Angel’s Problem (18+) ~ Part 4 and 5

Part 4

A/n- hey guys who skipped that last chapter. Basically all that happened was angel dreamed about Valentino and it was bad. Don’t worry. You don’t need to read it.

Angel walked down to breakfast, which surprised everyone. He sat at the bar near Husk and smiled gently at him.

“Ill have an orange juice please.” He said. Husk dropped the glass he was cleaning when he heard Angel say that.

“Orange juice? Do you want me to add vodka into that?”

“Nope. I just want the juice. I have to learn a routine today and then I’m shooting a bit of a music video. It’s going to be super sexy.” He said.

“And you’re going to be sober?”

“Yes I’m going to be sober. Don’t worry. I’ll bring back the tapes so we can edit it together” he winked.

Husk gave Angel the juice and then cleaned up the mess he’d made. Angel paid for the juice, which once again shocked Husk. He then ran out. Husk went instantly to find the others.

Husk gathered everyone to tell them what he’d just witnessed. Charlie’s eyes had stars in them. Her hands were together. She was grinning like a Cheshire cat.

“Oh that’s wonderful news. He’s finally starting to follow the programme. We’ll have him up in Heaven in no time!” She said. Vaggie didn’t seem too convinced though.

“To send him to Heaven you’d have to stop him from having sex and stripping. Not just stop him drinking and have him paying his way” She said. “He’s scheming something.”

“Well this is certainly entertaining.” Alastor piped in as if he was talking to his audience. “The spider is finally doing some good. I wonder how long it’ll last.”

Angel was at the studio ready to dance. He wore a sheer black crop top and a very short skirt. This music video was going to be X rated. It would earn the studio a lot of money. That was if he could get the dance part down. He’d messed up three times already. The sex scenes were already shot. This had been a long day.

“If you’re not going to get this right Angel, then I’m going have to teach you a lesson” Val told him. He then got punched in the face. Angel held his face with tears in his eyes.

“Sorry Boss…” Angel said. He tried the dance again. “This pole stuff isn’t easy. I’m still learning.” He told Val. He was only knew at this stuff. He had to learn quickly.

He messed up a few more times before going home. He’d hurt his ankle falling off the pole, but he was so high he couldn’t feel it.

“Angel cakes. You need to get this right. Stop just staring and get on with it or I won’t let you edit it.” He got slapped for zoning out. He did the dance one more time and got it right. He sighed.

“Are we done?” Angel asked. The director nodded and gave Angel the memory card.

“Anything bad happens to that card and you’ll wish you could die again” Valentino threatened. Angel nodded and rushed out. He was excited to edit this. He was going to get paid for this job. It was going to be a decent amount. He was excited.

“Angel” Charlie said as he rushed past. He looked at her.

“Where’s Husk?” he asked.

“Drunk. I-“

“Can you tell him I’ll pay him back tomorrow?”

“yes. I -“

Angel had run off. He pulled an all nighter editing the video. He saved it onto the memory card and decided to have an hours nap before going to return it to Valentino.

Part 5

The editing took literally the whole night and Angel had work the next morning. He walked into the studio looking like he’d pulled an all nighter, and that annoyed Valentino.

“Did you finish the editing Angie Darling?” He asked. He nodded tiredly and put the memory stick on his desk.

“All done.” Valentino stood up and walked over. He put Angel’s head in his hand.

“Perhaps you should rest. You have 1 client today but I will tell them to wait.” This was the nicest Valentino had ever been to Angel, but this wasn’t nice. He was squeezing his face pretty hard, as if he was trying to pop his head. “Go lie down. You can use the bed in the studio. I’ll tell everyone not to bother you.”

He let Angel go and Angel went to do as he was told. He laid in the bed which was in the middle of the studio. It was cleaned regularly- porn has to be perfect right? He curled up on it and shut his eyes- his body giving in and he went to sleep.

He opened his eyes an hour later to find his limbs being chained to the bed and his clothing removed. The tapes were rolling. He was being filmed right now.  The client- A rather large Imp demon- walked into the set wearing sexy clothing. Valentino did this to new workers as punishments. The acting was convincing because they weren’t acting.

Angel pulled on the chains but it was a futile attempt and the show had started.

Valentino came over to him at the end of the shoot. Angel was exhausted. He was covered in the sticky white liquid which came from the Imp. he looked up at Valentino.

“You’re a good money maker Angel. Try not to show up so tired next time” he said before walking away. Angel was unchained. He slipped off the bed and walked slowly towards his studio, holding himself close. He felt shaky. Val had never punished him that way before. Usually he did it himself. It was just more memories that would play in his mind. Who could he trust? Every demon in Hell is exactly that… a demon.

He got himself cleaned off and went back to the hotel. They were waiting for him.

“Angel” Charlie said. “We were waiting-“

“You’re late” Vaggie said. She rose her hand to hit him and he flinched. He fell to the floor and curled up. “Oh… Angel… I’m sorry” she said, trying to make it right. Angel was physically shaking.

“I’m okay” he said. He managed to get back to his feet and headed into his room. “I’m sorry. I won’t miss another meeting.” He said before leaving. “Don’t check up on me. I’ll be fine.”

No body believed that. Angel was not fine. He was scaring them all.

“Vaggie… you have to try and not hit him” Charlie told her.

“I’m sorry. It’s just that … that meeting was important and he needs to show up to them. I just lost my temper.” Vaggie sighed. She’ll check up on Angel later and apologise properly.