Obey your king (Chapter 7- 12)

Chapter 7-

“Hurry up Anthony” Loki said, annoyed.

“It would help if you weren’t touching me so much.”

“I’m trying to help”

“I don’t need your help in getting dressed.” Loki sighed and let go of him. Tony got dressed quickly. He was lucky that no one came in during that because it did not look like Loki was trying to pull Tony’s pants up rather than down.

Tony sat down once he was dressed, finally feeling like himself. The door opened and Thor walked in.

“Ah, man of Iron.” Thor looked at him, “You’re back in your human clothing. I must say, I preferred the Asgardian get up.” Tony looked at himself and groaned. Loki started to laugh and sat down.

“I agree.” He said, he was just trying to cause a fight. That worked.

“Yeah, well you would agree wouldn’t you!” Tony stood up. “Fucking Mommy’s boy.” Loki’s usual smug face dropped into a deep, menacing frown. Thor also seemed unimpressed but he wasn’t going to get involved.

“You take that back.” Loki said.

“Make me.” That was probably the worst possible thing he could have said to Loki. Loki threw Tony into a wall and pounced onto him. He started to punch the male. Thor was going to stop him but Loki stopped himself.  He leaned into Tony’s ear and whispered.

“That isn’t obeying your king is it? It’s like you don’t want me to do more than what I did earlier.” Tony looked at him through a swollen eye. He swore he saw Loki’s head grow slightly along with his ego.

His nose was bleeding, his face was bruised, his lip was busted. And yet. And yet…

“Okay. I’m sorry, I do want you to do more.” Tony said. Loki had worked his way into his head. He didn’t even have to use his sceptor to mind control the billionaire. He just had to touch and hit him in all the correct places.

“Man of iron-” Thor started.

“Ironman” Tony corrected quickly.

“Ironman… You’ll be happy to learn that tomorrow we are taking you back to midguard and you can be with the Avengers once more.” Thor announced in his booming voice. Tony just nodded. Did that mean he couldn’t stay with Loki? No, Loki would find a way to come visit him, he was sure of that.

“I thought you’d be more happy to hear that” Loki said as Thor left.

“Yeah, so did I” Tony said. He sat himself back on the bed.

“I guess we don’t have much opportunities left, so lets seize them while we can.”

And Loki was kissing Stark and pushing him back against the bed.

Chapter 8-


Loki kissed down Tony’s neck. Tony wasn’t complaining though. He was enjoying it. Sighs of contentment and pleasure came out of his throat. Stark’s pants had become very tight. He allowed the God to remove them from him. Loki kissed around his damaged face, healing it as he went along. Something Tony really couldn’t complain about.

The god’s head was travelling lower down the genius’ body, leaving kisses. With a swish of his hand- all of Tony’s clothing was gone. He kissed down his thighs, earning more gasps and groans from him. He bit down on his thigh, creating a mark which he was not going to heal. He bit hard enough for it to bruise up and bleed. He licked up over the wound to apologise for any pain he caused. Tony wasn’t hurt though, in fact he enjoyed that little bit of pain. It made him grow just a little bit bigger.

“Roll over, I’m not in the mood for such foreplay.” Loki demanded. Usually Tony’s pride would get in the way of this, but to Loki he was so weak and submissive. He rolled over and was on his hands and knees. He felt Loki’s length enter him harshly. He almost screamed out in pain as he felt his walls get stretched out. He bit into his hand to stop that from happening and he teared up. Loki didn’t understand this very much- apparently Asgardians are better at hiding this sort of discomfort compared to midguardians. He stayed still, scared he’d destroy Tony if he was in pain already.

“You can go.” Tony whispered. Loki took a couple of seconds more to figure out if Tony would break or not but then he started to move. He went hard. Tony let out loud noises which weren’t of pleasure at first but eventually they were just sounds of pure 100% bliss. Loki picked up the pace.

He couldn’t deny it- being inside Tony’s virgin ass (not that Tony was a virgin, but his anus was) felt amazing. The way it clung to Loki’s member so tightly it sucked him in drove the God insane. He moaned loud.

“You feel amazing.” He whispered. Tony’s body was sweating and shaking. His face was red. Loki pulled Tony back so he was pretty much sitting on him and kissed his neck. His arms wrapped around his body, one playing with his length and balls, the other twisting and flicking at his nipples. Tony’s head leaned onto Loki’s shoulder. His eyes were closed and he breathed heavily through the thick moans he was creating.

When Tony came to his climax it was pretty much an explosion of cum rather than just an ejaculation. He panted and Loki came shortly after. Tony’s body went limb. He was so exhausted he passed out. Loki pulled out and clothed himself. With a wave of his hand, the billionaire’s clothes were back on aswell. He leaned down to peck lightly at Tony’s neck and left a quick hickey in a spot on his neck which he hoped no one would notice.

He picked up the male and took him back to Earth, laying him in his bed in Avengers tower rather than his bed at home.

“Goodbye Anthony… For now.”

Chapter 9-

Tony opened his eyes softly.  The only thing stopping him from believeing what happened on Asgard with Loki was all a dream was the fact he was so fricken sore. He sat up and groaned, but for the first time in a while he felt wanted, loved and happy.

He stood up and looked at his body. The first thing he noticed was a very clear hickey on his neck. He tore off his clothes off to look at his body. His ass was red- to be expected from how sore it was- and he had a teethmarked shape scar on his leg with bruises around it. A small laugh escaped his throat. Tony put his clothes back on and walked out, happily displaying the hickey on his neck.

Heads turned when Tony walked into the common room.

“Tony…” Bruce said. Clearly none of them had expected Tony to be there.

“Yeah?” He asked, his mood starting to drop.

“Wha- Where have you been?” Bruce said, coming over to hug him.

“I was with Thor. They needed me on Asgard.”

“Rhodey said you were in a car accident. Are you okay?” Steve had chirped up the courage to speak.

“Oh yeah, I was in one. I’m fine. Loki fixed me up.” However, trust Clint to have a sharp eye.

“Looks like he did more than fix you up. Don’t think you’re hiding that hickey well” He laughed. Tony decided to play dumb, like he had no clue he had a hickey.

“Ah well. I had some fun with some of the girls on Asgard, I didn’t know they had done that.” Tony lied.

“I didn’t know Loki was female now. Well done Stark. Banner told us you had a thing for him. ” Tony shot a glare over to Bruce and he mouthed ‘I asked you not to tell them’.  To that, Bruce mouthed ‘I’m sorry’.

“Shut up, Clint” Tony spat and went to get some scotch.

“Tony, it’s 9 am,” Cap said. Tony shrugged.

“Your point?”

“You shouldn’t be drinking.” Tony sighed. He took his glass and went back to his room. He was done with them already. A tiring lot of people.  He trusted none of them now. He laid in his bed and closed his eyes, spilling his scotch on himself and the bed. He swore breifly at that but made no attempt to clear it up or even move. He wasn’t in the mood to.

Chapter 10-

“Where is he?” Pepper asked, running into the tower. She panted partly because she had ran here and partly because she was worried. Bruce pointed to Tony’s room. “Thank you!” She said and ran to his room. When she opened the door, she wasn’t the only one in the room.

Tony was asleep in the room but, watching over him, was Loki. Pepper looked at him and was about to call for help when Loki noticed her. He put his finger to his lips and pointed at Tony as if to say ‘Don’t wake him’.

Loki walked out with her and looked at her.

“I had to get him to sleep” The God said. Pepper’s immediate reaction was to go slap him, but her hand went straight through him.

“Of course. You’re not actually here. Where are you?”

“Asgard. I wanted to check on him. I found him depressed and covered in scotch.” Loki sounded genuinly concerned, but he didn’t really look it. In fact he looked completely emotionless.

“Well I am here now, so you don’t have to watch over him no more” Pepper went to walk back into the room but Loki put his hand there. Eventhough he wasn’t actually there, she stopped. He looked at her and shook his head. “Why can’t I do it?”

“I don’t think he wants to see you right now.” Loki said. His glare burning into Pepper’s eyes. She backed up.

“And he wants to see you why?”

“A mutual agreement.” A smirk grew on Loki’s face as Pepper had started to realise what he meant. She looked at him, tearing up, and left quickly.

On her way out, Steve stopped her- realising she was crying. She pushed him out of the way and snapped at him before running out. Steve seemed confused by this and went to check on Tony. The God who was watching over the male, saw the captain coming and so left very  quickly.

The supersoldier walked into Tony’s room to see the sleeping billionaire. He walked over to him, not being afraid to wake him. But he stopped, seeing smashed glass on the floor. Blood around it. There was blood on the bed aswell, but Tony seemed fine. Well, his arm was covered in blood but their was no wound.

Tony rolled over and opened his eyes, waking up on his own.

“Cap? What are you doing in my room?” The male asked.

“Is everything okay here?” Steve asked. Tony stood up and immediately started to clean up the mess in the room.

“Erm. Yes.” He said. He didn’t seem okay though. Steve went to him to help him but ended up puttingthe billionare’s head into his chest and holding him close.

“You should have said something. We would have been here for you, Tony.” Steve said. Tony pushed him away.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Tony said. He left the room and went to go get another drink. It wasn’t late in the day, so everyone else was still awake- but Tony was determined to ignore them all.

Chapter 11-

Tony had done his best at ignoring his fellow Avengers. He’d managed to completely blank out Clint and Thor. Steve had been an issue because he had constantly been there trying to get him to talk to him. Bruce was someone that Tony could talk to, but he wasn’t going to because Bruce had proven that he couldn’t keep a secret. Honestly, no one on this team could keep a secret.

He sneaked out of his room and creeped to the bar. Pouring himself a drink, as Nat slid onto a chair and looked at him.

“Bartender, a dry martini please.” She smiled. Tony looked at her and let out a little bit of a chuckle.

“Sure.” He said and poured her a drink. She was honestly the only person who hadn’t bothered him about his incident.

She stared at him, watching his technique as he poured the martini all over the table.

“You know, if you pour it on less of an angle then it would pour easier and might not go everywhere.” She laughed. Tony sighed.

“Sorry, I just have a lot on my mind right now.” He looked down. Natasha shifted slightly.

“Want to talk about it?”

“It’s nothing. I’m just fed up of people trying to find out what is bothering me. What do I say to them? I was on Asgard and fell in Love with Loki? Do I say that I feel lonely and empty without him? Or that…” He looked at her. “I hate you.” He said and walked out. He didn’t actually hate her, but she had just gotten him to open up about how he felt.

Nat stood up and took her partly poured drink. She walked to the common room to the group of Avengers that were waiting for her. They all looked straight at her,

“Did you get him to talk?” Steve asked. Clearly everyone was concerned.

“Yeah, he opened up. He did’nt mean to, but he did.” Nat sat down and started to sip her drink. Everyone was staring as she hadn’t said what he had told her yet. “What?”

“What did he say?” A panicked Bruce asked.

“I don’t think it is my place to tell you that.”

“Romanoff… Please. This is Tony were talking about. We’re all worred.” Steve spoke. Nat looked at him and sighed.

“Alright. He’s basically love sick. He fell in loveo while he was on Asgard and hes ’empty’ without him.”

“Who is this ‘he’?” Steve asked. To which Bruce immediately spoke up.

“Loki.” He responded.

“Oh! Stark is a kinky son of a bitch!” Clint said loudly, he didn’t recieve a good reaction though.

“If we have any chance of cheering him up, we have to get Loki to Earth.” Someone said. Someone. Maybe Nat, or Steve, or Bruuce. It doesn’t matter who said it. All that matters is that they instantly tried to get in touch with Thor.

Chapter 12-

So the Avengers got in touch with the God. They specifically asked if he and Loki could come to Earth as they needed to speak. Enthasis on the Loki coming to Earth part. The God had agreed and now he was inside of Stark tower, with his brother standing awkwardly behind him.

“Hello, Avengers. I have returned to Earth!” He said in a booming voice. Loki looked around. A frown appeared on his face when he realised that there was one Avenger who wasn’t in the group at the moment. He figured it would be a good idea to slip off and ditch the group to find him but then Captain America spoke.

“Loki, Tony is in his lab if you wish to see him.” A scowl appeared on his face but it turned into a smirk when he realised that Steve telling him this meant he knew about the relationship. Loki nodded and bowed to the mortals and went to find his mortal.

“Thor, we need to speak.” Nat said. They took him in private. Thor listened to what they had to say. Apparently, he had no idea what was going on between Stark and Loki. This was all new news to him. Well, it probably wasn’t, but this was the first time that he had understood it.

“Can we trust him?” That question rose up. It was a good question. Could they trust him? Previous events said no. New York, Asgard. Etc. However, saving Tony’s life… twice. That said yes. It was very confusing. They couldn’t trust him and yet they could with Tony.

A mischievious smirk was on Loki’s face as he moved swiftly and silently into Tony’s lab. The billionaire had one of his toys in front of him and was tinkering. Loki wanted to surprise him. He wanted to make him both jump and smile. But he didn’t know how to do that. Instead he got behind the inventer and slowly lifted his top without him knowing. Only when cold hands were being pressed against his back did Tony realise that someone was behind him.

“Don’t move.” The God whispered into his ear in both a dark, yet seductive manner. He bit down lightly onto Tony’s ear. The inventers face flushed red as hands wrapped around his front, holding him.

“Are you really here?” He asked, “Or am I dreaming again?”

“You’re dreaming again.” The sarcasm could be heard on Loki’s voice. Tony started to laugh and turned around. Lips crashed into lips as they found the deseperate need to be in contact with each other. Loki could have kissed for hours without needing to pull back for breath, Tony could only do a matter of  seconds. But it was okay. The kiss was great. Full of passion and love. With a hint of lust on both members parts but that wasn’t going to be explored until later on.

The other Avengers were all cramped into the doorway, trying to see what was going on. They were all very nosey when it came to people’s personal life. The reaction they gave when Steve made out with someone that one time was hilarious. This was different though. Not that anyone could see it, but Loki’s smirk had a little bit of something more in it. More than just love. Maybe a bit of mischief. The only one who could possibly spot it was Thor, but he was too happy that his brother had found love to think anything of it. And so, Loki was getting away with whatever his plans may be.