When the twins finally pulled themselves out of bed and went to breakfast, Kaoru sat next to Haruhi. This made Hikaru feel sick again. Why was he getting so jealous? […]

The rain poured outside and everyone was in a bad mood. Kaoru was feeling rather sick and the full host club had decided to visit him. He was fine with […]

Tamaki-Senpai I called (y/n) repeatedly but she still hasn’t picked up. I’m starting to get rather worried about her. Should I go round to her house to check up on […]

Tamaki- Senpai “(y/n) my princess” I say to my beautiful girlfriend. She smiles at me. I took her hand and bowed giving her a rose. “What’s this for?” she asked […]

It has been six months since I walked through those doors into music room 3 and became the first (official) hostess at the host club. Everyone here is rather nice […]

Tamaki-Senpai I was looking at her again. There are all these beautiful women around me and yet all I want is (y/n), but she is sat with Kyoya again! I […]