The week had been – eventful- to say the least. There has been, inventing, fighting, training, eating, sleeping, inventing, training, killing, selling, meetings, training, inventing, sleeping, drinking, partying, inventing- etc. […]

Tony was a very proud adult. He always wanted to work and just focus on the task at hand. He was kind of easily irritated and often missed meetings because […]

Sherlock thought about that moment a lot. The moment where he watched his enemy shoot himself in the head. Except they weren’t really enemies, more frenemies. They got on, they […]

When Tony cried, he cried. For a long time, loud, making puddles from his eyes. Usually it was only because of something like he’s dropped his teddy bear. He was […]

The kiss of metal, The soildness of a petal, The red sea, It calls me, The breaking of an organ, The wrath of a gorgon, The loss of a life, […]

Cutting me up is what you do slicing at my faith trying to fix me with glue but ill never change whatever you saith   We cannot be together Im […]

When I wake up I dont think about gender I get dressed into comfortable clothes brush my teeth like im not a pretender   But during the day I get […]

The pressure in my chest is overwhelming. My soul starts to ache and I don’t think you realise what you’re doing to me You’re breaking me apart piece by piece. […]