Its not his fault (Kyokao)

When Kyoya wakes up to find that Kaoru has mysteriously gone missing, no one is giving him any details. He has to figure it out on his own and what he figures out isnt pretty.

Chapter 7- Kyoya walked over to Hikaru and Kaoru, gently taking both of their hands. “It wasn’t my fault afterall. I remember what happened.” He spoke with a thick but […]

Chapter 4- “Yoshio Ootori, you have visitors, sir.” A warden said and took him out of his private cell. He had to be kept seperate from the other prisners because […]

Chapter 1- Kyoya woke up with a banging headache. He looked around his room. He didn’t remember going to bed though. “Kaoru?” He called out for his boyfriend. There was […]