Tony’s weekend pleasures: chapter 3

After last weeks shinanigans, Tony vowed that this weekend he was going to stay away from the booze. And so, now he was in the kitchen making himself some coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. Tony, right now, did not know how he was going to spend his weekend. Perhaps the team would call up a movie night or something, and then he could watch Thor get overly excited by a cartoon or a documentary again. Either way, he wasn’t sure how he was going to relax. That was until Clint came into the kitchen.


“Oh. Tony… You’re awake?” He asked. Tony rolled his eyes and sipped on his coffee.


“Yeah. Clearly.” He said.


“Sorry. You’re just not usually up. Or if you are then you’re in the lab.”


“You’re not usually up either.” Tony’s brows furrowed. Clint rubbed the back of his neck and laughed sheepishly.


“Yeah, you’ve got me there. Want breakfast? I’m going to grill some bacon.” Clint offered, getting out the bacon from the fridge. Tony shook his head.


“I’m good thanks. I’m not really hungry.”


“When are you ever hungry? I’m going to make you a sandwich. And you’re going to eat it- do you know why?-”


“Clint, I don’t want one.”

“Do you know why?” Clint repeated, a bit annoyed that Tony didn’t answer him the first time.


“No.” He sighed in response. “Why are you going to force me?”


“Because you spend all week working and not eating, then you go to the lab and you’ll have maybe one meal over the weeked. You’re starving yourself Tony, and I’m not having it.”


“I’m not star-”


“I’m not having it!”


Tony flinched at Clint raising his voice. He looked away with a frown on his face. Clint sighed and looked at him.


“Tony…” He said, “Tony look at me.” He had stepped close to him. Tony turned his head to look at Clint, he had tears forming in his eyes,  but he couldn’t understand why he he felt like crying. Clint took the mug of coffee off Tony and placed it on the counter next to him. He then pressed himself up against him. Tony let out a gasp, not expecting it.

“What are you doing?” Tony asked.


“I made you feel sad, now I’m going to make you feel good before I get that bacon sandwich into you.”


Tony nodded and kissed Clint back when the male kissed him. At this point, Tony had started to get confused and suspicious as to why all of his friends had suddenly started to kiss him and make him feel good, but he couldn’t wrap his head around why they were doing it. He didn’t care. Currently his mind was going blank. Clint was kissing down his neck and he was shaking a little.


“Why are you doing this?”


“I already told you.” Clints hands lifted Tony’s shirt up and he stuck his head under it, licking, kissing and nibbling at his chest. His tongue flicked over his nipple and Tony wriggled a bit.


“Because you made me feel bad?” Tony asked. Clint didn’t answer. He was too busy nibbling on the pink bud which was making Tony’s  face turn bright red. His hand roamed to Tony’s crotch and rubbed at it, but it never went into his pants. Tony wriggled around a bit, squirming and making noises.


“I love it when you squirm.” He left hickeys down his body. Tony started to buck his hips into his palm until eventually he let out a loud moan. He came in his pants and they became very soggy. Clint smirked and Tony panted.


“Is that it?” Tony asked.


“You’ll get more in the future. Now, you’re going to go get changed, and I will bring you a bacon sandwich” Clint laughed. Tony was blushing massively. He picked up his coffee mug and walked out, feeling uncomfortable walking in his soiled trousers.