Will you always love me?

A screenplay which I have written myself.

Amy gets abused by her mother, so when a boy at school starts to be nice to her- why wouldn’t she trust him? Only he is a lot worse than her mother could ever be.

Both Susan and William rush to put their shirts on. Just as they manage it, Susan’s mother walks in the room carrying two plates of toad in the hole. CUT […]

WILLIAM Yes of course darling, I was just finishing up in here. They walk out and we follow them down the corridor. William has his arm around Susan’s waist. She […]

WILLIAM William Lester, good to meet you. AMY I know who you are. I’m Amy Lewis. The bell goes and everyone stands up and leaves apart from Amy and William. […]

Darkness. A scream bursts out loudly followed by laughing. Blood runs down the screen. The bloody face of William is on the screen and he laughs. The screen zooms out […]