Tentacles and Masters- Chapter 6-10

Chapter 6: 

Clint followed Tony, but he kept his distance. The guy absolutely stunk. He was plugging his nose the entire way there. The place they arrived at was not something they expected. After walking for 3 miles through the sewers they arrived to something which was under water. It was a glass dome to keep the water out and had oxygen tanks all over the place. There was a white building in it and it was spotless. A small, controlled stream ran in front of them with no bridge across.

“Come” the creature said. It went into the water, stayed there for a few seconds then put its head under and came out on the other side. It was a way of cleaning off before entering the white building.

Tony was the first to enter the water because he was the most covered. He stayed in the water a while, then put head under. He wasn’t 100% clean when he got out, but he was good enough for the creature to be satisfied. Clint just walked through the water and the creature pushed him backwards back into the water.

“Wash” it said harshly. Clint had no choice but to clean himself up.

Steve made his way into the base. Nat was already calling through to Fury, who was busy. But he had heard what had happened on the news. Fury did care about the Avengers after all, even if the only one he had actually told this was Tony.

“The only thing we have on the system is a creature called the Jagkar” He said. “They are creatures which alter their looks but basically their original form is a huge green and blue tentacle monster. Looks kind of like a squid. They can turn invisible, which is what you saw. And can look like a woman with a tail. They hang out in sewers and swamps and places like that. They are incredibly strong, but if you had a Hulk, then he would probably beat it. Whatever you do, don’t let it have what it wants. That will only make it stronger.”

“What is it that it wants?” Steve asks.

“You had to ask.” Romanoff rolled her eyes.

“Well, if I don’t know, then I don’t know what I’m trying to stop it from getting.” Steve told her. He was right, and she had to admit that.

“Sex. The Jagkar want sex. Gender does not matter, it just wants to get its tentacles up inside a human and lay its eggs. Once its eggs are laid, it’ll get into a sort territorial mode and look after the host.” Fury said. “It’s how they breed.”

“It took the guys” Nat said. “We have to stop it before it breeds with one of them.”

“Who is most likely to have sex with a squid like creature out of them three?” Steve asked. Both he and Nat thought for a while. The answer was obvious.

“Tony.” They both said in sync.

Chapter 7:

They were led into rooms which had en-suit bathrooms. This place where the tentacle monster lived was extremely civilized. There was only 1 creature though, so why it needed a place like this alluded the three men that were currently accompanying it. The monster led each guy to a separate room and told them all to go shower. Clint, however, didn’t trust the place. Bruce went to shower because he felt awkward and Tony had to shower because no matter how good that river was, he stunk massively and it was burning his nostrils.

The shower head had great pressure and the warm water felt nice against Tony’s skin. He had closed his eyes to relax when the bathroom door opened.

Tony’s hand reached out of the shower to feel for a towel, but he couldn’t find it, so he grabbed the shower curtain and used that to cover his dignity. The creature was looking right at him.

“Hello, mr leader.” It said. Tony looked at it.

“Now isn’t really a good time.” He said. The creature had the look of a woman right now, and it wasn’t wearing any clothes.

“Oh? When is a good time? You look handsome, by the way.”  He wrapped the shower curtain around him tighter.

“Maybe when I’m done in the shower.” He said.

“But when you’re done in the shower, we can’t have sex,” one of the creatures tentacles started to come out.

“I don’t want to have sex.” The creature looked sad at this.

“Oh.” It made another tentacle come out, “why not?”

“I just don’t feel like it.” More tentacles were coming out.

“Okay… I’ll go see one of your friends instead then. I bet they taste better than you anyway.” It started to go away. Tony thought for a while. This creature was a monster and had tentacles. Now, he’d seen enough hentai to know that tentacles + humans do not mix very well. He didn’t want to be the reason for his family getting tentacled.

“Wait…” he said. The creature did. “I’ll do it. But not in here.”

“So these creatures want sex, right?” Nat said to Steve, who seemed really uncomfortable with the whole ordeal. “So that means its going to lay eggs in Tony.” Steve’s face grimaced.

“Didn’t want to think about that.”

“Oh there’s one more thing.” Fury said through the communicators, “it needs its victim to feel like theres no other choice and it needs to be consensual. The Jagkar may even make the ‘ceremony’ public” He explained. That made Steve grimace even more.

“So it’ll have sex with one of them in public.” Nat said.

“Nothing Tony hasn’t done a thousand times already.” Steve said. Given that he was feeling uncomfortable about the whole situation, that comment was asking for more comments which will make him feel more uncomfortable.

“He’s never had a tentacle monster in him though. I’m pretty sure that man has taken 2 or 3 dicks in him at once but not a whole bunch of tentacles.” Said Romanoff. And there was the comment that Steve didn’t wanna hear.

“Well, we have to stop that happening.” Steve said. They suited up with whatever weapons they could find around. They had never fought a member of the Jagkar before, so they didn’t know what to expect.

Chapter 8:

Tony followed the creature. It knew what it wanted. It had made an alarm and summoned Bruce and Clint. When they were there the creature circled them. It was becoming intimidating.

“You are both my prisoners. Toys for my children. Your leader is my toy.” It’s tentacles rubbed their cheeks. Clint moved his face away but then nearly fell over. He couldn’t move his feet. Bruce gave Tony a look of sympathy.

“Keep off them.” Tony said. His voice blunt. He looked angry. Even Tony Stark knows better than to have sex with a monster. But if he didn’t, he believed that the monster would force it onto the other two. He didn’t want the other two hurt. That would be his fault.

The creature stood in front of Tony, who had gotten dressed before following it.

“My name is Pax” It said, Tony nodded in response.

“Tony…” he said back.

“Now I know my toys name, we shall begin.” Pax’s tentacles grabbed Tony tightly.

They ran. Oh how they ran. They needed to be there quickly. They had to stop Tony. For all they knew, it could have been Clint they had to stop, but they were 90% sure it would be Tony.

Steve lifted the lid which covered the sewer and Nat jumped down. He followed after her. They made a bit of a splash but the Jagkar weren’t around to hear it. They didn’t want to split up, but there was two directions to go. Nat went left and Steve went right. They were connected by coms. They weren’t going to lose them like the others did.

Nat walked for what seemed to be an hour, but was actually more like 5 minutes. Everything was the same. Rusting walls, disgusting water. The water was black and felt lumpy in places. At the end of her direction there was a door. It was locked and rusted over, but that just made Nat want to open it.

“I found something.” She said into her com.

“What is it?” Steve said back.

“A door. I’m going to open it.” She shot at the door’s hinges then grabbed it and pulled it off the wall. She walked through.

There was more water inside the door, but it was clean. It looked like it was being filtered.  She looked around. Everything was black for a while and then she slipped. Natasha fell through a hole and landed with a splash in a river. It was a river under water.  She swam along it, and was able to see the magnificent white building.

Steve had walked right. His road was longer than Nat’s. He too had rusted walls and disgusting water, but when Nat commed through his area had changed. He looked around at his new surroundings. The walls were now a grey and were getting lighter. The floor was still disgusting though.

A light was at the end of the tunnel. It reminded Steve of when people are dying and they go towards the light at the end of the tunnel. For a moment he thought he was dying, but he wasn’t. He walked towards the light and came out onto stone floor with a river in front of him and the white building. He looked around.

There was a total of 8 entrances and exits for this place. He saw Romanoff in the river ahead of him. She went up to him and smiled.

“Guess we found where we have to be.” She said.

“I guess so.”

Chapter 9:

The tentacle tore Tony’s clothes from him and forced him to his knees.

“You will call me Master. And only Master. You got it?” Pax said. Bruce and Clint closed their eyes as they realised what was about to happen. Tony looked over at them. He was doing this for them.

“Yes, I understand master.” Saying master hurt his soul. He was dominant…most of the time. It was rare he was a submissive person. Though, even when he was being submissive he never used the word master. He hated it. Pax shifted his body from a woman’s to a mans. His eyes gleamed down at the billionaire who wasn’t looking at him.

Pax grabbed Tony’s hair and forced him to look up at him. His tentacle rubbed against his face and then slid around his neck, choking him slightly. More tentacles wrapped themselves around Tony’s various body parts. He was completely at Pax’s mercy now.

Tony looked him up and down. All there was, was a load of tentacles. Tentacles slivered over Tony’s body, rubbing on each sensitive part of it. Three over his penis and balls. Some little ones wriggling over his nipples. They were rubbing his legs, and stomach. His face had turned red. As much as he hated this, it felt good. He grew hard really quickly. He had never had every sensitive part of him touched at the same time before.

Pax let out a bit of a roar. Suckers came out of his tentacles and were doing what they did best. Tony looked over to his team mates. He felt so wrong but it felt so nice. A tentacle entered his mouth and almost choked him. He was completely Pax’s bitch right now.

Natasha rushed into the building. It was a large place but luckily she didn’t have to look very far before she found the scene. Her face twisted in horror and she put her hand over her mouth. She felt sick.

“It’s too late” she said to Steve through the com.

“What do you mean?” he’d gone round the back to try and find Tony.

“The tentacles…” She took steps forward before she couldn’t move any more. Pax had noticed her.

Steve rushed around from the back of the building and came in the front entrance also. His reaction was the same, if not worse than Nat’s. He went next to her and then couldn’t move. His feet was stuck. They were stood behind Clint and Bruce, who turned their head to look at Nat and Steve.

“Nat” Clint said. Nat couldn’t answer, she was more focused on what was happening to Tony right now.

Chapter 10:

It begun. Tony closed his eyes, feeling overwhelmed. He wanted it to stop. He felt wrong. Pax’s tentacles rubbed at his ass, begging for entrance. There was tentacles sucking on his nipples. There was now a large tentacle sucking on his member. And several tentacles rubbing against his chest and stomach. Some were choking him. He had a few in his mouth now. He closed his eyes and whined. How uncomfortable he was, was showing in his face and it concerned all his friends watching.

Tony teared up, hating every second of it.

‘It’s so they don’t have to do it’ He thought, trying to make it more bearable. He was enjoying it at first, now he was hating it.

A tentacle penetrated his ass and wriggled around inside of him. Then another joined and then another. He had tentacles in him. They started to move in and out while still wriggling. His body couldn’t take it. He came into the ‘mouth’ of the tentacle sucking him off.

The tentacles in his ass stopped moving and then started to get bigger. Some kind of fluid pumped through them, filling Tony up. His stomach got larger and larger as he was filled and then they stopped. They moved out of the way. The tentacle in his mouth released liquid, which he could assume was cum, into his mouth and pulled out. They all pulled out. Then they started to squeeze his stomach.

Tony let out a cry as all the liquid in his ass erupted out. Along with it came a load of poo. Pax had forced an enema on Tony and it wasn’t a pretty sight. He cried out as it happened.

“Are you ready to have sex?” Pax asked.

Tony was panting.

“Y-You mean… That wasn’t it?” He asked. His cheeks were stained with tears. Pax smirked and then it became clear he had a huge penis. Tony had only just noticed that. It entered into Tony’s ass, tearing him a little from the size. Tony cried out in pain.

But Pax didn’t understand pain, and he started to thrust.

After a long while, Pax ‘came’. His cum was just eggs. He had filled Tony up with eggs. He pulled out and then Natasha started to shoot at him. Everyone could move again.

Steve ran up to Tony, who was lying on the floor in tears now. The others started to run up to Pax and started to attack him.

They had their weapons now, thanks to Steve and Nat, and so they were in for an even match. But Steve wasn’t fighting. He scooped Tony up in his arms and pulled him to his chest, stroking his hair. He just wanted to comfort the man now.