, the security camera blew up. Loki looked at Tony, who had closed his eyes now. Panic filled the God’s mind.

“Dammit, Toby. I told you to keep your eyes open.” He said. The wound was bleeding but not as badly as Loki had imagined it. Their wasn’t tonnes of blood pouring out of him. This wasn’t the movies. This was real. And, even though there wasn’t much blood, it was scarier than what he had imagined as well. Granted, Loki had only ever really watched a couple of films, but it was enough to put a false image of how mortals die into his head.

He held the flash drive up, and it did speared from his hand. He sighed deeply, tears running down his face. He really didn’t want Tony to die.

“I mate for life, Tong. Please don’t die. I love you.” He was crying his eyes out. The God brought the mortal’s head to his chest and held him close. “Please don’t die.”

When Loki did not get a response, his mind went blank and he fell into desperate meassures.

He picked up his loved ones light, limb bodu and ran around the tower frantically like a maniac.

“Help! Someone help!” He had never called for help before. Sure, Loki had healing powers, but he didn’t think about using them at all. He just wanted Tony to be safe. It was probably too late to use them anyway.

Thor heard his brother’s calls, as did Steve. They both ran out to him.

“Brother, what is-” Thor looked at the two. “Man of iron!” he rushed to their aid.

Steve just called an ambulance, though he feared it was too late. He took Tony from Loki’s grasp and tried to make him comfortable for when the ambulance arrived.

Loki buried his head into Thor. He had never been so emotionally vulnerable before.

“It’s my fault.” He cried out.

“What do you -” Steve saw the injury in Tony. The weapon had been pulled out, but it was clear that if Tony died, then this was murder. “You stabbed him?”

“I didn’t mean too.” Loki was a wreck. He turned to Thor. “Promise me if he dies you’ll kill me. Please. Promise me that you will do this for me.”

Loki was his brother, he didn’t want to kill him. But he also did not want to see him so upset. And so, Thor made the brave, courageous decision to agree to Loki’s terms.

The ambulance arrived, just in time. Tony was still breathing, meaning he was fighting. Loki didn’t even put up a fight. When the agents came with the ambulance, they arrested him for his crimes. He had possibly just killed the only person in the universe that he loved. He couldn’t live with himself if he had.