Sex Addict (Frostiron) Chapter 5

I went into the kitchen, Loki was already sat there. I checked the time: 6:35. How long had he been sat waiting? What time does he wake up?

“So what is the plan for breakfast?” He asked, stunned that I even woke up in the morning.

“I uh… I figured we could go out for breakfast. I’ll pay, obviously. Theres a cute little diner on the next block if you fancy it. If not you can choose where we go.” Loki stood up.

“And part of me expected you to cook.  You know if we are going to go out, then you’re going to need to get dressed.” I looked down at myself. Shit, I forgot to put clothes on before coming down. I thought. “I mean, as much as I admire you’re bravery for facing me wearing just your underwear when you already know that I think you just want to use me.” Shit. Shit. Shit.

“One moment, okay.” I ran out the room to change. As I left the door, I heard a small chuckle from Loki, which honestly made me blush. I was back with him in no time.

“Much better.” He told me when I came back wearing actual clothes, though I could tell he was judging me. I couldn’t decide if it was because of what I was wearing or because he’d seen me almost naked earlier. Either way I could feel his thoughts burning into me. Or perhaps I’m just being paranoid. It could be that too. I mean, I was currently wearing jeans, a tshirt and a hoodie. It’s breakfast, it’s not a restaurant date. He walked over to me and adjusted the hood on my hoodie. “Shall we go?” He asked.

“We shall” I said and held my arm out to him. He linked his arm through mine and we began the walk to the diner.

It went surprisingly very well. I had a sausage sandwich. I enjoyed it very much. He had a croissant with butter, and we both had a coffee. We spent a lot longer than just breakfast there as we began talking. Honestly, this was the first time I had seen Loki smile near me.

“So why is it that you’re addicted to sex?” Loki asked. And that killed the moment. I looked at him.

“I wouldn’t say I’m addicted. It just feels nice. It feels right.”

“Anthony, when you let sex control your life. When you take a guy out to a diner for breakfast just so you can have a cheap thrill. You’re addicted.”

“What are you talking about? I aren’t after sex right now.” He raised a brow. “Breakfast was your idea.”

“It was my idea because I thought that you’d back down from it. And if you did go through with it, then you’d find that you really don’t want to sleep with me.”

“I took it as a chance to get to know you better.” I told him. He raised his brow at me again. I don’t think he was believing me. “Do you wish to go home?”

“Not right now.” He said. “I am quite enjoying your company in this small fine establisment.”