Tortured (FrostIron) ~ Chapter 3

Tony and Loki definately waited. They were in complete silence most days. Other than when their food came, they were uninterrupted. It started to drive Tony insane.

“So… Is this the torture?” Tony asked, breaking the unbareable silence.

“Is it torturing you?” Loki responded, slightly irritated. It was working for him.

“Yes. This is unbarable.”

“Then yes, this is the start of the torture.” Loki said. “The thought of the unknown rattling around inside your head while you’re sat in complete silence with a man who may or may not attack you at any given moment.” Loki wasn’t talking about himself there, he didn’t trust Tony. Tony was his enemy after all.

“Maybe we could talk. It might make it a bit better for us both.” Tony said.

“If we do that, they might move onto their second form of torture.” Loki said in response.

Tony shrugged.

“But at least we’ll be talking. And we could even become friends.” Loki sighed and reluctantly agreed.


It had been a month- maybe more. That decision to start talking lead to worse things. Hours after they began the guards came in and grabbed Loki. Tony counted the seconds that he was gone. 172800. They didn’t bring food for him in that time, only a glass of what he assumed was water. 172800 exactly before they threw a bloody and bruised Loki back in the room.

Tony hurried over to him.

“Phase 2 of torture” Loki said. He weakly held up a piece of bread for Tony. “I was gone 2 days, you must be hungry.” Tony took the bread and thanked him before eating it.

“Was it bad?” He asked. Loki looked at him with a raised brow. Was it bad seemed like a stupid question when looking at Loki.

Tony backed away and sat in shame.

“They’ll take you tomorrow. I want you to promise me something…” Loki said.


“That whatever they do to you, you won’t give them what they want. No matter how much it hurts whether that is phyiscal pain or mental.” Loki said. Tony couldn’t see what they would possibly want from him, but he promised Loki. They must want something from him, afterall they came to the tower looking for him.


They brought some food that night and stayed to watch Tony and Loki eat it. They took their time. If they were watching them, it meant that one of them was going to be taken away. They both knew it would be Tony.

As Tony finished his meal, a harsh grip went around his arm and then his throat. He couldn’t breathe as they carried him out of the room. It takes 2-5 minutes for a person to pass out, and it had been around 3 minutes before they let Tony go. He was seeing spots and couldn’t exactly see where he was. He coughed and took in as much air as he could.

When the vision returned to him, he was in a dark room with only one dull light. He was sat on a chair and the straps on it magically shut around his arms and legs, pinning him.

“Let the torture begin.” Tony mumbled and laid back on the chair.