It’s not his fault (Chapter 7- end)

Chapter 7-

Kyoya walked over to Hikaru and Kaoru, gently taking both of their hands.

“It wasn’t my fault afterall. I remember what happened.” He spoke with a thick but mellow voice.

“It was kind of your fault.” Hikaru said, “But it wasn’t you who did this to him, so I forgive you.”

Hikaru just had to tease him at a time like this. It was like Kyoya was a completely different person. The shadow king had grown soft. Only around Kaoru, but he started to cry, revealing his love for him was pure.

And then…

It was like some Rapunzel magic nonsense. Kyoya’s tears landed on Kaoru. He kissed his head (in a place that he could) and just cried. Kaoru’s eyes opened very slowly and weakly.

“Why is everyone crying?” Kaoru asked in a hoarse voice. Kyoya and Hikaru both jumped up, looked at each other, then hugged Kaoru tightly. “Cryign doesn’t suit you Kyoya. It kind of suits Hikaru though.”

Remarkably, Kaoru could remember perfectly what had happened. Well, he said it was a little hazy in some spots, but he could remember the majority of the event.

A police man came in when Kaoru had been clear for more visitors. The doctors just wanted to keep him in for more observations and until he was steady on his feet. That was going to take a while because he wobbled everywhere as he walked.

“Mr Hitachiin. If you don’t mind, I would like to ask you some questions about the event.” The officer requested. Kyoya and Hikaru had been asked to leave while the interview was being concuted.

Kaoru was very thorough about the events, but then said:

“I don’t wish to press charges, officer.”

That was his choice. It was a bold choice since Yoshio had nearly killed him, but it was still his choice.

The officer left and Kyoya rushed back in. Kaoru grabbed him and pulled him into a deep kiss.

“You get to keep your dad.” He whipsered.

Chapter 8- 

It took about a month for Kaoru to recover enough to leave the hospital. Hikaru and Kyoya had taken turns staying with him throughout the duration of this time. Almost like shift taking. In the end, all three of them were exhaustedand could not wait to get home for some rest.

When he was discharged, relief filled Kyoya. He was the one with him when he got told he could leave. Kaoru got so excited. His arms flew into the air and a loud “Yeah!” escaped his mouth. Kyoya chuckled and helped him up.

“You’re like a small child,” Kyoya shook his head.

“Isn’t that why ou love me?” The ginger boy smiled innocently at the shadow kind. Kyoya wrapped his arms around him and helped him walk.

“Kyoya, I can walk on my own.” Kaoru complained. They were only walking to the car. Kyoya let go and Kaoru fell.

“Sure you can.” He said in a sarcastic, cold tone. He helped him to walk again. “You know, no one would tell me what happened.”

“You didn’t remember?”

“No. I couldn’t remember anything. I just woke up without you there.”

“Must have been scary.”

“What must have?” Kyoya got him into the car.

“Not knowing where I was and losing so many days. You were unconscious before I was. I imagine you were out for a few days.” Kaoru responded, sitting in the passenger seat.

“And yet I woke up at home.” Kyoya almost sounded jealous that he didn’t wake up in a hospital bed like Kaoru did.

“It’s all in the past now. I’d like to forget it even happened, if it is all the same to you I’d like to forget it even happened.”

“Yeah…” Was all Kyoya said in response before starting to drive.

Chapter 9-

The traffic on the way home madethe journey a slow one. Kaoru had started to whine at the point where they would have usually only been ten minutes away because he needed the toilet. That ten minutes was fourty minutes. Needless to say, Kaoru nearly wet himself.

Kyoya parked the car and when Kaoru got out, the boy who could barely walk on his own sprinted toward the front door. Kyoya chased after him so he did’t fall. When he opened the door…

“Surprise! Welcome home Kaoru!” About fifty people yelled at the same time as they jumped out of various hiding spots.

Kaoru’s pants became soggy. He peed himself looking at them all. None of them laughed though, mainly because Kyoya was stood behind him glaring at them, but also because it wasn’t somethign to laugh at. Kaoru still teared up, however, and he ran up the stairs.

He came down shyly about hald an hour later. Kaoru had changed out of the soiled clothing. He closed his eyes and walked over to Hikaru. The older twin was talking to Haruhi when Kaoru jumped onto his back and buried his face into his neck.

“You okay?” Hikaru asked. Kaoru nodded, his head still being against Hikaru’s.

“Kaoru. If something is bothering you, you can tell us. We care for you.” Haruhi spoke and tilted her head to the side. She smiled and closed her eyes.

“Nothing is bothering me. I’m just feeling embarrassed.”

“What are you embarrassed about?” Hikaru stepped in.

“Everything. Im a big baby.” He whined. “An ugly, big baby.”

“Do you really believe that?” Kyoya walked over. He pulled Kaoru off Hikaru, making him whine. His lips trailed down the young twin’s neck earning small whimpers.

“Y-yes…Nyahhh!” Kaoru tilted his head back in obedience. “No I don’t.”

“Good.” Kyoya let go of him.

“Tease.” Kaoru said, his face burning red. Kyoya chuckled and winked at him.

The party went smoothly from then on. Kaoru had stared to have fun. But it grew late and the guests started to leave, one by one, as the evening went on. Kyoya was sat down with Kaoru laid on him. The two were starting to fall asleep. That’s when Hikaru got his phone out and started to take photographs.

The two were adorable.

“I think it’s time for you two to go to bed.” Hikaru said to Kyoya. Kaoru’s eyes were closed, meaning he was asleep.

“No. I think if I move, he will wake up.” Kyoya hated waking Kaoru. Proabably because he thought his boyfriend was adorable when he slept. And on top of that, Kaoru’s warmth was making him comfortable.

Hikaru started to laugh.

“You know. You aren’t as scary as people think. You’re actually rather sweet, especially to Kaoru.”

Kyoya frowned at him.

“If I stay here, will you keep being irriating?” Kyoya asked. Hikaru had a smug look plastered onto his face.


Kyoya sighed and picked Kaoru up, taking him to his room. Luckily he hadn’t woken him. He got into thebed and held him close, drifting off aswell.