Tortured (Frostiron) Chapter 7

Loki peered over at the sleeping Tony. As promised he’d landed the ship on a planet. It was a rather busy planet as well, which meant that they were almost certainly going to be able to restock here- or in worst case scenario- hitch a ride from someone and get back to Earth a lot faster. They’d been landed for hours now and Loki was starting to worry about Tony. He hadn’t woken up yet.

He put his hand over his face but couldn’t feel hisĀ  breath.

“Have you died Anthony?” he asked and checked for a pulse- only Loki didn’t know much about taking a pulse. He could feel a faint heart beat in his neck though. “No you’re alive. Then why aren’t you waking up?” He slapped his face gently. Nothing. “If this is a joke, it’s not very funny.” Tony was actually worrying Loki.

He leaned down and bit Tony’s arm. He felt awful doing that and he didn’t exactly have a reason for doing it, but it worked. Tony jolted up.

“What the f*ck! You were going to eat me!” He snapped. Loki looked at him as Tony cradled his bitten arm.

“We landed” Loki mumbled. He looked away. “I apologise. You were frightening me.” Loki had grown rather attatched to Tony and the thought of the billionaire mortal dying when they actually have a chance to get him home troubled Loki.

“Where are we?”

Loki looked outside the window.

“Xandar, I think.” He said “We’ll be able to hitch a ride back to Earth here. They’ll get us back within a week or 2~”

Tony looked at Loki. That meant that they’d be able to finally leave each other’s sides.

“What will you do when we get back to Earth?” He asked his companion as they exited the pod. Loki hadn’t exactly had a gentle landing with it- no wonder he was so worried Tony had died, it looked like he’d crashed it.

“My plan is to find a place I can stay and just live there. I don’t have any desire to destroy it or fight with people. Though my brother will probably attempt to attack me and drag me back to Asgard.”

“Why don’t you stay with me?” Tony offered. Loki burst into laughter but Tony had a stern face.

“Oh you’re serious? Well I suppose I could until I get myself back up on my feet. I wouldn’t wish to outstay my welcome.”

Tony sighed. At least now he knew Loki wasn’t going to be roaming the streets asking for money because he can’t afford to eat.

They came across as small shop owned by what looked to be a little pink girl.

“We’re looking for a way off this planet.” Loki said to her. “This one is a long way from home. He has family that misses him.” Now Tony was thinking about Pepper again. It has to have been a year or maybe more since he left. Does Pepper have someone else? Will he come back and she have moved on. If she has it’s okay. Is she even alive? Is anyone he knew? Could he come back and make a snide comment to Rhodey? There were so many uncertainties. All he knew he had was Loki.