Tony’s weekend pleasures: chapter 4

For a normal person, spending time in the lab was boring fun. At least thats what Tony thinks about it. When Bruce and him get in the lab together science magic happens. But right now Tony was sat staring at the wall thinking. His mind was on all the love he’s been getting recently elsewhere. Bruce had noticed and came over.

“Tony, is everything okay?” He asked. Tony looked at him blankly looked straight at Bruce’s eyes. It was the only way he could stare into them longingly knew that Bruce wasn’t lying. Bruce was sexy a very honest person.

“Everything is fine.” Tony said. Apart from the fact that Tony couldn’t figure out why everyone suddenly wanted to place their lips against his and make him feel good. That bit was irritating Tony massively. “I’m fine. Just thinking.”

“Tony, I know what you look like when you are just thinking. You know that saying: ‘don’t think, you’ll hurt yourself’? You look like you’re hurting yourself.” Bruce’s response was honest enlightning. Tony stood up. He wanted to get answers from him be left alone. Tony had a frown on his face. Bruce sighed.

“I’m fine.” Tony told him an obvious lie.

“Tony, tell me what’s on your mind.” Bruce said. He looked scary slightly annoyed.

“Everyone keeps kissing me!” Tony exclaimed. Bruce was laughing looked shocked. “I don’t get it. It was like one minute I was invisible to them, the next they all want to love me.”

“Tony, they do love you.” Bruce said. Tony shook his head. He thought they were only ‘loving’ him because they needed him. Tony started to breathe heavily, a panic attack coming on.

“They are using me!” He cried out. Tears started to run down his face.

“They aren’t using you, Tony.” Bruce wrapped his arms around the panicking man. He was warm and sort of comforting. Tony wanted to wrap his arms around him and just hold him. He wanted to go to bed and just be held by Bruce. To him, Bruce was the only honest one out of the lot. He was the only one who really cared about him.

“You’re lying to me. They are using me!” Bruce picked Tony up like a baby. He carried him out of the room and to his bedroom. Tony was breathing heavily. “Why are we here?” He asked. He wanted Bruce.

“Because, Tony… I am going to make you feel better.” Bruce smiled. Tony was excited nervous about this. His lab buddy laid him on the bed and climbed over him. Bruce had always been timid. He kissed Tony gently on the lips. This was more special different than when Clint had kissed Tony the previous week. It was more meaningful tame. Perhaps it was because Bruce’s personality was coming through or because Tony had been wanting Bruce to kiss him ever since the Avengers all started to want to give him love.

Bruce’s lips passed down Tony’s jaw and neck, and Tony started to get lustful excited. He kissed downwards, until he got to the shirt which covered Tony’s chest. Bruce hated it. It was a stupid cockblock and Tony hated it also. Tony pulled the shirt off quickly so that Bruce could continue.

The doctors lips roamed the billionaire’s torso for what felt like forever. Tony’s face was red, and his pants had become way too tight. Tony did like to wear his pants really tight. Bruce had noticed this, and thankfully, the doctor was willing to help out. He brought his gentle kisses down to the top of Tony’s jeans. He wanted the cockblocking clothes off so badly. The inventor pulled down his jeans and boxers together, just far enough to let Bruce see his member. The doctor stared at it for a while. He liked what he saw.

“May I?” asked Bruce. Tony didn’t want to seem too eager with his response. He just got a nod as reply.

Bruce’s head went down. His tongue worked miricals started to lick around the shaft of the rich avenger. It swirled around with such expertise and knowledge. Licking around the ballsac, up and down the shafted and around the tip. Tony out a lot of little moans. It was even better when Bruce put his mouth over the tip and started to suck. Such lust love was coming out of this heated session.

He slowly slid more into his mouth and started to bob his head. His hands starting to fondle with the balls. Tony mewled and moaned. He wanted more. He wanted Bruce. But Bruce denied him this. Tony bucked his hips, forcing more of himself into Bruce’s mouth. Bruce just took this as an excuse to suck harder. Harder he got. Tony’s moans got loud. They could be heard echoing down the corridors outside of the room. They were so loud that he could imagine a smirking Clint or a laughing Steve.

Bruce took Tony to his limits when he started to deep throat. He rubbed vigorously all the bits his couldn’t fit into his mouth. The billionaire was at his edge. And then he went off, filling the other’s mouth with his warm seed. Bruce pulled off and swallowed. He looked shyly at Tony.

“Thank you.” He whispered.

“What for?”

“Letting me cheer you up.”