Sex Addict (Frostiron) Chapter 3

Twelve hours in my lab. Easy. I do it all the time. But today was different. Today I didn’t get disturbed by an Avenger bringing me food and saying ‘You shouldn’t stay down here all the time, Tony. You’ll burn yourself out.’ That was my best Cap impression. Was it good? Anyway, they didn’t come. No one came to check on me. And so five hours in I got a little nervous. On hour six I went to check on them instead.

The place seemed alright. I checked around. They were all sat in the common room watching the TV.

“Hi guys.” I said. None of them responded. Weird. I went and stood in front of them. No one told me to move. I looked closer at them all. Non of them had any irises or pupils in their eyes. They were all white. No life in them at all.

I jumped back in shock and coughed. I closed my own eyes and thought to myself ‘I really am burning myself out.’ Then I felt something hot and wet touch my hand.

I opened my eyes to see the room was filling up with some kind of black liquid. Tar maybe? I could hear laughing but I didn’t know where from. The Avengers weren’t sat there any more. I wasn’t even there any more.

There was a door. I ran towards it, feeling myself being dragged back by the black residue. I made it to the door and fell through it. The door shut behind me.

I coughed again, my eyes once again closing. When I opened my eyes again I was still in my bed. I had a lady next to me. I have no idea who she is. But she is stunning. I sat up and there was another one next to me. I don’t remember what happened. I probably got overly drunk again. I got up and put some clothes on, leaving my room.

“Well. You had quite the adventure last night.”Loki told me. “Anthony if you’re going to hit on me every time you get alcohol into you then stop drinking. I am not going to be one of your one night stands.”

Now I remember what happened. I took Loki the wine and he offered me a glass. One glass turned into the full bottle and the next thing I knew I thought it was a good idea to steal some of Thor’s alcohol. The memory is gone from there. I feel sick and my head hurts. I look at Loki.

“I wouldn’t want you to be a one night stand.” He rolled his eyes at me and walked away. Loki was going to be a hard one to win over. I feel like I have had a handsome God dropped in front of me and now its my challenge to show him that he’s not just a sex toy to me. I don’t know how to do that though. It’s going to be one hard game.