Tortured (FrostIron) ~ Chapter 1

Seconds turned into minutes. Minutes turned into hours. Hours turned into days. Days into weeks, weeks into months. Tony wasn’t exactly sure how long had passed. It could have been a year. Tony still didn’t know why he was there. He knew why Loki was, but not him. At first, Tony hadn’t trusted Loki, but the more time that had passed the more he had no choice but to.

It had been… so many months… before they got interrupted by the guards.

Lets rewind the story a bit.


The year was 2012. Tony was in New York still after the Loki attack had happened. He’d spent a few days with Bruce discussing sciencey stuff and then he said goodbye to Bruce and had to deal with Pepper.

“What happened, Tony?” He said through the phone. She was currently in DC. “You were fighting aliens. I saw, is everything okay?” She wasn’t letting him have a word in edgeways.

“Pepper. Pepper. I’m fine.” He kept having to repeat because she wasn’t listening to him.

“I’m coming back to New York. You better be there when I get there.” With that she hung up. The conversation hit like a tonne of bricks. During parts of it, Tony could have sworn Pepper was blaming him for the attack, like Tony could control what aliens could do. Tony hadn’t even believed that there were aliens before this attack had happened.

Due to his new connections with SHIELD, Stark tower was being renovated already. They were changing it’s name though. ‘Avenger’s Tower’. Just what they needed, a head quarters. That’s where Tony decided to stay while waiting for Pepper. It was his tower afterall.


Tony sat on the 80th floor of the tower drinking a cold scotch with ice in it.  The massive hole where Hulk had smashed Loki into the ground had tape around it. The place looked a mess with that hole. At least the smashed glass had been cleaned up. Tony looked at the window where he had been thrown out. The memory was haunting. He was literally around 2 meters from the ground when his suit had caught him. A couple of seconds later and he’d have been splattered across the pavement dead. Not that he didn’t die during this fight anyway.

When Tony thought about dying, his brain crashed. It shut down to nothing and tears fell uncontrollably out of his eyes.

Pepper texted him a few hours later. ‘Just Landed. I’ll be at the tower in half an hour’. He read it just as a crash was heard maybe 2 floors below.


Loki flew through a window on a lower level. He looked at the wall.

“Level 78” He whispered. “Stark is on 80.” The lift was out of order so he opened the door to the stairs and started to run up.

He only ran up one flight of stairs when he crashed into Stark. There was another crash on the same floor Loki came in through.

“Up. Go up!” He demanded and they ran up. Tony wasn’t questioning Loki right now, but his brain was racing again. He didn’t have time to think of one thing currently.

“What is going on?” Tony asked when they got on floor 80.

“They are coming for us. Get in your suit and fly away. Go!” Loki demanded, but Tony didn’t have his suits with him. The danger was over, or so he thought. Besides, his suits were in serious need of repairs, they wouldn’t fly anyway.

“I can’t. What are they after me for?” He asked. Loki looked at the door behind them and started to back up.

“Because you were in space” Loki said. The door flew open and a few chitari burst through the door followed by a hooded figure. Tony could tell that this figure was not human. Was he the person in charge?