Sex Addict (Frostiron) Chapter 6

I cannot actually say what happened. We were in the cafe one moment the next… bed…

Loki laid next to me. He was rather cute when he slept. All that… passion that I had just witnessed was tamed. I moved a strand of hair from his sleeping face. Okay, yes we just slept together. But I feel off about it. It was great, I’m not going to deny that. He’s really good in the sack. But I don’t know. I feel like I shouldn’t have done it. Now he’s really going to believe that I was just after sex all along.

When I sat up, he began to stir and then he opened his eyes.

“You’re still here. I had expected you to be gone by now.” His voice was quiet. I looked at him and let out a sigh. He sat up.

“It was just sex Loki, don’t think too far into it.” I said and stood up, finding my clothes. His face changed. It was a mixture of pain and guilt. I’d upset him. I got dressed and left quickly so I didn’t upset him more.

I came down for breakfast the next morning and he was there. I didn’t want to look at him, but I did. He seemed colder than usual. He was sat with Thor, who seemed cheerful as ever.

“Morning.” I said to them both.

“Morning man of iron!” Thor beamed. Loki didn’t respond. Thor nudged him.

“Morning.” He said bluntly. He seemed annoyed.

“Brother, what is wrong?” Thor asked, “yesterday you were saying how much you enjoyed Anthony’s company. Now you seem as though your content with murdering him.” So Loki had told Thor he liked me… Now I feel even more guilty.

“I am content with that” He said and got up, leaving his breakfast.

Thor looked at his breakfast and sighed.

“Let us spend some time together, Anthony.” He said. I didn’t really have a choice for this as he grabbed me and dragged me to the lift. And so my day with Thor began.

At first we were just walking, with fans kind of following us. They swarmed us at one point and that is when the walking stopped and he grabbed me. Up we went. We ended up on top of a building and I have to say, without my suit I was bricking it. What if Thor just decided to push me off once he found out what I had done.

“You slept with him didn’t you? You got your wish and tainted my brother.” So he already knew? Damn, Thor is not as dumb as I thought.

“Your brother was already tainted.” I responded.

“I know you have a sex problem. This is an intervention. What you’re going to do is ask my brother out. I will not have you using him. If you are to sleep with him you are to be honorable about it.”

“I don’t really do the relationship thing after Pepper.”

Thor grabbed me by my collar and pushed me to the edge.

“You are to be honorable about it and show him you are not using him.” I honestly felt my heart stop for a moment. I didn’t realise Thor was so dark. Threatening me.

“Thor.” I grabbed his arm. “I didn’t use him. But I can’t let myself go into another relationship.” I felt that was fair enough but Thor wasn’t happy.