Obey your king (Chapter 18-end)

Chapter 18-

A week. That’s how long it took the hospital to stablise Tony. However, just because he was stable didn’t mean he was awake. Everyone was praying that he woke up soon. They may not get on with him a lot of the time, but all the Avengers really cared about Tony.

Even Nick Fury was with Tony. As much as he was blaming Tony for being in this position in the first place, he really did not want him to die. The Avengers are his team. They are his ‘children’. And seeing one of them like this was hurtful. He would have gone and personally kicked Loki’s ass if Bruce and Steve hadn’t have stopped him. Not that Loki would have stopped him. He was busy worrying himself into depression and feeling sorry for himself.

Tony’s eyes opened slowly. He groaned and coughed. When he woke he was alone. He looked around.

“Loki?” He asked. When he got no reply he frowned deeply. He started to tear up as he remembered what happened.

Steve walked into the room and dropped his coffee.

“Tony, you’re awake!” He hugged him tightly. Tony grunted when the captain gripped him.

“I want Loki.” He said quietly.

“Tony, Loki is in prison.” Steve said. A look of sympathy on his face.

“I don’t care. I want to see him.”

“Do you really love him?” Steve asked, he was looking at the mark on Tony’s neck. Tony nodded. Steve let out a sigh. “Then I guess it’s your choice what happens then.”

“Thank you.”

“When they say you can leave, I will take you to see him.”

Tony made a quick recovery. The want and need to see Loki, driving him to get better. Steve kept his promise to him, and took him to see Loki.

The God was sat in his cell. The guards laughing at him again. They hadn’t fed him in the month which they has held him here. He had lost a lot of weight. Loki constantly looked worried. No one had told him that Tony had woken yet.

“What are you laughing at?” Tony’s voice could be heard. “Is there something funny? Perhaps you would like to share?”

The guards shut up. Loki covered his ears. He didn’t believe that it was actually Tony.

“Mr Stark. You’re alive?” A guard asked. He came into the view of Loki and the God’s jaw dropped (with his hands)in disbelief.

“You’re not really here. You’re just my imagination…” Loki said. Tony frowned, looking at how weak the God was now.

“It’s me, Loki. I’m really here.” He put his hand on the God’s cheek to prove it. Loki’s hand rose over Tony’s.

“I’m sorry.” He whispered, tears filling his eyes. “I’m so sorry.”

“Stop apologising.” Tony said. “What’s done is done.”

“I shouldn’t have done it.” Loki teared up. Tony wiped them from his cheeks as they fell.

“Why did you do it?”

“I didn’t have a choice…”

“I meant stab me…”

“I blanked out briefly.”

“Do you love me? Really? Do you actually love me? Or where you just using me?”

“I actually love you.” Loki looked down. “I really do.”

“I trust you.”

“I don’t deserve your trust.”

“I know, but I love you too.”

Loki looked at him very lost. He was even more lost when Tony kissed him.

Chapter 19-

Tony refused to let Loki stay in the cell. He refused to let them treat him like that. And so, he got Loki released. One condition though, he was not to enter Avengers Tower again. Tony and Loki could live with that. They came up with the agreement that while Loki was on Earth, him and Tony woild either stay in a hotel or in Tony’s home in Malibu.

Right now, they were in a hotel. Tony was on call for missions, so he had to stay close to Avengers Tower.

He took his shirt off ready to have a shower. Lokie walked in mischieviously, a smirk plastered on his face. It was hard to tell what he wanted. Loki’s smirks could mean a number of things.

In this moment of time, it meant that Loki was wanting to join Tony inn the shower. Of course, he was allowed to.

Tony looked Loki over as the water from the faucet hit him. It angered him a little. But not because of Loki though.  He felt Loki was very attractive and he was honestly getting a little turned on by having him in the shower with him. He was angry because of what the guards had done to Loki. He was covered in bruises, which he hadn’t healed becuase Loki felt he deserved them. And he was thin- well, thinner than before.

Tony  ran his hand down Loki’s body, earning a little shiver from the God.

“I’m sorry they treat you in such a way.”

“I deserved it.”

“No you never.”

“Yes I did.” Tony grabbed the God’s face.

“No you never. You had gone through enough already.” Loki let out a sigh and grabbed Tony’s hands.

“If I had lost you, no punishment would have been enough.” Tony couldn’t argue with that. He just laid his hea don the taller male’s chest. Loki ran his hand through Tony’s hair. They were silent the rest of the time they were in the shower.

Afterwards Tony and Loki were laid in bed cuddling up to each other.

“Can you heal the bruises?” Tony asked.

“No.” Tony didn’t bother fighting.

“You know… That was the first time I have ever showered with someone and not had sex with them while we were in it.” He laughed.

Loki looked at him.

“I don’t want to hear about your previous lovers, Stark.”

“Because you mate for life?”

“Yes. Now do as you’re told and stop talking.”


“Obey your king, Anthony.”

“Or what ‘your highness'” Tony was teasing him. Loki growled and pinned him down.

“Or I’ll punish you.”

“I’ll enjoy it.” Tony winked. Loki had a menacing smirk on his face now. A threatening look to his eye.

“Oh. You really wont.” He said and clawed a finger down Tony’s still bare chest. The line went red and started to bleed. Tony bit his lip. He was kind of excited, but Loki could be cruel. The God could literally do anything to him. It wouldn’t have to be sexual. A punishment is a punishment. “Stop biting your lip.”

“I can’t help it. You’re turning me on.”

“You’re always turned on.” Loki let go of Tony. Tony took the opportunity to push Loki down and pinned him to the bed.

“I’m in charge now. So… Obey your king.” He purred. Loki laughed a little and leaned up slightly to kiss the male.

“You’re not in charge of me. You might be my king, but you’re not the boss of me.” He got his hands free from Tony and wrapped them around him. He kissed down his neck slightly and then whispered into his ear “And you’re very vulnerable and exposed right now.”