Sex Addict (FrostIron)

Tony Stark is well known for loving sex but when he tries to sedduce the God of Mischief, he finds that his slight addiction is getting in the way.

I cannot actually say what happened. We were in the cafe one moment the next… bed… Loki laid next to me. He was rather cute when he slept. All that… […]

“Heyyyy Loki” I said trying to be slick. He rolled his eyes and looked away. “I made you breakfast.” “Breakfast was 3 hours ago.” Okay so I know I don’t […]

Twelve hours in my lab. Easy. I do it all the time. But today was different. Today I didn’t get disturbed by an Avenger bringing me food and saying ‘You […]

Loki walked into the common room with a bin bag and began cleaning up. I looked over at him. He didn’t look back. “I’ll help” I told him. He looked […]

Sex has never meant anything to me. Not really. It’s not intimate. It’s not important. It’s just a bit of harmless fun. Or it should have been. I didn’t think […]