*1 year after the game* “LALALALALALALALALALALA!” You sung. “(y/n) do you really have to sing like that, your driving me up the wall.” Neji complained. You just laughed and stuck […]

“Gonna take me a sliiiice of Saturday night, gonna take me a sliiiicce of Saturday night, gonna take me a sliiiice of Saturday night, tonight tonight” You sung happily. “WILL […]

“TOBI!!!” You ran after the orange-masked man as he had stolen your precious necklace which your mother had given to you. “ITS FOR THE GAME!” Tobi yelled back and ran […]

a/n- this was requested hope you enjoy it. oh and I will be trying to publish one a day hopefully. :3 very busy at the moment. *a year later* You […]

A/N so I thought I could write some lemons with the 7 minutes in heaven, like what happened afterwards and stuff. Idk, ill give it a chance and if it […]

You laid spread out in a star shape on Jaraiya’s floor. The way Kiba(he’s my bae <3 so I use him a lot) and other people were looking at you, you […]

It was raining outside. You were walking through the streets of Konoha in your rain coat, which had a total of 4 pockets. 2 of the pockets where not very […]

You were reading an Icha Icha paradise book, which you had received when you stole the pouch of a Jonin with half his face covered and white hair. You had […]

You were at Jaraiya’s party dancing. You had Kiba behind you and Neji in front. Your grinded them as you danced because you thought it was funny how easily they […]

You were sprawled across the couch. One of your legs was on the top of it, the other on the chair arm. One of your arms and you head was […]