Living a lie

At some point in the school life, people start to have sex. But not Nathan Shaw. He has a girlfriend who is willing to, but he just can’t do it. Something is wrong with him, and a new friend of his helps him figure it out

Matt took me some place that I really did not want to go. I mean, I did want to be there, it’s just that being there was kind of an […]

Lilly-Anne sat opposite me at the table. I couldn’t bring myself to sit next to her right now. Not after what I had just done. I used the excuse that […]

I was sat in my science class. We were doing Chemistry today. The teacher, like always, asked me a load of questions. However, for once in my life, I couldn’t […]

The park was cold. Everywhere I turned there was emptiness. A park which thrives in the summer which is now seemingly abandoned, like it has been closed for years. I […]

Living a lie- Chapter 1

2 years ago When you reach the age of 16, you’re old enough to start having sex in the UK. And those that are lucky enough to have partners, usually […]