Tentacles and Masters- Chapter 1-5

Chapter 1:

Tony looked up at him. The man who was standing over him. His hand gripping tightly on the billionaire’s hair forcing him to look up at him. Tony didn’t want to do this, but what choice did he have? Every second in the position he was in, he had to remember that if he didn’t do this then his friends would get hurt. The people he was calling his family.

The day had started like any other day. Tony woke up with his head on his lab desk. His head was hurting from the amount of alcohol he had consumed the night before. It was too much. It was always too much. But it was the only way he could get himself to sleep these days. It stopped the night terrors which invaded his mind every night.

He stood up and stumbled his way towards the kitchen. The billionaire made himself a cup of coffee and sighed contently. He had a small smile on his face. Even when Clint came in grouchy, he had a smile on his face. Clint shoved Tony out of the way to open the fridge. In furnace, he was stood right in front of it.

“Peanut butter for breakfast? You know Hulk will go mental. It’s his.” Tony said.

“Yeah I know.” Clint said and stuck his fingers into the jar anyway. He did that when he had no intention on leaving any. Tony sipped at his coffee.

Every morning was the same. He’d drink his coffee. Clint would eat something of Hulks. Natasha would come in for her breakfast and ate it quickly before Hulk came crashing through. Hulk would then groan because his pickles were gone, or his peanut butter, or his guacamole. Then he’d go find Clint and chase him around the tower. And that would be when Steve made his way back to the tower. Thor was off world at the moment.

Only today was different. When Hulk went chasing Clint the power cut out. Everything went dark and the lifts stopped working in the building, which meant poor Steve was stuck in them.

Luckily the coms were still working. By habit, Steve had put one in on his way out. It was he was always on call.

“Guys?” He asked. Tony had rushed straight into his lab to check the scanners, which were down.

“Cap, where are you?” he asked.

Steve looked around. He looked out the window. He was too high to jump.

“I don’t know. the lift broke down. The numbers aren’t on the little screen. I’m going to see if I can get the door open.”

The building started to creak and the air started to feel heavy. Something was going on. Steve managed to open the doors of the elevator and lifted himself up on the ledge, just in time for the elevator to rapidly start crashing downwards. Whatever was happening wasn’t good.

Chapter 2:

The lights went off and so Hulk stopped chasing Clint. He started to sniff up and Clint could just tell something was going on.

“Smells funny.” Hulk said. He went running towards the staircase.

“What?” Clint asked. He ran after him “Hey wait up. What smells funny?” Hulk jumped over the banister for the stairs and started to fall to the bottom. Clint sighed. There was no way he was going to do that, but he was on the 108th floor. He started to run down the stairs as quick as he could, but there was so many stairs.

After what felt like an eternity, Clint finally made it to the bottom. Hulk was stood there sniffing and looking around. Clint put his hands on his knees and panted.

“What is it?”

“Don’t know.” The building creaked again. Hulk jumped and covered Clint as the building started to fall down on top of them.

Nat had finished eating her breakfast and headed back to her room when the building started to creak. She heard it and rushed to Tony’s lab.

Tony was in there trying to get the power back on.  He was having no luck.

“Tony. What’s going on?” she asked. He was frantically tapping on his keyboard.

“I don’t know. Something knocked JARVIS out. I can’t get him back online.” He said with a pit of worry coming out as he spoke. She put her hand on his shoulder.

“Well whatever it is, I’m sure it’ll be okay.” She said “You’ll figure it out.” But Tony couldn’t figure it out. And the creaking started to get worse. He put his suit on as quick as he could and flew out of the nearest window. The top floors were starting to collapse and he could see what was going to happen next, so he flew back in to grab Nat. He did it just in time for the building to be demolished right before his eyes. Nat looked around.  “What’s that?” she pointed.

Light reflected off the thing she pointed at, but they couldn’t figure out what it was. Tony started to fly towards it and placed Nat on the ground. Together they went to investigate. That’s when something wrapped around Tony’s armor and stopped him moving. But there was nothing there.

The release on his armor got triggered and he fell out of his suit. Whatever had him, wrapped itself around his leg and started to drag. Nat could see the lights reflection again and started to jump to dodge. She watched Tony get dragged into the sewer.

“Tony!” She called out.

Steve had just managed to get out the lift when it dropped. He let out a bit of a sigh of relief and picked up his shield. He looked to see which floor he was on. It was floor 56. He sighed and then heard a noise coming from the stair case. He went to check out and the noise. He saw Hulk falling many many floors and land on the floor. He decided to run down the stairs until he heard the building creak.

When the building creaked the first time was when he decided he was low enough to check what was happening downstairs. He’d managed to get down around 20 flights of stairs. He looked out of the window. There was a shimmer.

“Guys? What’s going on?” he asked, but got no response. The building creaked again and then it started to fall. Steve had no choice. He took a step back and jumped out of the window, landing with a thud. He let out a groan.

That’s when he felt something wrap around his leg and start to drag him.

Chapter 3:

Nat saw Steve land and rushed towards him. She shot at his foot, injuring it, but it got the thing off him. She helped him stand and they got away from whatever was trying to get them by jumping up onto a nearby roof top. They looked at the mess in front of them.

“Oh God” Steve said. His face was just full of disbelief.

“Guys? Can anybody hear me?” Clint called into his com. Steve heard it.

“I’m here. I’m with Romanoff.” He said.

“I need help. I have an unconscious Hulk crushing me!”

“Where are you?” Nat asked.

“We made it to the bottom floor before the building fell.”

“Oh God.” Nat mimicked Steve’s words.

Nat checked Steve’s foot. It had a burn on it which was bleeding. It looked nasty, but she had to do it. She had to get the thing off him.

“Go help Barton, I’ll be okay.” He said. She looked wary but she had to go help her friend. After all, he had a Hulk on top of him as well as a building. She rushed over and started to go through the rubble.

The news teams had started to arrive, which made her finding her friend really difficult. They stopped her digging to ask her questions.

Clint opened his eyes. Everything was dark. His vision was burred. He shook his head to try and come to his senses only to feel a lot of pain. He let out a groan as he realized what had happened.

“Hulk get off me!” he yelled. But he got nothing in reply. He grunted and tried to move the massive green man off him, but he couldn’t.

He put his hand up to his ear.

“Guys? Can anybody hear me?” He asked into the com. He let out a bit of a whimper as he tried to move the Hulk off him. When he got the reply he was over the moon but no one came to help him.

Then he felt a weight be taken off him as the Hulk was up in the air. He looked confused until the thing that was holding the Hulk up grabbed his leg and started to drag him away.

“Guys!” he yelled into the com and then his com went dead.

Tony looked around. Whatever had him had released his leg. He rubbed his hip. Getting dragged into a gutter was not comfortable. He looked around. There was nothing. Well there was nothing until a loud splash happened and a Hulk got thrown into the sewage. It shrank down to size and became Banner and then a Clint landed on top of him. Tony rushed over and helped them out. They were stuck down there. The only light they had was the faint glow from Tony’s arc reactor.

A grumble came from Bruce as he opened his eyes.

“What? What happened?” He asked. He looked around, though he couldn’t really see anything. The light was too dark, then out the corner of his eye he saw a light. Something was swimming in the water towards them and it didn’t look friendly.

Chapter 4:

Tony grabbed Bruce and the three men all started to run, but there was no where they could really get to. Their was grate at the end of the corridor which was locked shut. No where to go at all.

The thing stood up. It had long black hair and looked like a woman, though it probably wasn’t.

“Which one of you is the leader?” It asked with a bit of a hiss. Instantly both Bruce and Clint pointed at Tony. Tony looked at them at them with a feeling of betrayal.

“I guess… I’m the leader then?” Tony sighed. The creature came closer to him. So close that he could feel her breath on his face. It put its hand on his face and turned it to look at him properly, as if inspecting him.

“You will do.” it said.

It sniffed him and then what seemed to be a tongue forced its way into Tony’s mouth. Clint started to laugh a little.

“Tony is getting French kissed by some kind of lizard thing” he was laughing. Bruce nervously laughed too, but Tony didn’t seem happy. His eyes had widened when its tongue went it, but it shut as it was forcing its way down his throat, almost suffocating him.

It pulled it’s tongue out of his mouth. Tony took in a deep breath.

“Yes you’ll do” it smiled. “Though your friends are nice too.”

It slithered over to Clint and Bruce, wrapping it’s tail around them.

“What are you too?” It asked. It looked as though it was scanning them. “A scientist and an archer. Man from the metal suit, your team is incredible. I would love to taste them.” It put them down.

“Please don’t.” Tony said. He looked at Clint and Bruce. Bruce’s eyes looked sad. He was blaming himself for this, but this really wasn’t his fault. Well, him pointing at Tony to say he was the leader was his fault. He could have pointed at Clint, but he never.

“Where are they?” Steve asked as Romanoff returned. She looked at him and sighed. She was going to shake her head but that’s like saying they are dead.

“When I was finally able to remove the rubble, there was no Hulk or Clint. It was like they weren’t even there to begin with. So that means-”

“Our invisible friend got them” Steve said. She nodded. They sighed. Nat crouched down to Steve and inspected his leg.

“It’s stopped bleeding. Are you alright?” She asked.

“Super soldier” He laughed. She even let off a bit of a giggle before helping him up. His serum and quicker healing had kicked in so he was around 90% alright now. He could walk, it was with a bit of a limp, but it was still a walk.

They made their way over to the sewer where Nat had watched Tony get dragged down into.

“I think they are in here” She said. The lid was back on it, but luckily there was a Captain America to lift it off. But when he did there was two glowing green eyes staring at him. They turned red when the creature realised who it was.

Green and blue slimy tentacles shot up towards them and then that sewer lid got pressed back down into the hole quickly. Steve put his weight down onto it so the monster couldn’t lift it up.

“Do you think that’s what destroyed the tower?” Steve asked.

“If they are down there with that…” Nat’s mind began to wander and Steve looked down as the lid stopped moving from under him.

“Perhaps it stopped trying.” He said with hope.

“Or perhaps it went to find another sewer cap.” Was Nat’s response. “Come on, we should go.” She took his hand to help him up and then they ran, but where they were running too was another story.

Chapter 5:

Tony watched as the tentacles rose up. He bit his lip and looked at it. It seemed preoccupied with attacking whatever was up above them, which he assumed was Steve. Then it slithered off down the gutter. Tony took a step forwards.

“Come on” he whispered and went towards the ladders up. He started to climb but there was some kind of gunk on it now. He couldn’t open it. “Bruce. Do you think you could Hulk out and get us out of here?”

Bruce tried, but Hulk refused to come out. Clint looked at him.

“Why aren’t you greening up. Dude!” He said. Clint wanted out, that was clear. It stunk down there and was wet and they were under threat of that creature.

The creature slithered back looking annoyed and then caught Tony up the ladders.

“It’s trying to escape!” It squawked. The creature launched itself at Tony, making Tony have to jump down from the top of the ladders very quickly. He fell straight into the sewage and so, luckily, wasn’t injured. However, he did now have a look of disgust on his face.

It went over to him and started to laugh.

“Covered in goop,” it smiled. “Follow. Everyone follow.” It started to slither away. “Follow” it said as it stopped. It realized no one had moved. Tony sat up and then stood.

“Come on guys, I think it’s best we do as it asks.” He said and started to walk. The two other men followed but only because they saw what happened when it launched itself at Tony.

Steve looked back at the manhole. He felt really weary about leaving his team down there alone, unprotected, with no weapons. Clint’s bow and quiver had been found in the rubble of the tower; Tony’s armor was stoop up, open, by the man hole; and the last they had heard of Hulk, he was unconscious. Unprotected, alone, with no weapons. It made Steve feel uneasy.

“Where are we going?” He asked Nat, who was leading him somewhere, but not saying where they were going.

“Shield.” She said, but Steve didn’t recognize the location they were heading too. He gathered Shield was still keeping secrets from him. He hated how he was not trusted there, after everything he’d done for them.

“Are shield going to be able to help?” He asked. Natasha didn’t respond. “Romanoff?” He asked again.

“I don’t know. We don’t know what we’re up against. Stop asking questions, Rogers, I’m as worried about them as you are.”

That shut Steve up. If he had to trust any shield agent it was Natasha. But only because he’d spent such a long time working along side her, and she had chosen to move in to the tower. She had become part of the Avengers family. He followed her to what seemed to be an abandoned factory, and then she walked inside. He thought about it, and assumed there would be a secret elevator or door or something in it, which led to a shield base. And he was right.