Why wont you love me?

Grell tries to get the men in her life to like her, including a new man who just walked into her life. However, no one will accept her- or will they?

The day of the dance. Naturally I spent all day getting ready and annoyed William. I had a plaster on my hand over the cut, which I thought ruined the […]

I can confirm that me and Will got to sleep that night, he let me stay in bed with him so he could ‘protect me from my dreams’. Which is […]

I wish I could say I stayed strong and never let the blood control me, but no amount of medication could have stopped that. All through the time of the […]

A month. A month of perfect love and romance. A month without arguments. That is what the ‘honeymoon period’ right? Everyday I went to meet Ronald after work, we would […]

I looked over at him. Him, the guy I am supposed to be in love with. He held my arm so I couldn’t get away from the scene which was […]