Tortured (FrostIron) Chapter 10 [The Final Chapter]

Changes did indeed happen. Loki was kicked out. Tony was paying for him an apartment, but he wasn’t allowed to see him. His heart ached. He missed him. After being tortured with him, he had formed a connection. Now it just felt like the torture was continueing constantly. There was no one he could speak to about the events of space. Pepper wouldn’t hear of it. He spent all day every day in his lab, just making small robots. He wasn’t even making ironman suits any more. He just had an army of robots which held a dustpan and brush. They cleaned up all the mess he made.

Loki spend the day inside. Hed make himself food, and eat it while reading a book. He’d gone through many books in the few weeks that they had been seperated. His apartment had turned into a library. He was content there but he wanted some company which wasn’t a S.H.I.E.L.D agent who were there to check on him and make sure he wasn’t breaking the rules that he had to follow to stay out of a cell. Loki wanted Tony to come. He held onto his stomach, feeling sick.

Pepper came into Tony’s lab with some food for him, knowing for a fact that if she didn’t then he wouldn’t eat. She smelt him and cringed. He looked tired. He was truely torturing himself. Pepper didn’t know what to do. She sat next to him.

“Tony” She mumbled. “I know what you’re going through.” He slammed his screwdriver down.

“Get out.” He said. He wasn’t acting like himself.  Pepper knew that.

“Tony.” She whined.

“Get out.” He repeated.

“You can go visit him.” She frowned, “just be back for dinner.” Tony looked at her, thinking this was some kind of test. He looked at her and then sprinted out.

He knocked at Loki’s door eagerly. He answered. Loki tried not to act like he was excited to see Tony but he was. He opened his arms to him and Tony hugged him tightly.

“Welcome to my home.” He whispered. Tony looked at the place.

“You’ve done well at decorating. It’s very you.” Tony walked in. “It’s a…lot of books.” Loki chuckled and shut the door. He wrapped his arms around Tony.

“You’ve not been looking after yourself have you.” Tony started to pull away from Loki, but Loki picked him up. “Come on, bathroom. You need cleaning and then you’re going to sleep.”

“You can’t make me sleep.”

“I can.” Loki had healed. His abilities were back to full strength. Tony pouted but there was no point in arguing with him. Loki stripped Tony off and then himself, climbing into the bath tub with him and starting the water. Tony looked at him and chuckled.

“Last time we were naked together it didn’t end well.” He said. Loki laughed.

“Well we have to rectify that.” He said and kissed Tony. Tony kissed back, he was feeling very happy to be back in Lokis arms. To be back on his lips. “You know you should probably break up with her.” He put the conversation onto Pepper and Tony’s smile dropped.

“That is not something I wish to discuss right now Loki.” Tony said and Loki nodded. He kissed his head and held onto him. He wasn’t going to bring it up again until Tony was ready to talk about it.

Tony went back to his own home after resting for pretty much the full time he was there. Loki missed him as soon as he left, which was strange because it wasn’t like him. Tony got back in and Pepper looked at him. She looked like she’d been crying.

“Did you sleep with him?”

“What?” Tony looked confused.

“Today. Did you sleep with him?” Tony sighed.

“I don’t really see how that’s your business but no I never. I got there and he looked after me. Made me sleep.”

“Which is what I have been trying to do, Tony. I have to admit though you do smell better.” She hugged him. She knew that Tony was in love with Loki. “You have some kind of Stockholm syndrome Tony. You think you’re in love with him but it isn’t real. Until you figure that out though I aren’t going to get in your way. I’m not going to sit and watch you hurt yourself. I’ll just be there when you’re broken and you need someone who truely loves you.” She’d packed her bags. “I’m leaving Tony. Call me when your fling is over. Or don’t. I don’t really care any more.” She’d clearly given this a lot of thought. “I’m not going to sit and watch you get tortured.” And then she left.

Tony didn’t know how to react. She could very well be correct. But he didn’t think she was. He knew he had deep feelings for Loki. For it to be superficial because Loki and him had been though trauma… That was very much a possibility but he didn’t want it to be true.

With Pepper leaving, Tony found himself suddenly in this over sized house all on his own. The bed was one he couldn’t sleep in, and he didn’t particularly know how to cook so the kitchen was kind of useless. He sighed and sat down. He ordered a pizza and then sent a message to the S.H.I.E.L.D agent in charge of watching Loki. He told him to tell him to come over. Loki did happily and they spent the night cuddling on the couch and eating pizza.

“You don’t think that we’re only together because of the torture, do you?”

Loki blinked and looked at him.

“I think it took that for us to grow close. I don’t think it’s the torture which made us fall in love with each other. I think it’s the spending so much time together.” He mumbled and Tony let out a sigh. The pair of them stopped talking and Tony stuck the TV on.

“I do love you, you know” Loki said. Tony nodded.

“I love you too.”