Heartbreak (Helluva Boss) ~ Chapter 2

Stolas sat in the middle of a board meeting. Every powerful demon who was anyone was there, and honestly Stolas got bored as soon as Valentino opened his stupid mothy mouth. The prince sat and doodled a picture of Blitzo on a horse. He was rather proud of his artwork. He stood up at the end of the meeting and put the drawing into his pocket.

“Stolas. A moment of your time.” Valentino said. The others left, Vox was waiting outside for him. Stolas sighed and looked at him.

“Yes?” He asked, putting his arms behind his back, looking very regal.

“There is rumours floating around about you. Just curious as to whether they are true or not?” Trust Valentino to pry.

“Oh? What might these rumours be?” Of course Stolas knew what the rumours were, it’s not like he was deaf. They were also pretty accurate- except some people take them too far. Valentino snarled a little.

“Now, now, Stolas. Surely you know what people are saying about you. You and an imp. I’m just curious if they are true. You know I don’t judge when it comes to that department. The imp is a very lucky thing indeed, why I remember back when I got to have-“

“No more. We don’t speak of that.” Stolas quickly interjected, not wanting Valentino to go on about the time that they had together. “I don’t wish to disclose my sex life, Valentino, with any one- let alone with the likes of someone like you.” A laugh left the moths throat.

“Well, I guess that confirms it then.” He said and walked out. Stolas sighed, heading home himself feeling rather tired.

Blitzo was waiting for him when he got home. He saw the familiar colours of the small red imp and his black and white horns. Stolas brushed past him, not meaning to be rude. He just felt exhausted.

“Uh, Stolas?” The imp seemed confused. “We were supposed to meet today right? It’s the end of the month.” Stolas walked inside and held the door open for him.

“Come on in.” He didn’t seem into it today. Blitzo looked a little lost. He walked inside and looked up at the owl, who seemed out of it.

“You know if you’re not up for it-“

“I’m fine.” Stolas jumped in. Blitzo let out a sigh. That usually meant that Stolas wasn’t okay.

“Something happen at your meeting or?”

“Oh, Blitzy~ You pay attention to my work schedule. That is so cute.” He was blushing. The imp rolled his eyes and headed straight for Stolas’ bedroom. He had been many times so he knew the way, he didn’t always come on the full moon as well. Sometimes you just gotta get your d*ck wet and well, Stolas was a reliable booty call. But Blitzo wasn’t into all the ‘talking’. He couldn’t really care less about how Stolas’ day went. He just knew that if something was wrong with the owl, then he’d be stuck there longer.

“Yeah, well I need to know when you’re free- don’t I?” He sounded like he cared, but he didn’t. But hey, if it was what cheered Stolas up then whatever right? “Come on, I want to get this over with.” He said and began to strip. Stolas nodded and shut the door behind him.

“Yes, okay. I don’t believe Stella to be coming back until the morning.”

“Yeah, I honestly don’t care about your wife, Stolas. It’s a turn off for sure.” Stolas nodded and got into the bed.

After going for two rounds, Blitzo pulled out and looked at the owl. His tune had changed a lot and for some reason that made Blitzo feel happy. He started to get dressed, getting ready to leave.

“Would you like to-“

“See you” The imp rushed out.

“Watch a…” it was hopeless. Stolas put his hands over his face in embarrassment. Every time they do this sort of thing, he tries to get Blitzo to stay longer. Have a cuddle, maybe watch a movie with him. But everytime, the imp just runs out like the intimate moments that they shared meant nothing to him. Stolas put on his robe and stood facing the mirror. He tidied his feathers and then headed out of the room to grab some food, which is when things started to go wrong.

“Was he here?” Shrieked a woman’s voice as Stolas entered the kitchen. “I bet he was here. I can smell him on you!” A vase came flying Stolas’ way. He dodged out the way as it smashed on the wall behind him. He raised his arms up in defence. “You do this¬†everytime¬†I go out!” She threw a plate at him. He once again dodged it.

“Stella… I” And a mug came flying his way, this time it hit him. He couldn’t dodge forever right. It knocked him back a little as it smashed on him. He sat down. Stella had never hit him with one before. She was now in shock, not knowing what to do next. She’d made him bleed. There was a moment while she gathered her composition.

“I don’t want excuses Stolas, take responsibility for your actions for once.” She walked out. Stolas put his head in his hands and stayed on the floor for a moment before he got up. His daughter had watched the whole thing. He put on a brave smile.

“Good evening, Octavia. How was your day?” He asked her. She looked up at him in shock.

“Surely you’re not actually happy.” She stood up. “Dad, I don’t want you to pretend that what just happened didn’t happen. Come on, you’re bleeding.” She went to sort it out. It was only a small cut, Stolas wasn’t too worried about it, but evidently his daughter cared.