Tony’s weekend pleasures |Chapter 1: Anxiety attack

Since the battle of New York, Tony had been struggling. He was having a lot of panic attacks and anxiety attacks and he hated himself for it. Fortunately, the only person to see him have one so far was Rhodey. And Rhodey was the only one he wanted to see him like this, but right now- he was in a meeting and they had brought up New York. That’s usually what set Tony off, and this was in front of the board of directive and mr perfect- aka Steve. Tony tried his hardest to control his breathing, but when he couldn’t he rushed out of the room.

It took a while for the meeting to finish, and the longer Tony was out of the room, the more Steve worried. He left it- and not being able to find Tony anywhere in the building- he returned back to the compound. Tony was there alright. It was frightning because Steve could hear his cries. He rushed to the younger/older males room. Was Tony older or younger? Literally he was younger than Steve but biologically he was older. Nevermind, Steve had gone to his room.

“Tony?” Steve asked, opening the door. Tony quickly wiped his eyes, not wanting Steve to see him in such a weak situation. “Tony, you okay?” he asked.

“I’m fine.” His voice was shakey. That was the most convincing lie ever, Steve will totally by that. Tony thought. He knew it was terrible. Steve came closer to him.

“You don’t have to bottle it up. I understand you know.” He said and sat on Tony’s bed near him. Tony didn’t really respond to that. He was trying to bottle it up but his bottle was full so kept over flowing and it had holes in. He wasn’t able to hold it in; he started to cry again. Steve better not be judging me.

The male leaned over to Tony and placed a soft kiss on his head.

“Is this over New York?” He asked. No don’t bring it up again. Tony started to panic again.  Steve got it from that. There were a lot of men in the war that had to come home because they had similar symptoms. They were unfit to work.

“It’s nothing” Tony said. Steve wasn’t buying that. But he didn’t really know what to do. He just thought that Tony needed affection and so kissed him. He pulled him close and kissed him. Surprisingly, Tony didn’t push him off. Instead, he kissed back. That means it worked and that meant that Steve had come up with a plan.

Tony had finally gone to sleep. Cap sent out a memo to the other avengers, telling them to meet him in the kitchen for an emergancy team meeting. Everyone was there already when Steve walked in.

“Hey, Cap. Whats up?” Nat asked. Her, and Clint, were both in pyjamas. Clearly, Steve had woken them up. Bruce was in a bathrobe and Thor- well… Thor was just dressed like Thor.

“Where’s Tony? Is he not included in this team meeting?” Clint asked, annoyed that the billionaire got to sleep or stay in the lab while he got woken up. He was close to going to wake up the sleeping man when Steve stopped him.

“Tony is the reason for this meeting.” He said. He explained about the panic attack. He told everyone what had happened, and what had triggered it. He then went on to tell them that he needed affection. That him kissing him, calmed Tony down a lot. It was enough to get him to sleep. And so the plan was hatched. If the Avengers saw Tony acting a little strange, or if he just looked bored, then they would have to give him some form of affection. Knowing Tony, the affection would have to get sexual at some point. Surprisingly, at the thought of it getting sexual, none of them were repulsed. The only one who felt a little uncomfortable about that was Bruce, and that was only because he was worried he might turn into the Hulk while doing something like that.

The only problem to the plan was that during the week the team was all busy, which meant this would have to be a weekend thing. At least it would make the weekends more entertaining.