The twins, Abigale and Elizabeth, got separated at birth after a tragic incident with their family. They grew up with completely different lives apart from one small aspect. By their side they had a little creature. When the two finally meet, they don’t on very well. However, when a great threat comes into their lives, can they put aside their differences to defeat him?

An original story by Lucy Cooper

After that, Morgan straightened himself out. He settled down with a new woman and made a family. Virgo and Lizzy got married. She was the most beautiful bride. The flowing […]

“Sister?” Elizabeth asked confused. “I have a sister?” Abbie turned her head and moved her hair to show Lizzy her birthmark. Lizzy’s eyes teared up. Abbie stood and faced Morgan. […]

Abbie and Leo became sort of parents to the girl. She was very shy at first, especially around Leo. However, ¬†she soon warmed to him when she got to know […]

“Alright let’s go!” Abigale yelled, completely revived. She was bouncing on the bed, trying to wake up Gemi and Leo. Her hair was a mess and she was smiling from […]