Heartbreak (Helluva Boss) ~ Chapter 1

The banging continued.

“Stolas! Stolas open up you over grown chicken!” Blitzo yelled as he kept banging on the owl prince’s bedroom door.

“Boss, calling him a chicken will just make things worse.” Little Moxxie claimed.

“How can things possibly get any worse, God Moxxie, stop being thick for like 2 seconds. Stolas!” He banged harder. The bird didn’t feel like answering though. The world around him was sad and broken. All the plants that he had once loved and cherished were all shrivelling up and dying.

“Just break the stupid door down!” They were all being loud outside. Stolas pulled the covers over him more, getting into the tightest ball he could. He was a broken man and if his fate were to die, then so be it.

With 2 loud bangs, the hinges of the door were fired off and the door fell down allowing the members of I.M.P to enter the owls bedroom. It had a musty smell and it seemed more like a home for hell spiders than for a prince.

“Oh my God, this place is disgusting.” The imp whom Stolas had confessed his love to a few months ago said. He came over to the bed were Stolas was hiding. “You know you can’t stay in here forever.” He climbed onto the bed. When there was no movement, Blizo’s attitude dropped. “Please don’t be dead.” He pulled the covers off the owl and turned him to look at him. Stolas might as well have been dead. He wished it to be true. “I’m sorry.” He hugged the tall owl very tightly. “Come on, we can get through this.” He sat Stolas up. Stolas wasn’t really in the mood to respond, but he did.

“I hate you.” He whispered. Blitzo was in shock when the owl spoke to him. “You ruined my life.” The imp tried not to seem hurt by this. Blitzo hadn’t ruined Stolas’ life at all, the owl had just had a bad run.

It took all three imps to lift Stolas up since Loona was interested in helping anymore. They took him to the bathroom where they worked as a team to wash him and then get him out of the house.

“You’ll feel better after eating, sir.” Moxxie said. None of them really knew what they could do.

“Yeah. And afterwards we’ll take you to see your daughter.” Said Millie. Hearing that instantly gave Stolas motivation to help himself. He ate a little food and put clothes on, before taking the female imp’s hand and walking out to the car. He didn’t even glance Blitzo’s way again. He blamed him for everything. Loona made sure that the rodeo imp was alright- which he clearly wasn’t.

“I f*cked up, Loony.” He said. She shook her head and hugged him.

“No. This isn’t your fault and you know that.” He nodded and moved away.

“I Just wish that he would see it that way. I didn’t mean for this to happen. I get that it’s hard for him. He’s had his life ripped away from him. I’d feel the same way if… nevermind why am I being soppy? Let’s just go!” He went to the car. He was thinking about it though. What it would be like if his daughter was taken from him. Loona meant the world to him- not that either him or her said anything about it though. But they knew how much they meant to each other without saying a word. Stolas, on the otherhand, had always been very vocal about his love for his daughter. Which is why she was taken from him. Stella had to hurt him in the worst possible way to make an example out of him. That was aparently Blitzo’s fault. He was aparently to blame for what that psycho b*tch did. This whole damn thing nearly killed Stolas though, so even if it wasn’t his fault the Imp was trying to make everything better.

His driving had not improved but at least they made it alive. They were at a meeting point. It was a secret meeting point. Via was stood waiting. Stolas looked out the window and then got out instantly. He rushed towards her and held her in his arms.

“Oh. Never leave my arms” Stolas said. He kissed her head. “Let me look at you.” He looked her over, she was exactly how she was a few months ago when he last saw her.

“Dad… You look… terrible” She was looking Stolas over. His skinny composition looked old and sunk in. She immediately could tell that any form of looking after himself had not been done. She put her hand over her mouth and her eyes teared up. “Dad, you’re stepping into the darkness… Where I can’t find you.” Those words were not ones that Stolas was prepared to hear.

“No. No my dear. I’m coming out of the darkness. I’m coming back to you.”

“Okay, here’s the deal. Twice a week I’m gonna drag your sorry ass out of bed and bring you here so you can spend time with her. This isnt negociable. It’s how its gonna happen.” Blitzo proclaimed. Stolas finally looked at him. His eyes narrowed. He looked like he wanted to hurt the imp.

“Okay.” He said and then returned to cuddling his daughter. The imp hid in the van, genuinely being frightened of the owl before him. Stolas had changed from his trauma. If wanted to, he could end Blitzo. He never though, because as much as he hated the imp right now… He was in love with him and that wasn’t going to change.