Bumps and Hickeys (Chapter 1)

‘A new school, a new life.’ That is what my father said when he pulled me out of public school.  ‘So you don’t have to make the same mistake again.’ But I never made a mistake. All I did was be me. It is not my fault them people did not accept me. Surely that is their problem, not mine? And so maybe I will be myself here. Not sure though. Public school. I’m probably more likely to get wedgies, swirlies and just plain beaten up here than I was at private school.

I walked through the doors as the bell rang and people ran past me, shoving me slightly. This is exactly why I wanted to be at a private school. I swear my father is punishing me. I found the way to the headmaster’s office and got my time table.

According to the map this school was split into sections so its pretty easy to find your way around here. Or it would be if I didn’t get shoved around everywhere I walked. Public schoolers are so ignorant. Then again, I can be pretty arrogant myself.

I made my way to class and sat down, praying the teacher wouldn’t make me introduce myself. Funny enough they didn’t even notice I was new. It’s good that I know all the stuff they are teaching already. A normal person would have no chance at this. But knowing what to do, does not stop people from being dicks.

“Hey… Hey knew boy.” A male with short hair, which was like a browny blond colour said. He then threw something at me. “Do you actually get this?” My eyes stayed down at my work. Do not respond. I will not respond to idiocy. “You ignoring me new kid?”

“Leave him alone, Clint?” A ginger lass said. He sat back, listening to her. I could hear him grumbling. “Sorry about him, I’m Nat-“

I rushed out of the room. This was stupid. I just couldn’t. The classroom was awful. The corridors were awful. I found myself just sitting outside on a bench. But that didn’t help when the bell rang for break.