Obey your king (Loki x Tony)

Tony runs into Loki with his car and things get out of hand for him

Chapter 18- A week. That’s how long it took the hospital to stablise Tony. However, just because he was stable didn’t mean he was awake. Everyone was praying that he […]

Chapter 13- The day went by very slowly for the God, who had other things on his mind than just watching Tony work. He wanted more. The irritation started to […]

Chapter 7- “Hurry up Anthony” Loki said, annoyed. “It would help if you weren’t touching me so much.” “I’m trying to help” “I don’t need your help in getting dressed.” […]

Chapter 3- Tony took a long time trying to figure out these clothing. There was so many drapes and layers. Eventually he got it on. He sort of liked it […]

Chapter 1- Tony laid in his bed next to Pepper, it was the first time they had slept in the same bed since New York and it kind of felt […]