Its not his fault (Chapter 4-6)

Chapter 4-

“Yoshio Ootori, you have visitors, sir.” A warden said and took him out of his private cell. He had to be kept seperate from the other prisners because of who he is. His private police force had arrested many of the prisoners in the main cells.

Kyoya thought it was odd seeing his father how he was now, in prisoner’s clothing.

“Dad?” Kyoya asked, “why are you in here?”

“You know why, Kyoya. Don’t mess with me, I haven’t had any sleep for the last few days that I’ve been in here.” Yoshio spoke very coldly towards him, almost like it was his fault that he was in here. But Kyoya did not know what had happened, and no one was telling him. Yoshio stood up and demanded to go back to his cell. Was it Kyoya’s fault that he was in here?

Kyoya sat in Fuyumi’s car silently. A frown was on his face as he pictured it all being his fault. He felt himself tear up about it. If it was Kyoya’s fault that his dad was in prison, then was it also his fault that Kaoru was missing? He needed to find out where he was. The only problem was: no one would tell him anything.

“Fuyumi… Where is Kaoru?” Kyoya asked. He knew she wouldn’t say, but it was worth asking anyway. Fuyumi bit her lip.

“Stop asking me things. The next time you ask me something about Kaoru, I am dropping you off on the street and you can walk home.” She threatened.

Kyoya let out a sigh and called Hikaru. He would know, surely.

“Hey, Kyoya.” Hikaru said. He sounded upset, just like the last time he had called him.

“Are you with Kaoru?” Kyoya asked. This was almost a repeat of the last time, only this time Kyoya was determined to get an answer.

“I’m always with him, unless he’s with you.” Hikaru spoke. So why wouldn’t he tell him where he was last time?

“Can I come?” Kyoya asked. Hikaru went silent for a moment, like he was contemplating saying no. “Hikaru? Are you still there?”

“Yeah, I’m here.” You can come.” Hikaru hung up.

Chapter 5-

Kyoya was devious. No one would tell him where Kaoru was, so he traced back the call to find Hikaru’s phone. He found out immediately where Kaoru was. Kyoya gulped and teared up slightly.

“Fuyumi. Take me to the hospital.” Kyoya requested. She looked at him, unsure as to whether to do what he asked or not. “Please.” He begged, closing his eyes to stop the tears.

She took him and when Kyoya found his boyfriend, he instantly regretted wanting to see him. He started to blame himself. He collapsed to his knees and started to heavily cry.

Kaoru was laid in the hosptial bed with Hikaru sat in the chair nect to him. He had an oxygen mask on to support his breathing and a couple of drips in his arm to keep him from dehydrating or starving. Kaoru’s head was bandaged up at the top, but blood was seeping through the bandage. His face was mutilated. Bruised and swollen beyond recognition.

“What happened, Hikaru?” Kyoya asked and looked at him, just trying to get answers.

“He’s in a coma. It is not a pretty sight is it? I can barely see my brother in there sometimes when I look at him.” Hikaru teared up.


Kaoru’s body was a beautiful work of art. Kyoya loved looking at it. Right now, the younger, ginger twin was laid next to him on his front asleep. The two had just had intimate session of coitus and now Kyoya was just admirering his lovers nude body.

The younger male’s eyes fluttered open and he cheekily grinned at Kyoya.

“Hey gorgeous” Kyoya spoke and poked his nose. Kaoru mewled like a cat as he stretched and then he laid his head on Kyoya. Kaoru always got extremely tired after an intimate session, so often fell asleep, but to say he was cute when asleep was an understatement. He was freaking adorable.

The door flew open. Kyoy alooked up, as did Kaoru. It was Kyoya’s father, standing angrily in the doorway.

“Dad…” Kyoya started, but he didnt get chance to finish what he started to say.

Chapter 6-

Yoshio walked in angrily. His glare filling the air with an incredibly tense atmosphere. Kyoya pulled Kaoru close defensively. The man breathed heavily like a bull in an attempt to intimidate Kaoru. It definately was working.

“Get off my son.” He ordered through a growl. Kyoya would not let go. Kaoru looked at the man, terrified.

“Sir…” Kaoru started, but never got to finish what he was going to say before a fist had entered his face.

“Get off my son!” Yoshio shouted. Kyoya had jumped up to get in between them. Kaoru started to cry. His nose was broken, as blood spilled down his face.

“Dad!” Kyoya snapped. he went to push his father away, but Yoship was unmovable when angry. Yoshio grabbed Kyoya’s wrist harshly.

“You’re lucky I am not getting my belt on you. You are an ungreatful child!”

“Getting your belt on him would make you a bad parent,” Kaoru spoke, but whimpered and cowered away at the look Yoshio had given him in response.

“Father, please leave us be!” Kyoya called out, the grip that Yoshio had on his wrist was starting to hurt. Kyoya knew that the man had never accepted his relationship with Kaoru, and him catching them in an intimate position was what made him angry.

“Don’t tell me what to do, boy!” Yoshio threw Kyoya out of the way and went straight to get Kaoru.

Kyoya started to fight against his father. He put Yoshio into a headlock from behind before he could attack Kaoru. Yoshio grabbed his arm and, being trained like all the police officers in his private force, threw Kyoya over his head and punched his son.

The punch hit Kyoya hard. His eye instantly bruised from it. Then Yoshio threw Kyoya out of the way. The teen hit his head on the cabinate in his room and was knocked out.

“Kyoya!” Kaoru called out. When he got no response, he looked at Yoshio. “You reptile!”

Yoshio was an extremely angry man, and Kaoru had just insulted him. He took this as a sign of disrespect and grabbed the young twin by his throat.

He punched and punched Kaoru until he was unconscious, and then he carried on punching. Kaoru was bleeding badly, then Yoshio started to smash Kaoru’s head into the same cabinate that Kyya had hiy. It was a blood bath. He would have killed the young boy had Akito not come in and stopped him by calling the police.

So it really wasn’t Kyoya’s fault afterall.