Tortured (FrostIron) ~ Chapter 4

Tony expierenced Hell while in that chair. Pain worse than he’d ever felt before. He never got to see the face of who was doing this to him, but he heard his laughter. The sick, twisted sound which burned itself into Tony’s mind.

Hot. It felt so hot. You wouldn’t imagine it to feel hot if looking at it. Scalpels used for microsurgery. They left no physical injury on the outside, but the inside was a completely different story. Every ten minutes, they would stop and ask Tony if he was ready to talk. They were timing it. And every ten minutes, Tony would say – well yell- no. The torture went on for three hours. Tony counted.

When it was finally over, Tony was dragged back to his cell. He felt as though he couldn’t breathe. As far as the torture went, it felt like it was still happening. Everything burned. Tony was pale and sweaty. He collapsed onto the floor of the cell and was unable to get back up.

Loki was no help. The man just stared at him silently until Tony could move again on his own.

“Did you give them any information?” Loki askd as Tony sat up against the wall next to him.

“No.” He sighed and closed his eyes. He felt tired and wanted to sleep. All he wanted was to sleep, but Loki wouldn’t let him. Loki shook Tony, not letting him sleep just yet.

“I dont want you to fall into a coma.” He told him. Tony frozed and looked at him in shock. He could fall into a coma if he went to sleep? Was his body really that messed up? Torture sucked.

Tony sat in silence once again. Time moved slowly and without a clock, there was no way to tell how long it had been. They had left Loki alone. They were probably planning out a new form of torture for him. Something worse than the last lot.

Eventually they took Loki again. They didnt bring him back this time. Tony was confused but he soon understood why.

They dragged Tony out of the cell after what felt like an eternity later. They sat him down and Tony stared in front of him. Loki was laid on the same chair he had been strapped to. He was a bloody mess and groaning. This was Tony’s torture. He had to watch someone, whom of which he was starting to call a friend, get tortured.

They cut Loki’s arms and legs. They cut his chest. The man was naked in front of him. Loki wasn’t screaming. They punched him in the face for that, since not having a reaction to torture was wrong.

Tony couldn’t watch. It made him feel sick. The aliens looked over to Tony, hoping they were getting the right reaction from him, which they were. The billionaire was cringing and trying to look away, they wouldn’t let him look away.

After a while they took them both back to the cell and Tony scooted over to Loki to try and help him. he tore up his shirt and tried to cover up his injuries.

“Why are you helping me?” Loki asked weakly.

“I don’t want you to fall into a coma” Tony said back, just making up an excuse.