Tortured (FrostIron) Chapter 8

They managed to get on a ship. It wasn’t much but they were accepted on theĀ  sole promise that once they get to Earth, they are going to be ejected in a Pod and forgotten about. They were to not interfere with anything and just keep to themselves.

Loki seemed fine with that. He was used to keeping to himself. Tony also agreed. They were sat in the dining hall eating a bit of food in silence, trying to not get in the crews way.

“We’ll be at midgard in a couple of days” Loki said. “And then I won’t bother you any more.”

“But you’re living with me, right?”

“In your tower… On a different floor to you… Alone.” Loki didn’t want to live with Tony. “And only until I can sustain myself without your help.” He stood up and headed to the room they had been issued to avoid Tony. He left half of his food.

One of the crew mates came over to Tony and slammed their food in front of him.

“Can I help you?” Tony asked, looking up at them. He would probably get into trouble for talking to a member of the crew.

“Your friend left his food.” They sounded cross. Tony was frowning now.

“And? Isn’t that his choice?”

The captain came over to Tony.

“Hallway. Now.” He said and sent Tony out of the dining hall. “I thought I told you not to interact with my crew.” The captain proclaimed.

“You did. Your crewmate just decided that it was my fault that Loki left food. That’s all.” Tony scowled. He didn’t understand why he was being reprimended. He did nothing to deserve this.

He was sent to his room like a child and the captain decided that their leftovers were the only food they would be recieving. Aparently food was not something that you waste on a ship like this. Which was fair. But again, it wasn’t Tony’s fault that Loki left it.

The room had a window and a bunk bed in it. Loki was laid on the top bunk.

“Nice to have a view.” Tony mumbled. It was a lot better than their cell. Loki ignored him. “You know… I kind of don’t want you to be on your own when we return to Earth. I’m actually pretty fond of you.”

“And once we get to Midgard, you will be forced to treat me like a villain. I shall be locked up and seperated from you and you will forget about me.” Loki said. Tony hadn’t thought about Loki being arrested.

“I’ll make sure you’re not. And I wouldn’t forget about you. You have changed me. I haven’t decided if it’s for better or worse yet”

“Pray for the former.” Loki sat up and jumped out of his bunk. He looked out the window. “You changed me too… Ironman.” They spent a moment of silence together, staring out of the window. Then Tony slipped an arm around Loki’s waist, which made the taller man jump a little. He didn’t reject it though. Instead his own arm wrapped around Tony’s shoulders, holding him close.