Fairy Tail 7 minutes in heaven (x reader)

What the title says.

“Hey Lucy, do you wanna join me on this job?” You asked. It was a job for a scientist so only smart people could go. Levy was so disappointed when […]

You rubbed your eyes. You were up all night thinking. Everyone knows that thinking on a night is bad for you. It stops you sleeping. “You okay (y/n)?” Mira asked […]

“Stop following me!” You yelled. you had a load of snotty 13-14 year old following you. The reason for this was you had gotten into a dare with your best […]

(y/n) will you please be my girlfriend?” A random guy asked you. “I’m sorry but I’m gay” You denied him. This was the 4th guy to ask you out today. […]

1 year ago you played that game. Since then you have moved in with Natsu and never been happier. You sat back against your chair in the guild, with your […]

You were scared. people in masks surrounded you and they didn’t look friendly. they forced a bag over your head and the next thing you knew, you were in darkness. […]

You were at a guild party. Yippeyayee. Many guilds were joining together to celebrate the beginning of magic or whatever. You really didn’t know much about it, after all you […]

“You want me to do what?!” You yelled/ asked Loke. He hushed you. “Just go and tell the girls over there I’m not here, I’m done with being a playboy.” […]

You look at the clock. Tick tock tick tock. You and Gray had been dared to see who could stay quiet the longest. it had been an hour now and […]

You were sat at the guild Hall. Mira was having a party and you thought it was going to be fun. Well you thought wrong. It was late and people […]