Bang, Bang ~ Scene 1- 3




Trigger warnings: Domestic abuse and swearing.

The play is designed to be on a proscenium stage. The stage is split into three rooms: ‘bedroom’, ‘kitchen’ and ‘living room’. Stage left should be the bedroom, stage right should be the living room and centre stage should be the kitchen. 

A dash (-) means that characters are cutting each other off within speech

Stage directions are written in italics and Character names are written in bold. If there is a specific direction for how a character says their line it’ll be written in square brackets ([ ]).

If a word is in underlined during a part of speech, then there is emphasis on that word.

Actors will be playing their characters younger and older selves throughout the play- these will be indicated by slight costume changes or hair changes which will be noted in the stage directions.

Run time: around 20 minutes

Scene 1

The actors start on stage and are dressed like children. Jasmine has her hair in pig tails and has her socks pulled up past her knees. Bill is wearing a school jumper. They are seven and eight respectively in this scene.

They are stood down stage in front of the set. Jasmine throws finger guns at Bill. He laughs and pretends to dodge as she does this action. Bill fires finger guns back at her.

Bill: [Speaking happily and carefree]
Bang, Bang. I Shot you. You have to fall down now!

Jasmine giggles and falls down. Bill runs over and kneels by her side. He brings her head onto his lap.

Bill: WHYYYYYYY? Jasmine, please don’t die!

Jasmine: Bill. Bill, it’s okay. I’m not going to die.

She sits up.

Bill: I thought I shot you down. I thought-

He looks as though he’s going to cry, she hugs him tightly.

Jasmine: Never. I am too strong to die. Your bullets only bounce off of me!

Bill laughs.

Bill: Okay, it’s your turn to shoot me down now. Bang, bang.


Scene 2

Lights up.
They are in their mid-20s in this scene. Jasmine has her hair down and is wearing red lipstick. Bill wears a blue t-shirt and jeans. Both actors are sat in the kitchen. Bill is sitting reading a newspaper, Jasmine is mixing a cup of tea. The only sound is that which is being made from the spoon hitting the mug while stirring and the sound of paper as Bill turns the pages. After 10 seconds of silence, Bill slams down the newspaper, making Jasmine let out a little bit of a squeak as it startled her.

Bill: Nothing interesting in the news.


Are you still not talking to me? I said I was sorry.


Jasmine, Can you stop ignoring me?

Jasmine: I’m not ignoring you, Bill. I just have nothing to say to you.

Bill: I said I was sorry.

Jasmine: It was my father’s funeral, Bill.

Bill: You’re not going to drop this are you?

Jasmine drinks her tea rather than replying to him.

Did you make me one of them?

Jasmine: You never said you wanted one.

Bill: Do I look foreign to you? Of course, I wanted one. You should know to make me tea when you make yourself one.

Jasmine: I’ll bear that in mind.

Jasmine drinks some more of her tea. Bill is staring at her tea.

Do you want one?

Bill: Bit late now, isn’t it?

Bill picks his newspaper back up. Jasmine sips at her tea and Bill flicks through the pages. This goes on for 10 seconds. Bill once again slams the newspaper down, making Jasmine jump and squeak again.

Bill: Nothing interesting in the news.


Are you not going to talk to me?


Stop ignoring me.

Jasmine: I’m not ignoring you, Bill. I just have nothing to say to you.

Bill: I said I was sorry. Why won’t you let this go?

Jasmine: It was my father’s funeral, Bill.

Bill: So, what? You didn’t like the man anyway.


You’re not gonna drop this are you?


Did you make me one of them?

Jasmine: You never said you wanted one.

Jasmine finishes her tea.

Bill: Of course, I wanted one. You make this same mistake every time you make one. You know that when you make yourself a cup of tea that you should make me one too.

Jasmine: Okay, I’ll bear that in mind.

Bill picks up the newspaper again. Jasmine slams the mug on the table. The sound makes her flinch. Bill gets up and goes to the living room, where he sits with the newspaper, reading. Jasmine stares at the mug for a moment.

Jasmine: [Gets louder with each line of bangs]

Bang, bang. Bang, bang.

Bang, bang. Bang, bang.

Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang.

Jasmine stands up and rushes off to the bedroom, where she pulls a suitcase out and puts one item of clothing into it. She stares at it for a moment, contemplating and then puts it back under the bed.

I’m just being silly.

Scene 3

They are teenagers in this scene, around the age of 15/16. Jasmine ties her hair back with a scrunchy. Bill unties his shoelaces and pulls his jeans down a bit. They both move into the kitchen and sit in the chairs. Bang, Bang (My baby shot me down) by Nancy Sinatra is playing through the sound as if it is coming through the radio.

Jasmine: You staying for tea tonight?

Bill: Yeah. What’s your mum cooking?

Jasmine: It’s Wednesday.

Bill: So?

Jasmine: Mum doesn’t cook on Wednesdays. We get takeaway.

Bill: I don’t like takeaway.

Jasmine: You had a takeaway last week when I stayed at yours for dinner.

Bill: That’s different. My parents order from the good take away.

Jasmine: We order from the same takeaway. What do you want instead?

Bill: Spag bol… Maybe a lasagne…

Jasmine: Bill, we’re having a takeaway.

Bill: Alright. I guess I’ll go hungry tonight then.

Jasmine: No. No. Wait. I’ll go talk to Mum. I don’t want you to starve yourself.

Jasmine exits the stage. She is gone for a moment and then returns.

Mum said we can have lasagne.

Bill: I want takeaway now.

Jasmine: Why are you being awkward?

Bill: I’m not being awkward.

Jasmine: You are. Stop it.

Bill: I don’t like lasagne. Get your mum to order a pizza.

Jasmine: Okay. I’ll go and tell her you changed your mind.

Jasmine exits the stage again. Bill sits in silence for a beat and then stands up.

Jasmine. Tell your mum I don’t want a pizza. You’re coming to mine for dinner instead.

Bill exits the stage.