Bang, Bang ~ Scene 7-9




Trigger warnings: Domestic abuse and swearing.

The play is designed to be on a proscenium stage. The stage is split into three rooms: ‘bedroom’, ‘kitchen’ and ‘living room’. Stage left should be the bedroom, stage right should be the living room and centre stage should be the kitchen. 

A dash (-) means that characters are cutting each other off within speech

Stage directions are written in italics and Character names are written in bold. If there is a specific direction for how a character says their line it’ll be written in square brackets ([ ]).

If a word is in underlined during a part of speech, then there is emphasis on that word.

Actors will be playing their characters younger and older selves throughout the play- these will be indicated by slight costume changes or hair changes which will be noted in the stage directions.

Run time: around 20 minutes

Scene 7

Lights up.
Bill and Jasmine are teenagers in this scene. They wear their clothing how they did before, with Jasmine wearing her hair back and in a scrunchy, and Bill having his shoelaces untied and his trousers hanging down. The pillows are all back on the bed where they are meant to be. There are two glasses on the kitchen table.

There is audio of a couple arguing, but it is distorted so what they are saying cannot be made out.

Bill walks in and goes to sit on the couch in the living room. Jasmine comes in. She picks up the glasses then carries them to the living room and sits with Bill.

Bill: Your parents are worse than mine.

Jasmine: Yeah, they are bad. I’m kind of worried.

Bill: Don’t worry. It’ll all be fine.

Jasmine: I don’t know. It sounds really bad this time.

Bill: It’ll just be a shouting match. Nothing will happen and if it does then… well then slap my behind and call me Sinead.

Jasmine laughs at him.

Jasmine: You’re so silly sometimes.

She cuddles up to him.

You always know how to make me smile.

Bill: It’s not that difficult. All I have to do is tickle you here.

He begins to tickle her under her chin, and she laughs more.

Jasmine: [Through heavy breaths from laughing].
Stop. Stop.

Bill: As you wish, milady

He bows. Jasmine shakes her head, smiling from ear to ear.

Jasmine: You’re so stupid sometimes.

There is a scream through the sound. Jasmine’s face drops as she jumps up quickly. She rushes out.

Bill: [Concerned] Jasmine?

Jasmine comes back. She looks distraught. Bill hugs her gently and strokes her hair.

It’s okay. I’ve got you. You’re alright. I’ve got you.

Jasmine: I’m sorry.

Bill: It’s okay. Why don’t we do something nice? I just got a car; we could go for a drive? Do you want to do that?

Jasmine: I’d like that. Yes. I’d like that.

Bill: Come on then, let’s go. We’ll crank up the radio really loudly and sing along to it. It’ll be fun. Would you like that?

Jasmine: I think I’d like that. Yes. I think I’d like that.

Bill puts his hand around her as they walk out.

Scene 8

They are in their mid-20s in this scene. The actors are dressed how they were in scene 2. With Jasmine having her hair down and red lipstick on and Bill wearing a blue t-shirt and jeans. Jasmine is sat on the couch with her feet up. Bill walks in with bags and dumps them on the floor. He shoves her feet off the couch and sits down, leans his head back and closes his eyes.

Jasmine: Hard day at work?

Bill: You could say that.

Jasmine: I’m sorry.

Bill: Yeah.

Jasmine: Anything I can do?

Bill: [Mumbling] Get a job…

Jasmine: What?

Bill: Nothing.

Jasmine: Bill, when was the last time we did anything together… like… you know…

She nods her head suggestively.

Bill: We went for that walk yesterday.

Jasmine: No. I mean… You know…

Bill opens his eyes and looks at her.

Bill: I don’t understand what you mean darling.

Jasmine: Sexual…

Bill: Oh… That…


We don’t need to do that sort of stuff, sweetheart.

Jasmine: Two weeks.

Bill: What?

Jasmine: It’s been two weeks since we last did anything sexual, and even that was only a blowjob.

Bill: You liked giving that blowjob.

Jasmine: [Mumbles] I didn’t.

Bill: You did!

Bill’s hand curls into a fist. Jasmine looks at it and then back at Bill’s face.

Jasmine: Okay, okay. I did.

Bill’s hand uncurls.

I just mean… It would be fun to do… more?

Bill: Like what?

Jasmine: Like… I don’t know… Actually have sex?

Bill: I’m too tired. Can’t you go and just stick a dildo in yourself or something?

Jasmine: That’s not the same and you know it. Anyway, I bought us something. Well… me something, but it’ll be fun for you as well.

Bill: Don’t tell me.

Jasmine: Since it’s been so long since we actually did it. I bought-

Bill: Don’t say it!

Jasmine: Some linger-

Bill: Jasmine, shut the fuck up!

Jasmine looks away. She stands up. Bill grabs her hand and pulls her back down.

You leave when I tell you to leave.

Jasmine: [Almost sarcastically] Okay…

Bill: Good. Now drop this sex thing. I want to watch the football.

Bill pushes Jasmine off the couch and she falls onto the floor. She looks up at him before standing up.

Jasmine: Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang.

Jasmine heads to the bed, pulls out the suitcase. She begins to pack it.

Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Ba. Ba. B. B. B. ng. ng. g. g. g.

She unpacks the suitcase again and she lets out a breath.

I’m just being stupid.


Scene 9

Lights up.
They are in their 30s. Jasmine sits on the bed with a notebook. The actor is wearing a wig which is short. She has a nude lipstick on now. Her clothes are a lot more professional as she no longer has the long socks and is wearing a blazer. She sits in silence for a few seconds. Bill walks on and looks at her.

Bill: Fuck.

Jasmine: What?

Bill: You. Fuck.

Jasmine: What?

Bill: You cut your hair.

Jasmine: What?

Bill: Fuck.

Bill slaps her.

I told you to never cut your hair. You promised you wouldn’t cut your hair. Your hair. What did you do? Cut your fucking hair. You look hideous. It looks horrendous. You shouldn’t have done it. FUCK!

Bill slaps her again.

Jasmine: I think it looks nice!

Bill: No.

Jasmine: Bang.

Bill: What did you say? I can’t believe you cut your hair.

Bill goes to slap her again, but she puts her arm up just in time to block it.

Jasmine: Bang, bang. He shot me down. Bang, bang. I hit the ground.

Bill: Fuck.

Jasmine:  Bang, bang. That awful sound.

Bill: I don’t like it. You look hideous. Grow it back. Go back and get it stuck back on your head. Fuck.

Jasmine: Bang, bang. My baby shot me down.

Jasmine exits the stage. Bill follows her off. She comes back on and sits back on the bed. Bill returns on the stage and looks at her.

Bill: Fuck.

Jasmine: What?

Bill: You. Fuck.

Jasmine: What?

Bill: You look hideous. Horrendous. FUCK!

Bill punches her and she falls.

God Damn it!

Jasmine: [Distraught] What?

Bill: I hate you. I hate you.

Jasmine: Bang, Bang, Ba, Ba. He shot me down.

Bill: You are a fucking mistake. I should never have married you!

Jasmine: Bang, bang. He shot me down.

Bang, bang. He shot me down.

He shot me down. Ba. Ba. Ng. Ba. Ng.

Bang, bang. I hit. I hit the ground.

Bill: Why can’t you ever do anything right? Fuck.

Jasmine frantically rushes off the stage. Bill exits also. Jasmine comes back on in that same frantic rush. As she speaks the stage around her slowly gets darker until there is only her lit up with a spotlight, as if to say that the world around her is vanishing as she falls into her own head.

Jasmine: Bang, bang. He shot me down. Bang, bang. He shot me down. Bang, bang. He shot me down. Bang, bang. He shot me down. Bang. Bang. I hit the ground. I hit the ground. I hit the ground. I hit the ground. Bang, bang. Bang, bang. Bang, bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Ban. Ban. Bang. Ban. Ba. B. B. Bang. Ba. Ba. Bag. Bag. Bag. Ba. Bag. Bag. Bag. Bang. Bang. He shot. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bag. Bang. Bag. I hit. Bang. Bag. Ba. B. B. B. Ba. Ba. an. B. Ba. Ba. Ban. Bag. Ba. Bang. Ba. B. He shot. He sho. Shot. Bang. Bang. Bag. Bang. Ba. Ground. I hit. Ground. Gro. Grow. Bag. Bang. Bang. Ba. Ba. Bag. Ba. Ban. ng. ng. Ba. B. g. ng. an. B. an. G. Ban. Bag. B. B. B. B. B. B. B.