Today’s assignment- (Stony Highschool AU)

When Steve Rogers starts in Avengers High, he suddenly becomes the most popular kid in school. This annoys the kid which was the most popular one in school- Tony Stark- but then things change when the two get to know each other.

Chapter 22- Bruce’s POV Hours had passed and Tony hadn’t exitted the room he had aquired to be his own. Steve had been pacing backwards and forward, trying to think […]

Chapter 13- Steve’s POV School was very different without Tony there. We had another assignment. I had promised Tony that I would be his partner again, but he isn’t at […]

Chapter 7- No one’s POV The chemistry lesson was very awkward Tony had asked ‘Mr Right’ who he was, but he got no reply. He really hoped it wasn’t someone […]

Chapter 4- Tony’s POV After Bruce and Nat had finished teasing me about Steve Rogers annoying me, Nat had to leave, it was a shame because I was really starting […]

Chapter 1 “Great party last night, Tony.” Clint walked past Tony in the cafeteria and patted his back. Tony put on a smile and nodded. He looked back at his […]