Bumps and Hickeys (chapter 6)

I just decided to leave the school. The hate for school was growing stronger, however, Nat came with me. It was nice to spend the day with someone who understood me. It felt great. I guess Steve understood me but I don’t know if I can trust him any more. I aren’t a pity party. But…Maybe he wasn’t giving me pity afterall… What have I done?

Natasha’s Point of view

I never knew what had happened between Steve and Tony, and frankly I didn’t care. They were both my friends. I just wanted them to be okay and right now, Tony wasn’t. I didn’t know the guy well, but that didn’t stop me from helping him.

The male kept whispering “What have I done?” I suppose that means he’s done something. Not that I knew what.

“Tony.” I said. He looked at me. “Are you okay?” I asked. He nodded to me in response but my keen instincts kicked in and I knew he was lying.

“Can you tell Steve Rogers to meet me at this location after school.” He handed me a bit of paper. So this was about Steve. I took the paper. He’d given coordinates. Once I nodded to say that I would, the male vanished. It was strange.

Steve’s Point of view

So Romanoff caught me at Lunch time. I thought that was strange. I thought she had bunked off with Tony. Apparently she was back now. Anyway. She handed me a bit of paper. I’m not smart enough to figure out criptic messages like this though.

“So what do the numbers mean?” I asked, dumbly. She shook her head and laughed.

“They are coordinates. Come on let’s figure out where he wants you to go to meet him. It won’t be far away, walking distance.” She said and we sat at a table. Once we figured it out I had the location up on Google maps.

“What is he doing at an abandoned garage?” I asked Nat shrugged. No. Of course she wouldn’t know. Only Tony would know. Its him that is there. I will make sure to go alone though, I don’t want to discourage him by bringing along old Buck or someone else.

Throughout the day, I was just thinking of Tony. I don’t get why I can’t get him out of my head, but I can’t. No person has ever had this affect on me. Not even Peggy and she was my girlfriend for three years.

After school, I rushed to the garage. It smelt old. Dust and ash going up my nose. I could hear a saw being ran. But this place was abandoned, which meant that the only person who could have been using it was Tony.

I went inside to see him working away. Welding mask down. Focus on whatever the metal thing in front of him was. He looked like he hadn’t even realised that I had entered.