Tony’s Weekend pleasure: Chapter 2

The week had been – eventful- to say the least. There has been, inventing, fighting, training, eating, sleeping, inventing, training, killing, selling, meetings, training, inventing, sleeping, drinking, partying, inventing- etc. That has been Tony’s week. All Tony wanted to do now was relax- and probably work on his suit while listening to ACDC blasing loudly from his surround sound system in his lab. But he didn’t really get his wish. Rhodey was round. Now, as much as Tony loved having his best friend round, Rhodey was a bit of a prude. He didn’t like the music loud, in fact when he walked in he turned it off. He didn’t like the drinking. He always complained about that, but it didn’t stop him doing it.

It’s a good thing that Tony was already slightly drunk before Rhodey arrived. Okay, not slightly, he was very drunk. Rhodey found him with sick down his shirt and a beer in his hand.

“Jesus, Tony.” He said, running over and taking the beer from his hand. Tony laughed at him.

“Don’t act like you’re surrprissed” he said slurring his words. Rhodey helped him up.

“No, I’m not surprised.”

“Oh, you’re mad then-” Tony started to laugh.

“No, Tony. I’m not mad. I’m just… disappointed. You’ve disappointed me. You’ve disappointed your team. But most importantly, you’ve disappointed yourself.” Rhodey said. He said it calmly as well. The fact was, Tony was reducing his alcohol intake. He’d gone from getting drunk nearly every night to deal with his problems. Instead he only really drank in social situations and if he wasn’t drinking with others then he would have 1 or 2 beers but nothing more. So, yeah, Rhodey was disappointed. And saying that he was disappointed shut Tony up.

The male looked down. Tears forming in his eyes.

“I’m sorry…” he whispered. Now Tony was depressed. But depression often came with drunkeness. Rhodey picked Tony up.

“Come on Tony, it’s bedtime.” He said. Rhodey took him up to his bedroom and took his shirt off him. “I’m going to go soak this, then I will come back and make sure you’re okay.”

Tony couldn’t disagree with that. He flopped on the bed but he couldn’t close his eyes because everytime he did, the world started to spin. Rhodey had put the sick covered shirt in the sink, which was full of hot water.

“Tony?” Rhodey asked. Tony was staring at the ceiling. Rhodey remembered what Steve had told him. When Tony was sad, he needed affection. So Rhodey climbed onto the bed and wrapped his arms around him. Tony’s hand went over his arm and Rhodey kissed the male’s cheek.

“What is this for?” the billionaire asked. He didn’t understand.

“What is what for?” Rhodey pretended to not know what his companion was talking about and he kissed Tony’s cheek again. He kept kissing, travelling towards his neck. Tony let out content little sighs until he fell asleep. Rhodey just held onto him while he slept, until eventually, he fell asleep also.