Angel’s Problem (18+) ~ Part 3

Part 3

A/n- this chapter is triggering and consists of scenes of a sexual nature. If you are not comfortable with this then skip to the next chapter. You wont be missing out.


Val was kissing Angel. Angel kissed back but he wasn’t very happy about this doing this. He teared up a little, partly because his neck was hurting from Val holding onto it. 

“Oh Angel Darling, lets go to the room.” Val said, he grabbed him roughly by the wrist. Angel let out a yelp.

“Val, you’re going to break my wrist.” He said. He looked at him nervously. Val squeezed tighter and dragged him to the room. The room no one talked about. Where Val could pin him down and Angel  could do nothing to stop him. Sometimes it wasn’t so bad though. That depended on what sort of a mood Val was in. 

“You should really do as you are told Angel baby” He said and threw Angel onto the metal table in the room. He started to restrain Angel’s arms. Angel, of course, struggled and tried to fight back.

Val straddled over his lap and grinded up against him. Angel looked away from him as a gasp left his throat. There was nothing he could do. 

“You Like it really, don’t you? You little slut.”

Before Angel knew it, Val was inside of him. He was going hard and rough. Angel felt disgusting. It made it worse because he was moaning loudly.

“Tell me how much you like it” Val said. Angel looked at him. He couldn’t say anything. He didn’t like it. Yes he was moaning but that didn’t mean anything. Sometimes Angel did enjoy this. He did when they started out. He loved the attention. But now it felt wrong. Especially since he knew that Val was dating Vox. “Tell me, Angel!”

Angel just nodded. Nothing was said. And it drove Val mental. 

A slap across the face. Followed by being bitten down his body and then suddenly the restraints on his arms were gone. Angel pushed him off him. He started to cry and he pulled his knees up to his chest. Val was unhappy with him. 

“You would give it to anyone else, but as soon as its me you don’t want it. You know I’m the only one who cares about you Angel. So stop-” He flipped the table while Angel was still on it. He went flying “Being  a little b*tch!”

Angel was battered and bruised after the session. His head hurt, his lip was bleeding. His shoulder was in the wrong place. He had to reposition it himself. He gasped. He walked out into the street, naked. He wasn’t given his clothes back.

Angel woke up and panted. He looked around the room. Valentino wasn’t here. He was safe. He was alone.