Tortured (FrostIron) Chapter 6

Tony’s POV

What happened afterwards was a blur. I’m pretty sure the grunts had gotten Maw. Loki had got us up and powering just before he got his hands onto the keypad though. We went off into space but then the pod powered down and we just started to float.

Loki started to press buttons but we seemed to have gone dead.

“Great so now were going to die in here.” I said. I didn’t think that ship would get us again. They’d have to turn around first and it isn’t like we were precious cargo.

“We’re not going to die here. You might. I’ll be fine for a few thousand years. And once you do die I’ll make sure to make good use off your body parts” I cringed when Loki said that. It was dark, even for him.  But we weren’t going to die in here. For some reason the power came back on and Loki was able to get us moving in the opposite direction to the ship.

Space was mind numbing after a while. We were stuck to a specific speed at the moment so we weren’t getting anywhere fast. It was just more of the same. Black. Just black. Every now and then there is a rock or something. It’s funny how entertaining that got. I don’t feel as smart as I used to. I think I might have brain damage but… Oh I hope Pepper is alright. I hope she remembers me for how I was. I hope she didn’t cry too much when I was announced missing. Was I even announced missing? I must have been, I’ve been gone ages. I don’t know how long.

“Anthony.” Loki said. “You should rest your head. I promise when you wake we’ll be on a planet that can give us some more supplies and a chance to upgrade our ship. I hope you’re as genius as midgard had announced you to be.” Loki was nice. It is strange. He’s rarely spoke since we got on this pod and when he does its usually to insult me.

“Alright. You promise we’ll be on a planet like that?”

“I promise.” I decided to trust him. Loki making a promise- must be huge. I mean what’s the worst that can happen? I’ve been trusting him so far. Oh right… He could be planning on eating me. I doubt that though. I think he was joking when he said that… I think…