Tentacles and Masters Chapters 11-15

Chapter 11

Romanoff was shooting at Pax, who did a squeal like scream and shook his tentacles wildly. He started to charge towards her, teeth growing in his mouth. Each one as sharp as fangs. It looked like he had a sharks mouth now.

Nat didn’t flinch at this. She carried on shooting, but the others did. Clint lowered his bow for a second and that gave Pax the opportunity to get it off him.

A tentacle grabbed onto Clint’s leg. Letting out a scream, Clint was pulled off the floor by his ankle and then slammed down onto the floor. He got thrown across the room and he laid there for a few seconds while he got his breath back.

Bruce looked over at Clint. He grabbed a gun and started shooting at Pax, letting out a roar. The Hulk didn’t want to make an appearance. It was like he knew that that was a bad idea in a place like this.

Most of the bullets were being blocked by tentacles. Well, they were blocking Pax but as each tentacle got shot, it exploded and grew back.

Natasha quickly realised and picked up a gun. She shot at it rapidly, tentacles flying everywhere. Pax got angry and charged towards her. He started to snap his jaw like he was a shark and then he caught her, taking a chunk out of her shoulder. She let out a scream.

That gave Bruce chance to shoot at him, but Pax just whacked him away. Clint got back in the game and grabbed his bow. He lifted it up and shot an arrow. It went through 5 tentacles and then jabbed into Pax.

Pax was now bleeding, and Clint took advantage of it- shooting more arrows at him quickly. Each one going through tentacles and landing exactly where he wanted them to hit.

Steve watched his comrades fight, but he didn’t do anything to help. He couldn’t. Tony was curling up around him. He squirmed around in pain. His ass was bleeding. His soul was damaged. Steve couldn’t help but feel bad for him. Tony’s hands clung onto Steve’s shirt, making the soldier worry a bit.

“Guys, I am going to have to get Tony out of here” Steve said. His team acknowledged it, but couldn’t really respond because of the fight.

He picked him up and rushed out, getting Tony safe. He got through to shield, who had got a van ready to collect them. Steve got into it and laid Tony down in it.

Chapter 12

Natasha couldn’t fight any more. She was loosing a lot of blood. She put her hand over her injury and then struggled to her feet. Tearing her shirt, she put it over her shoulder and looked at everyone. Even though she was in a very bad shape, she continued to fight.

Once again, she picked up a gun and started to shoot. Bruce was also still in the fight. He got up and started to shoot, until green started to show.

Clint was the one who noticed the green showing up on Bruce. He rushed towards Nat and grabbed her, running as quick as he could out of the building.

The Hulk showed himself, clothing tearing as the man went from a small, normal sized man to an over sized, muscular, green guy. Hulk let out the loudest roar possible and punched the ground before running over to Pax.

As much as Pax tried to block the Hulk’s attacks, his strong punches came through and then Pax went flying into the wall. When he fell out there was a hole in it. He looked between the Hulk and the hole in the wall and hissed.

“You ruined my wall!” He charged at Hulk. He made a fist out of tentacles and punched at Hulk. Hulk’s fist and Pax’s fist joined together, making a blast. The blast knocked both beings back and shattered all the windows on this floor of the building. Pax looked around. He hissed and got ready to fight again, but Hulk’s fist was straight in his face.

He punched again, and again, and again, until Pax wasn’t conscious any more, and then he kept punching.

Hulk dragged Pax’s body out of the building and chuckled.

“Hm. Stupid tentacle thing!” he said and took Pax to where everyone was meeting shield.

They got everyone back quickly. Pax was taken into custody of shield and was going to be experimented on. They did not need to worry about him any more.

The tower was still destroyed, so they went to the compound.

Nat was quickly rushed to the medical room, as was Tony. Tony was whimpering and crying. Natasha just sat suffering in silence. She always suffered in silence.

The doctor went to Natasha first, since she was bleeding out badly. She got the help she needed and was put onto bed rest until she felt better. Naturally, she wasn’t going to stay in bed.

Tony was still crying. He couldn’t sit still long enough for the doctor to check his pulse or anything like that. Given what happened, the doctor needed to give him an ultrasound. Steve was in the doorway watching. He felt the need to make sure Tony was alright. He felt like this was some how his fault. Like, if he had got there sooner, Tony wouldn’t be in this position right now.

Chapter 13

The next few days were hell for Tony. He grunted and groaned every time he did an activity which involved more movement than getting up out of a chair. His stomach was doing flips and it felt like something was moving in him constantly. Of course, there was something moving in him. He had eggs in him. Eggs that, at any moment, could hatch. He was terrified and would barely speak to anyone.

“How bad is it?” Natasha asked. She was still laid in bed, her shoulder was recovering well.

“Bad.” Steve said. He sighed. “Fury said we need to get the eggs out of Tony before they hatch. I’ve tried to convince him to go through the surgery but he snaps every time I tell him.”

“Well, he’s technically pregnant right now. You’re telling a mother to abort her child.” Nat was understanding Tony’s side in this situation.

“But if he doesn’t get rid of them, then he’ll die. And we’ll have how ever many of them creatures to have to deal with.”

“And they will be babies…” Nat said. She was supposed to stay in bed rest, but she began to move.

“What are you doing?” Steve asked, he didn’t want to push her back down to make sure she stayed put. Natasha would probably beat the crap out of him, even in her injured state.

“I’m going to go and try to convince him. Woman to… pregnant man” She said and got up. She headed towards Tony’s lab to talk to him.

Tony was sat at his desk, scuffing down a 14 inch cheese pizza and drinking a milkshake. Natasha looked at him and couldn’t help but feel sympathy for him. He looked unwell, but he also kind of looked happy. And if he agreed to getting rid of the eggs, then he wouldn’t be happy any more.

She sat next to him and closed her eyes. Her shoulder was hurting because her arms were (uncontrollably) swinging as she walked. Natasha put her hand on her shoulder and looked at Tony.

“Hey there, Tones” She said. Tony looked at her with some cheese hanging out of his mouth. He looked adorable and Natasha giggled a little.

“Hey. How’s your shoulder?” He asked.

“Well you know. Bitten.” She laughed. “Look I need to talk to you about-”

“Can I see your shoulder?” he asked. He wasn’t going to give her chance to talk about the eggs. He’d already been asked to get rid of them by Steve, by Fury, by Clint, by Bruce, by Thor (because he came back to Earth). He wasn’t ready to hear it from Natasha because she was probably the only one who could convince him to get rid of them, and he knew that.

She showed him her shoulder briefly.

“Tony. I need to talk to you.” She said.

Chapter 14

Tony looked at Natasha. He knew what she wanted to say, but he didn’t want to listen to another person preach about how he should get rid of the eggs. The truth is, he knew he had to, but he just couldn’t bring himself to do it. The thought made him feel like crying.

“Natasha.” He whispered. He put his hand over his stomach.

“No, Tony, you need to listen. These eggs, they are going to-”

“Natasha!” He shouted. She jumped. He had his hand over his stomach. He felt sick. She looked at his stomach and then called for Bruce to come quickly. His stomach was moving, meaning the eggs had started to move.

Bruce rushed as quickly as he could, but Natasha started to get a bit panicky. She laid Tony on the table and started the procedure herself.

“I’m sorry, Tony. There’s no time for anaesthetic.” She grabbed a scalpel – lucky it was there right?- and cut Tony opened. He let out a scream in pain, but that didn’t stop Natasha from doing this.

Inside Tony was 15 eggs. Each one looking like a ping pong ball and moving around. They were starting to hatch. Natasha was not scared to do what she had to do. She put her hand into Tony and grabbed the eggs.

Tony looked at them through teary eyes. He gasped as Natasha crushed them in her hands.

“No!” He called out.

“Tony. They are-”

“My children.”

“Monsters.” She said. “They are baby monsters.”

Tony cried as she continued. Bruce came in at that point. He was panting as he had ran from the other side of the compound. It was a large compound. He looked at them.

“Oh that’s cold.” He whispered. He walked over to them, “Are they all out?” Natasha nodded and Bruce started to stitch him up. Natasha cleaned her hands off as she had successfully murderered all the eggs. Tony was crying his eyes out. Bruce felt bad. He wrapped his arms around Tony.

“Its okay, Tony. Its over. They are gone.” He said. Tony pushed Bruce away.

“Get off me. You helped her murder my children!” He said and stood up. He was hurting as he made his way out of the lab. He ran to the only place he could think of that was safe, and that was to Steve’s room.

Steve looked at him as Tony charged straight into his stomach and wrapped his arms around him. He wrapped an arm around him and stroked his hair with the other.

“Its ok.” He said, trying to comfort him.

Chapter 15

Tony didn’t recover quickly from what happened. The next few weeks were full of flashbacks and night terrors. His flashbacks turned into hullucinations and he would feel Pax on him. The Avengers all wanted him to be okay, but none more than Steve. Steve’s golden heart kept an eye on Tony. He let him share a bed with him so he could sleep. At first it didn’t work, but the more Steve comforted the man, the more comfortable Tony started to feel around him.

The billionaire made his way to the kitchen one morning. It was the first time he’d been in there since it all happened and Romanoff was in there with her breakfast. She looked at him.

“Glad to see you up.” She said. She did feel a bit of guilt about what she had done, but she stuck by her desicion. The eggs needed to be destroyed. Tony opened the fridge and looked at the eggs they had in there.

“Why is one of the eggs round?” He pulled out the carten of eggs. Inside the pack of 6 laid one ping pong ball shaped egg. He frowned and picked it up.

“We were trying to perserve it. By orders of Shield.” Natasha answered. So this was a Jagkar egg. Tony held it in his hand.

“This is one of my eggs.” He said and Natasha nodded.

“It wasn’t hatching at the time. We put it in the fridge to stop it from hatching. Aparently they don’t like the cold that much.”

“Why didn’t you just stick it in the freezer?”

“That would have killed it.”

“So its alive?” He was holding the egg carefully in his hand. Tony looked at her and then ran. He held the egg close to him. His child. One of them were alive. He would have gotten away with it, had he not bumped into Steve. Steve looked at him.

“Hey, what have you got there?” He asked. Tony trusted Steve. He showed him. Tony’s face lit up. His eyes were sparkling and he had a smile that ranged from ear to ear. He looked like an innocent child. “Is that one of….?” Steve’s question trailed off when he saw Romanoff come out of the kitchen going after Tony.

Steve’s reaction was to look after Tony. This egg meant a lot to the man and so Steve was not going to let it be taken away from him.

“It’ll be a monster when it’s hatched, Stark.” Natasha said.

“I’ll teach it to be good. It could be an Avenger” Tony said, with a whimper. Steve looked between them.

“And if it becomes a monster?” She asked, “It’s better we just keep it under lock and key for now. Make sure it doesn’t hatch. Then there won’t be any chance it’ll turn into that disgusting creature.”

“It isn’t a disgusting creature, its my child!” Tony cried out to stop her. He put his head into Steve’s back and hid the egg behind him too.

“It’ll be a monster.”

“If it becomes a monster, then we will deal with it then” Steve said, backing up Tony. Tony had lost so much recently, Steve wasn’t going to let him go through any more pain.