Tortured (FrostIron) Chapter 5

Tony’s POV

I clung onto Loki all night that night. He was a mess and I was extremely worried. I didn’t want anything bad to happen to him. I don’t know why I felt that way, but I did. He healed up alright. It’s so unfair that he gets to do that. But the healing was slow.

“Anthony.” Loki said tiredly. “I hate you. Get off me.” He rolled over, I didn’t let go though.

“I know you hate me.”

“This is your fault.” He sounded like he was fighting off crying. His eyes were watering.

“How is it my fault?” He shook his head, he didn’t have an answer for that. He rolled back over to face me.

“Let’s escape.” He said. I nodded. I wasn’t sure escaping would work, but trying was better than not trying. I mean if I return to Earth when I am 92 it’s better than never returning, right?

Loki sat up and grunted. Evidently he hadn’t healed properly yet. He grabbed my head and leaned in to me. I thought he was going to say something but instead he just bit me.

“OW!” I called out, a bit more dramatic than I should have done. He pulled away and my hand went over my neck.

“You’re bleeding. I caused it. They’ll come for us. They don’t like it when prisoners cause each other pain. Just want to cause us pain.” He said.

He was right. Not long after he did this, some guy came in and grabbed us both. They kept us at arms length. Loki started to smirk.

“Let’s go” He said and kicked the guy in the face. He dropped us and we both scampered to get up. He took my hand and ran. My brain kept telling me that this wasn’t going to work. It kept telling me that we were going to get captured. That once we were captured, everything was going to be so much worse.

He held my hand tightly, pulling me around like I was some kind of lag doll, lagging behind. He stopped in front of a keypad.

“This is it.” I mumbled. I heard the guards running behind us. Loki was frantically typing numbers into the keypad until a small door – hatch… I dont know. Until it opened. He then shoved me inside and climbed in, typing the same numbers to close it.

We were in a ship. An escape pod.

“Relax. I just need to get the power on and we’ll be on our way.”

“They are going to catch us. They know the code. They don’t have to guess it.”

“They don’t know the code. They are just grunts.” He said “And their fingers are too big for the keys. They will need to go find someone like Maw to get us out. It gives us time.”

Time was of the essence now then. Loki had gotten us this far, and now he needed to get us away safely. Surely once we started to escape they would start firing at us. Now we weren’t facing torture, we were facing certain death.