Its not his fault (Chapter 1-3)

Chapter 1-

Kyoya woke up with a banging headache. He looked around his room. He didn’t remember going to bed though.

“Kaoru?” He called out for his boyfriend. There was no response. That worried Kyoya. He reached for his phone and called him. Still nothing. So he called Hikaru.

“hello?” Hikaru asked into the phone. He didn’t sound right. Something was off.

“Hey, Hikaru. It’s Kyoya. Is Kaoru there?”

“Glad to see you’re awake” Hikaru avoided the answer about Kaoru.

“Hikaru, is Kaoru there?”

“You know where he is Kyoya.” Hikaru sounded sad. “And if you’re going to bring that night up… Don’t”

“What night?” Kyoya asked. Hikaru hung up on him.

“What happened?” He asked. He started to get frustrated and threw his phone at his wall, breaking it.

Fuyumi ran in. She looked at him and teared up then hugged him tightly.

“You’re awake!” she buried her head into his shoulder.

“Why wouldn’t I be awake?” She froze when he spoke. Something was off. Something definatly happened but no one was going to give Kyoya any details as to remembering it. He would have to find it out for himself.

Chapter 2- 

No one was letting anything slip about what happened to Kaoru. It was like it was all hush hush. They don’t want to talk about it. Kyoya tried to get information, but Fuyumi wouldn’t even let slip. Kyoya was starting to worry. He frowned and hid himself in his room to think.

“To move, or not to move… That is the question” Kyoy spoke to himself. He had been sat in his room for hours alone. Nothing had come back yet and he started to need the bathroom. He decided to go.

When he washed his hands, shock filled his body. He grabbed onto the sink with one hand to steady himself as he looked at his face in the mirror. His eye. It was purple, brown and blue. He touched it to see if it was real. The bruise was real alright. It didn’t hurt, well it did, but only when he touched it.

Pain started to fill Kyoya’s head. He sat down dizzily and held his head. The image of Kaoru in his mind. He was having a flashback- a memory was returning from the bruise triggering it.


The sun was shining brightly. The air was warm with a cool, soothing breeze blowing, keeping hte boys from overheating. The location: a field full of daisies. There was a row of trees at the end of the field, adding a bit of mystery to the area.

Hikaru and Kaoru had invited Kyoya on a picnic. It was kind of them to ask, however, Kyoya was aware that the picnic was just a plot for Kaoru to get closer to him. He didn’t mind though, he loved him.

The boys sat together on the well kept grass. Kaoru, being the most innocent of the three, started to attatch the daises together to make a flower crown. Kyoya watched him carefully, taking a mental note of everything he did.

Kaoru laid the flower crown onto Hikaru’s head. He smiled softly.

“You should be putting it on Kyoya’s head” He chuckled and gave it back to Kaoru. Kaoru smiled sheepishly and laid it on Kyoya’s head, leaning his chest over him as he did this. “You must really love Kaoru, if I had done that you would have bit my head off.” Hikaru pointed out.

Kyoya nodded. He laid back on the grass. It was too pleasant an atmosphere to argue back about it. Kaoru was watching him and blushing.

Hikaru stood up.

“Well, I’ll be right back.” He then rushed away, leaving the other two alone.

It was awkward for a few moments, until Kaoru climbed over Kyoya, kissing his neck and cheek lovingly.

“Can I stay at yours tonight?” He asked. Kyoya nodded in response.


Kyoya looked at the mirror again.

“I need to remember more…” he said.

Chapter 3-

Kyoya came out of his room, and as he did Fuyumi rose from her seat.

“It has come to my attention that you might not remember what happened. That the bump on your head might have given you some form of amnesia.” She played with her hands as she spoke. Everyone had agreed not to talk about what happened until Kaoru –

“Are you going to tell me?” Kyoya asked. Fuyumi bit her lip so hard that blood formed. She shook her head. “Well, why not? Why does everyone have to keep this a secret from me?”

“It’s for your own good. It is probably best that you don’t know. That way you don’t have to worry.” she explained. A sigh escaped her throat and she looked down. “I’ll take you to see dad. It might help jog your memory a bit.”

Kyoya now looked worried. So his dad wasn’t there either. That mean that Kaoru and his father were missing to him. And in all the panic worrying about Kaoru, Kyoya hadn’t even realised his family wasn’t complete. Then again,  he never really saw much of his father anyway, so how could he have noticed?

Fuyumi led Kyoya out to the car and recommended that he sat in the back. He complied and she started to drive. But kyoya was not happy about the destination they arrived at.

“What is dad doing here?” Kyoya asked.

“Akito called the police when he caught him,” Fuyumi said. Caught him doing what?

Kaodu walked into Kyoya’s bedroom, well he more or less ran into it. Kyoya followed slowly, laughing slightly.

“You’re always so eager” Kyoya teased him with a smirk on his face.

“Well, I get excited,” Kyoya spoke innocently, “I love you so much.” He sat on Kyoya’s bed, staring at him cutely.

Kyoya chuckled and climbed over the younger boy on the bed. He started to kiss down his neck. A small sigh left Kaoru’s throat.

“I love you too.”


“Kyoya, are you alright?” Fuyumi asked, “You zoned out.”

Kyoya nodded in response.

“Let’s just see dad.” He whispered.