Obey your king (Chapter 3-6)

Chapter 3-

Tony took a long time trying to figure out these clothing. There was so many drapes and layers. Eventually he got it on. He sort of liked it but the clothes were heavy against his human body. The outfit was almost like a red jacket and black trousers (the picture) and it looked good on him.

“You’re back in your colours again.” Loki said. Tony then became very aware that Loki had sat and watched him struggle through putting on the clothing the whole time.

“Yeah, well.” He didn’t know what to say. “It’s only for while I’m here right…”

“Stark. Stop talking” Loki said and walked out. Tony took a few moment to realise that he wanted him to follow him. “I thought you were clever.” He scoffed.

“I’m not a mind reader genius.”

“You managed to read my mind during New York. I wonder why that was?” That was supposed to be some sort of dig at the fact Stark is egotistical, but Tony was too proud to let the God get to him.

“Because you’re predictable.” Tony spoke. Loki didn’t like that. He pinned Tony to the wall with a strength which cracked it. Tony grunted and his head lowered.

“I’m not predictable.” Then Let go. “I’m sorry.” He said, seeing that he had hurt the male. Tony looked at him and gave him a thumbs up.

“I’m fine.” He said. Loki could tell he wasn’t though. He sighed.

“I’m only doing this once, do you understand?” He said. Tony looked at him confused and then got even more confused when he was suddenly pinned to the wall again but this time with Loki kissing him and a yellow glow around them. Tony didn’t understand this, but he hoped it never ended. Loki, who did understand it, also didn’t want it to end for some reason.

The feel of Stark’s beard and moustache against his skin. It made for an odd texture. But all good things must come to an end and Loki pulled away.

“We won’t talk about that” Loki said, walking away like nothing had happened. Tony didn’t follow right away but when he did he just walked behind him and didn’t speak at all. Neither of them spoke at all.

Later on, Tony was sat in the room which he had been allocated and was mumbling to himself.

“Stupid black haired Asgardian” He laid back. “I hate him so much.”

“Oh you hate me do you?” Loki asked, not actually being there. “I didn’t see you complaining when you was pinned to wall beneath me.”

“Shut up.” Tony threw his pillow at him, just for it to go through him.

“Or when you were being choked by me.” Tony threw something else. Same result.

“Leave me alone.”

“Or when you were choking yourself, wishing it was me.”

“Leave me- wait, how did you know about that?” Loki laughed and vanished, leaving Tony alone to pick up the mess he had made. His mind clouded. That wasn’t even a kiss to Loki, it was to heal the damage he had caused, but to Tony that was the best kiss he had had in a long time.

Chapter 4-

“And your sure it was Loki’s voice you heard on the phone?” Nat asked Rhodey. The Avengers (obviously minutes Tony and Thor) were all sat around discussing this.

“I’m positive. Tony was talking to me, then he was cut out by a loud sound and then Loki picked up” Rhodey answered.

“What did Loki say?” She asked.

“He said he was okay and that I shouldn’t worry.”

“If Loki has Tony, then we have every reason to worry, especially with what Tony told me.” Bruce spoke up. The gang looked at him.

“What did Tony say?” Rhodey asked.

“Oh no. I promised him I wouldn’t tell anyone. You’re not getting anything from me” Bruce stood up and started to walk away.

“Bruce, if you don’t tell us then Tony could be in danger.” Natasha said.

“Fine.” Bruce groaned and turned back. “He said that he was feeling sexually confused.”

“What do you mean?” Steve asked.

“He said that he was starting to have feelings for Loki. Like the thought of him aroused him.”

That raised some eyebrows and then Rhodey started to laugh.

“Tony. Our Tony. Yeah no. Nice joke.” He said. Bruce sighed and left.

Meanwhile on Asgard, Tony was sat in his room still. Loki walked in quietly. Tony looked over. He sat up.

“Hello, Anthony.” Loki said.

Tony’s response was to throw his pillow at Loki, which bounced off his head.


“Had to make sure. Last time you just annoyed me.” Tony said. Loki nodded and shut the door. He locked it from the inside.

“I was right though.”

“Do you want more stuff throwing at you?” Tony said. He sat staring at Loki. “No? Well don’t start that bull crap again.”

Loki started to walk towards him and Tony threw another pillow. Loki stopped.

“You do realise that they don’t actually hurt right?” Loki said.

“Yeah, I know that.” Tony looked away.

Loki started to walk over to him again. He climbed onto the bed and grabbed Starks wrist as he went to grab the final pillow.

“You’re going to be needing that.”


Loki pushed him back and pinned him down by his wrists on the pillow. He leaned in and kissed the billionaire on the lips. Tony struggled against the males grip at first but then gave in and kissed back. When Loki knew that Tony wasn’t going to hit him or anything else, he let go of his wrists.

Tony’s hands went onto Loki’s cheeks and the kiss deepened. Loki pulled the kiss away from his mouth and moved to his neck.

“Don’t tell anyone about this.” the God said.


“Anthony, just obey your king.” Loki grabbed Tony’s waist. “If you tell anyone, I won’t hesitate to break you in half.”

Tony looked at him and nodded.

“Yes sir.” He said and Loki went back to kissing down his neck.

Chapter 5-

Loki’s kisses trailed down the billionaire’s neck. His hand rested on his waist, threatening to go up and under the shirt. Tony let out soft noises and pulled his knees up to stop Loki from knowing he was aroused, but the God wasn’t having that. He grabbed Starks legs and spread them apart, his hand went straight onto his crotch and started to rub it.

Tony’s hips started to buck into the touch of Loki’s palm against his pants. Moans escaped his throat and then Loki just suddenly stopped.

“If you behave and obey your king, next time you will get more.”  Loki then got up. He unlocked the door and left, leaving Tony bewildered.

The bearded male slipped out of the bed and went into the corridor. Tony still didn’t know what he was doing on Asgard, but he didn’t really care. He just wanted to get off the planet.  He walked through the corridors of the castle, looking around at all the royal but unusual sites, when he came across what seemed to be a thrown room. Tony being Tony, thought it would be funny to enter. He also thought it would be funny to sit in the thrown. No one was around so there was nobody to catch him, except that he did get caught.

“Man of Iron, what are you doing?” Thor’s loud voice boomed out and echoed throughout the full room. Tony quickly stood up.

“Nothing.” Tony quickly said. He stood up straight, as if he was a school boy who had just been caught doing something naughty and was now being scolded for it.

“You are aware that sitting in the Kings throne is treason of which receives the highest consequences.” Thor sounded almost threatening.

“I was not aware of that, no.” Tony said, letting out an awkward laugh.

“Okay, well now you do and now you also know that I have to take you to father so he can execute you.” Thor said. He towered over Tony and had the sternest face on that the genius had ever seen Thor pull. But that soon fell into a smile and a laugh. “I’m joking,” Thor Hit Tony’s arm. “I’m not going to take you to get executed, you’re new here. But seriously though, don’t sit in the King’s thrown. Father gets quite agitated when people other than him do.”

Tony could honestly say he felt his heart drop as he let out a breath that he didn’t know he had been holding in.

“Okay, well thanks for that information. I have to go find ‘the god of mischief’,” Tony said. He very nearly said ‘my king’.

“Oh, Loki is with mother. By the way, nice clothes. But I prefer to see you in your in your normal clothes. Why are you wearing that garment anyway?”

“My attire is what Loki gave me to wear.” Tony said back and walked out of the room.

Chapter 6-

The clothing wasn’t the issue right now. Tony had no idea why he was on Asgard, and no one was telling him anything. Also, after what Loki had done to him, he was walking around with an incredibly obvious intrusion in his pants. Basically- he wanted to klokill Loki.

“Loki!” He exclaimed as he found the ‘God’ with his mother, “Where are my clothes?”

“Your clothes? Oh you mean them rags that the Midguardians wear. Yours are getting washed. I do not understand though. Why do you wear two shirts? Why not just one?”

Tony looked slightly dumbfounded by this. It was his fashion sense.

“Don’t question it. Give me my clothes back, I don’t like this attire.”

“And I don’t like the attire you wore before hand. Since I am in charge of you, you wear what I want you to wear.” Loki smirked deviously.

“But I don’t want to wear these stupid robes!”

“Then take them off, but you’ll not be recieving back your old clothes and once you remove them, they will be taken off of you too.” Tony looked disgusted at this.

“So, if I take off these clothes, then you’ll make me walk around naked?”

“Boys, that is enough. Loki, go get him his clothes, them ones do not suit him very well. People will forget that he is not of Asgard.” Frigga stepped in. Loki let out a groan like grumpy teenager and grabbed Tony’s arm before dragging him out of the room.

Loki took Tony back to his room and pinned him to the wall.

“How dare you make a fool of me in front of my mother.” He spat. Tony looked actually scared. Without his suit, he was defensless against Loki. He only hoped that Thor came in and saved him. It didn’t even have to be Thor, it could be anyone.

“I didn’t make a fool of you, you did that yourself.” Tony said back, hiding his fear.

The God really didn’t like being insulted by a human. He groaned and let go. With a wave of his hand, Tony’s clothes appeared.

“Here you go.” He handed them over to the billionaire and just stared at him. “Change.”

“Turn around then.” Loki rose an eyebrow.

“What ever for?”

Tony’s face turned red quite quickly. He started to take off the robes he was already wearing very awkwardly. The faint glow of blue was revealed and then his body was displayed to Loki. Tony felt too awkward to stand their naked, but he also felt too awkward to get dressed.